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Air Freshener Hidden Camera With DVR & 8gb SD-card

Air Freshener Hidden Camera With DVR & 8gb SD-card
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Price $471.00
Wall/Window Mount for Wireless Access Point/Bridge
Price $49.95
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Customer Reviews

Fresh Air, Fresh Pics
  Review by N. R. on Apr 13, 2011
This camera works great. It's almost impossible to detect the hidden camera in this air freshener. I really like the fact that this unit uses the electricity from the outlet plug. As far as the video goes, the 380TVL is fairly detailed and of good quality. I can record i high resolution for as long as I want by just keeping enough 8 GB SD cards around. When one gets full I pull it out and insert another. If there is no recording on the card that is worth saving, I just reuse the card again. However, if there is something useful, I just plug the SD card into my computer and easily copy the files over to it. I recommend this camera.
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