2 Megapixel 1080p HD-CVI IR Motorized Varifocal Dome

2 Megapixel 1080p HD-CVI IR Motorized Varifocal Dome


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Decent but not the greatest
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  Review by Mauricio Alvarez (Florida USA) on May 15, 2016
Well I gave this ones a try and honestly I did not like them. Out of the box 2 of them had an issue with auto focus that took me some time to figure out. They would not focus correctly giving me a completely distorted image.
The only way to fix it and get those two to work was by making changes on the menu of the camera to perform a full scan. It takes longer when you zoom in or out to adjust but it worked. In the future I will stay with CVIVD-ELV22IRML2712, they are a little bit more expensive but as of now and after several installations never had an issue with them.
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