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HD-CVI PTZ - 20X 1.3MP - 720P with 250 Ft IR

Product# CVIPTZ-EL1IR250L20X
HD-CVI PTZ - 20X  1.3MP - 720P with 250 Ft IR
Price $557.07

Customer Reviews

HD-CVI PTZ - 20x 1.3MP - 720P with 250 Ft IR
  Review by Victor Gauge on Sep 18, 2014
Good camera for lower end high definition. The color video picture in normal light is great and when the lights go out the camera's infrared LEDs kick in. There are two sets, one for near and one for far. If the camera senses washout from using the long range IR LEDs on a close object, it automatically switches to lower intensity set and vice versa. The 20x optical zoom works well and so do the extra functions and features with our Security Camera King DVR. I don't know how well the camera works on other brand HD-CVI DVRs. We'll definitely continue to fulfill our security equipment needs from this company.
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HD-CVI PTZ 20X 1.3MP -720p with 250 Ft. IR
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  Review by Samuel Donato on May 28, 2014
I'm not sure where to start with this review. The short and sweet of it is this is a great camera, high quality, and works well.

Now the particulars. I will tell you that when I first decided to upgrade my existing security system which was pretty out dated, I was leaning toward an IP Network system for two reasons. The first was that I didn't want this new system to become outdated quickly and the other reason was because I saw some demonstrations of security videos captured in high definition and definitely decided that that was what I wanted. Luckily I held off upgrading for a while and now this HD-CVI technology is coming to light.

There are several advantages of HD-CVI over analog systems and a few even when compared to IP network systems. For example, this camera uses regular coaxial cable. As it was I had a real old PTZ that I replaced with this camera in the middle of a parking lot and that meant I didn't have to run CAT5 or some other new cable for the upgrade. I just use the same cable. Another advantage is that although this camera has an RS485 connection (for analog use??) it's not needed. Using HD-CVI technology, everything gets transmitted over the same coaxial cable so I could say bye-bye to the extra pair of wires. Finally, this camera is high definition 720p high definition, which granted maybe at the "lower end" of the megapixel resolution considering there are 2 and 3 megapixel cameras out there that are readily available, but you'll never find a high definition PTZ with all these features at this low price, I can almost guarantee it. When I spoke with Security Camera King about what I was looking for and the sales staff told this was available, I thought they were joking at first.

In addition to the already mentioned features, the camera has a 20X zoom (that coupled with the 720p resolution leaves little room for missed detail). Its got plenty of presets, tours, patterns, etc. and it can be controlled with the Security Camera King 3D intelligent positioning using a mouse. No more need for a control joystick. It also has a great infrared range of 250 feet with "Smart" technology that controls the LEDs so that close objects are not over exposed while distant ones still receive enough light. There are a lot of other features I haven't mentioned on the OSD as well. Overall great camera from a reliable source.
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