2MP 1080p HD-CVI Motorized Dual Voltage IR Bullet Camera

2MP 1080p HD-CVI Motorized Dual Voltage IR Bullet Camera


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good quality while using existing wiring
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  Review by gary (Michigan USA) on Nov 12, 2015
The reviewer has last purchased this item on Oct 12, 2015
While you can re-use your existing wiring like it's described, keep in mind that these units require 1amp to operate. Our power supply was a 16 channel 12vdc 8amp unit so we had to upgrade the power supply to at least 1amp per channel to operate the cameras. Not such a big deal but this wasn't listed in the specs so it was a surprise during install and the time to order more parts. So if you are ordering this camera, keep in mind that it'll require 1amp so you aren't caught by surprise during install. Other than that it's a great camera for upgrading from analog cameras and using existing wiring.
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