8 Channel 1.5U Tribrid HD-CVI/IP/CCTV 720/1080p DVR

8 Channel 1.5U Tribrid HD-CVI/IP/CCTV 720/1080p DVR


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Perfect Upgrade DVR
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  Review by Steve Wells (Arizona USA) on Aug 23, 2015
The reviewer has last purchased this item on Aug 11, 2015
I'm a home security DIYer upgrading to an 8 channel system. My previous four-year old analog DVR was glitching, and Security Camera King comes thru with this perfect model. My next step will be CVI cameras to take advantage of the higher resolution. For now, the system is working perfectly and I like the new "blue" OS and GUI. I did have some problems getting the system running (my fault) and Heath (expert Tech guy) went out of his way to help me. These things are pretty complicated to wring out all the functionality that you need for your specific imaging, detection and recording.
Two notes: This chassis is huge - make sure you have adequate rack space and room for air circulation. And a minor quibble is that the 266-pageTribrid operation manual included on the CD should explain things a little better for non-professionals like me. But as compensation, you simply get an EMail dialogue going with the tech guys, and you eventually get everything working nicely. I'll buy from SCK specifically for the tech support after the sale - you wouldn't get that with other Etailers. Overall, this DVR has been the perfect upgrade for my home needs. Thanks guys.
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