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16 Channel Full Size CVI / IP Network / CCTV Tribrid Recorder

Product# TRIDVR-EL16
16 Channel Full Size CVI / IP Network / CCTV Tribrid Recorder
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Price $1,399.95
16 Channel Tribrid CVI / IP Network / CCTV Digital Video Recorder
Price $1,249.95
Usually Ship Same Day
16 Channel HD-CVI DVR Mini Realtime
Price $529.00
Usually Ship Same Day
16 Channel Hybrid Federal Series H.264 DVR / NVR
Price $849.00
Usually ships Same Day

Customer Reviews

16 Channel full Size CVI/IP Network/CCTV Tribrid Recorder
  Review by Lance Frthington on Sep 10, 2014
From the outside, this appears to look like any average full size Techvision standard DVR. However, on the inside this thin is buzzing with so much activity it really must be working hard. Regardless of the workload though, we have not experienced any dropped frames, no lost video or data, and no interference or disturbance in the quality of the recorded video, regardless whether it is analog, IP network, or HD-CVI. I like this full size version because our company has a tendency to request a lot of footage copies from me for what we do and this unit is large enough to hold an internal DVD burner yet still hold 6 large internal hard disk drives. There are multiple display options, remote access via your local network or the Internet, audio, alarms, and many other features that are very useful. If you have cameras that operate in different modes or all you need is analog coverage with a few camera for facial feature or individual identification, I think you'll find this DVR to work extremely well for you. If you read through some of the reviews, it's true what a lot of people say about the Security Camera King Technical Support Department. The crew is very knowledgeable and they want to help you with any issues you may have.
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16 Channel Full Size CVI/IP Network/CCTV Tribid Recorder
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  Review by H. Laskowski on Sep 03, 2014
Excellent three-way DVR! I'm very impressed with the quality and performance of our new tribrid recorder. The videos are sharp with absolutely no noise or interference (that goes for all three types of cameras) and the DVR, even though it has all the processing power going on with the different types of camera signals, can still handle audio input/output as well as alarms. There are plenty of display options as well. I did have a bit of difficulty getting everything configured correctly on my own so I contacted Security Camera King and their technical support. I thought at this point things were going to get very dicey but these folks are like no other technical support that I ever dealt with. They were quick, very nice and not intimidating, and gave me the exact answers I needed. I'll give the three way recorder 5 stars.
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