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Pringles Diversion Safe

Pringles Diversion Safe
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Price $15.00
3.3-12mm 1/2.7 inch Megapixel IP Camera Lens
Price $69.95
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Flat Silver Kubotan
Product# 3102-SF
Flat Silver Kubotan
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Explosion Proof Camera Housing for Zoom Lens Cameras
Price $1,440.76
Usually Ships in 14 to 21 Days

Customer Reviews

Totally disguised
  Review by L. Lace on Apr 24, 2011
This Pringles diversion safe works great. Who would think to look in a potato chip can for something valuable? Actually, we use it to store all of our important keys. We keep the safe in the food pantry with other items so we really don't have to worry about someone picking it up and discovering the contents. I think that if we were ever burglarized, it would be a 1 in a million chance the burglar would discover the safe.
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