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Top Summer Hazards and How to Avoid Them

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Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Top Summer Hazards and How to Avoid ThemAlthough there are a lot of positive things about the summer months for you to think about, such as going on vacation or enjoying a dip in your favorite pool, it is important to understand that not everything about summer is a good thing. In fact, there are quite a few summer hazards that you should know and think about in order to stay safe.

Violent Crimes Increase

During the months when the weather is warm — or downright hot — violent crime increases quite dramatically. From muggings to assaults and everything in between, there is no denying that violent crime goes up across the board when the weather warms up.

There are a few theories out there that people have as to why these crime rates go up, but one of the main theories is that it is because people become much more irritable, much more quickly when the weather is hot. For instance, according to the Baton Rouge Police Department, a full 44 percent of aggravated assaults occur during the hot summer months of the year. Similar findings have been found in other cities and states across the United States as well, so this isn’t an isolated incident.

This means that it is important to take care of yourself during the hot summer months in order to help ensure that you don’t become a statistic. Along with following all of the basic safety rules, it is also essential for you to try to avoid confrontations whenever possible. Although it might seem easy to argue with someone who has started something with you, you should know that tempers can soar and things can escalate very quickly, especially when it is hot outside and people are irritable anyway.

Therefore, you should try to stay out of these situations as much as possible, and don’t be afraid to just walk away if you feel that something might turn violent. Also, make sure to contact your local law enforcement agency if you feel that someone might attack you or commit another violent crime against you or someone around you. It is better to be safe than sorry, and you might prevent yourself or others around you from enduring a serious violent crime. Knowing good self-defense tactics is also an essential for individuals of all ages, so consider learning a few moves and even taking self-defense classes in order to learn more about defending yourself against violent crimes.

Teen Crime Can Increase

During the summer, there are a lot more juveniles and teenagers on the streets and out and about due to the fact that school is out. Although many of these younger individuals are simply out having a good time with their friends, this isn’t always the case. In fact, more and more teens and juveniles have begun getting into trouble during the summer months and have been getting involved in all sorts of crimes.

Some of the crimes that these younger individuals commit are relatively harmless, albeit expensive, such as vandalism. However, you surely don’t want for your home or your business to become the target of such vandalism, and you should know that these so-called “pesky” crimes aren’t the only ones that juveniles are committing. Some commit slightly more serious crimes; others commit very serious and harmful crimes.

For instance, if you are a business owner, you should certainly be on guard for teenage shoplifting and other similar crimes. It is also important to keep a close eye on your home, business, car, family and self when it comes to teenagers who are out looking for trouble.

There are a few good ways to protect yourself and the things and people that you care about from juvenile crimes, however. Being diligent and on the lookout at all times can help, and having a surveillance camera system in place at your home and business can also provide both a strong deterrent and the evidence that you need if one of these crimes is committed. It’s also important to always contact the police if you have witnessed a crime of any sort or if you notice suspicious behavior from teenagers, juveniles or anyone who are around you or your loved ones.

Sexual Crimes Can Be a Problem

A lot of people, particularly females, wear a little less clothing during the hot summer months in order to cool off and stay comfortable in soaring temperatures. Although people have the right to wear what they want without feeling threatened, it is true that some people take individuals who are wearing skimpy clothing as if they are giving an invitation. Unfortunately, this can lead to sex-based crimes.

Avoiding being caught alone, especially in dark areas or areas that don’t have a lot of traffic or people, can be a great step toward protecting yourself from these types of crimes. It’s also a good idea to carry around a whistle that you can use to signal for help in the event that someone attacks you; you can also try looking for applications for your smart phone or device that work as alarms and alert systems. Always reporting suspicious or sexually offensive behavior to the proper authorities can also help you keep yourself safe and can help prevent people from committing crimes against others in the future, and it’s never a bad idea to learn a few good self-defense techniques so that you can protect yourself in the event that someone tries to attack you with bad intentions.

Robberies During Vacations

Going on vacation is supposed to be a positive thing, but your entire vacation can be quickly and effectively ruined if someone robs you during a time that is supposed to be a good one. For instance, there are plenty of criminals out there who watch for people who are going on vacation in order to rob their homes while they are away, and some people also get robbed while they are actually on their vacations, regardless of whether or not they are traveling abroad or if they are simply going on a weekend trip to a nearby beach or lake.

To help prevent people from targeting your home while you are away, make sure that you are proactive. For instance, don’t brag on social media websites or your answering machine that you are on vacation, at least until after you have returned, and don’t tell random strangers in a restaurant, bar or grocery store when you are planning on leaving. Also, remember to ask someone to cut your grass and check your mail and newspapers for you while you are away, and think about setting up the lights and televisions in your home on a timer that will turn off and on at random times throughout the day. Taking these steps can help make people think that you are home even when you aren’t. Also, remember that having a burglar alarm installed in your home is always a positive way to deter theft, and think about installing a surveillance camera system. With the right type of system, you can even check in on your home with your PC or other device so that you can make sure that all is well.

As far as protecting yourself from getting robbed while you are out and about on your vacation, there are proactive steps that you can take as well. For instance, you can try putting expensive items and jewelry in a safe deposit box instead of leaving them in your hotel room, and it’s also a good idea to spring for a room in a safe area when possible. Try to stick with at least one other person while you are out, and notify hotel staff of how long you will out and about and your approximate time of arrival so that they will know to go and look for you if you don’t come back in a reasonable amount of time. Leaving expensive items by your chair at the beach or pool is a good way to get robbed, and make sure that you are careful when using public transportation, waking at night or visiting areas that aren’t very busy.

Taking these steps can help you stay safe during the most crime-prone time of the year in most areas: The summer. It’s also relatively easy to take these precautions, and it will be well worth it when you are enjoying the hot summer months in safety and security. The most important thing to do, however, is not to forget to be careful at all times. Instead, make sure that you have a plan in mind for any potentially bad situation so that you can handle things properly and protect yourself, your property, your belongings and your family in the event that something goes terribly wrong.


10 U.S. Cities Where You Should Consider a Security System

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Friday, July 5th, 2013

10 U.S. Cities Where You Should Consider a Security SystemSome cities are more prone to crime than others. Whether it’s due to drugs, poverty, or just luck of the draw, some cities make it difficult for the honest person to live a normal life. If you currently live in one of these U.S. cities, then you should consider a security system immediately.

10. Stockton, CA

Stockton is home to the most criminals per capita in all of California. When inmates leave the California prison system, they are often relocated to jobs and housing projects in and around Stockton. This makes the town increasingly dangerous for families. If you live in or near Stockton, then you need to amp up your home security in order to stay safe.

The most common problems in Stockton are burglaries and car jackings. You should have an infrared security camera system on your premises in order to catch the burglars at night. Due to the violent nature of Stockton’s criminals, it is important that your cameras also have motion sensor capabilities. This will allow your system to activate only when there is a problem, and you can then immediately contact the police. By installing a security camera system now, you will be able to prevent burglaries and violent encounters with Stockton’s worst.

9. Detroit, MI

Detroit has a wild reputation as one of the most dangerous cities in America. With rampant gang violence and increasing death tolls, it is no wonder many are leaving Detroit at the first chance they get. If you are in Detroit and near a dangerous area, then you must install a security camera system immediately.

While Detroit does have its fair share of burglaries, most crimes are gang related. The best way to protect your home is by installing visible security cameras around you premises. This will cause gangs to steer clear of your area and potentially leave you alone. An alarm system may also come in handy, as you will want the police to arrive immediately should a criminal enter your home.

8. Flint, MI

Flint has one of the nation’s highest rates of arson. While your home may not be a target, it is best to take action now to avoid any potential problems. Install an infrared dome camera on your front porch to keep surveillance of your yard. Arson usually occurs at night, so it is crucial that your cameras are equipped with night vision capabilities.

You will also want a DVR lockbox should arson occur. While your DVR can also store footage on a cloud hard drive, keeping it in a durable lockbox will allow you more room for error should something occur. If your house is ever targeted for an attack, then you will have the means to bring the perpetrator to justice.

7. Oakland, CA

With more gangs than there are police, it is essential that you have a security camera system while living in Oakland. Oakland is home to numerous rival gangs that often compete in turf wars. These wars are fought in order to secure their main line of business: dealing weapons and narcotics to more gangs.

While there are many beautiful areas of Oakland, it is inevitable that crime will seep into unsuspecting neighborhoods. The best course of action is to install a visible security system around your yard. These criminals aren’t looking to hurt you, as this would only draw further attention from the police. However, they will most likely keep away from your home should they see numerous security cameras. They will not want their faces, license plates, or deals to be caught on tape. Install a security camera system now in order to keep their business off of your street.

6. Miami, FL

With a high-immigration problem, a thriving drug cartel, and countless burglaries, it is no wonder that a security camera system is essential for living in Miami. When the tourist season ends and the beaches become empty, the drug trade returns in full force. The large amount of drugs in Miami attracts many unwanted guests like dealers, junkies, and those looking for a target to rob.

You should install cameras inside the main rooms of your house should a break-in occur. Many junkies, vandals, and burglars will try to enter through the windows, so make sure to have those covered as well. Having motion sensored cameras near every point of entry will ensure that your house is never left in the open.

When spring break rolls around, Miami is host to thousands of drunken revelers. These partiers will have no respect for your personal property, and you must take the proper action now to protect your assets. You can get plastic casings for your security cameras in order to protect against any acts of drunken vandalism. These casings will also protect your system from rain and wind.

To further secure your system, you can also get mounting brackets to help protect against vandalism and weather. These brackets will keep your cameras steady and sturdy against any external force. Don’t allow your security system to be compromised; invest in protective equipment today!

5. Chicago, IL

Even with less guns on the street, Chicago is home to many violent and crime-ridden areas. If you live in Chicago, then invest in a new home security system in order to prevent burglars from entering your home. These burglars will often look for easy targets, and they will not wish to risk the attention should your home be properly secured. You can help by installing bullet security cameras in your yard. This alerts criminals that your home is protected, and they will most likely not enter.

You should always be prepared in case they do decide to enter, which is why you should invest in dome security cameras to place throughout your home. You can place these on the corners of your wall to guarantee complete coverage of each room. You can also place them near windows and doors to catch any intruder.

4. Palo Alto, CA

While Palo Alto is not known for its crime rate, this thriving technological city has become a prime target for hardened criminals. East Palo Alto is a very violent and dangerous city, and its many problems have quickly entered into the Silicon Valley area. With burglaries on the rise, it is crucial that you install a security camera system around your Palo Alto home.

Most burglars in Palo Alto are looking for money, valuables, and electronics. Apple products are also a prime target for theft. You can supply your home with motion sensor security cameras in order to prevent burglars from getting away.

In affluent neighborhoods, theft becomes the main priority for those in need. You should be wary of babysitters and maids, as they will often take advantage of you when you least expect it. Install a miniature spy cam in your room in order to prevent them from stealing valuable electronics. You can place an alarm clock spy cam on your drawer to record every move they make. Should a guest take anything of value, you will have all of the footage necessary in order to press charges. Don’t think that it can’t happen to you; install a spy cam today to protect your belongings!

3. Camden, NJ

Camden is consistently rated as one of the most violent cities in America. With a thriving drug trade and incidents of theft, you need to stay protected while living in Camden. By installing a home surveillance system around your premises, you will be able to secure your assets and safety.

Burglaries can often happen when you least expect it. Investing in a DVR device allows you to stay on guard whether you are at work, on vacation, or simply running errands. When your motion sensored camera activates, you will be alerted via text or email a live stream of the footage. You can then call the police in order to prevent further damage. Due to Camden’s rate of violence, you should also install an alarm system to help beef up your security.

2. Washington, DC

As the nation’s capital, you’d expect Washington to be free from crime and violence. However, a crack epidemic and rising rates of burglary help to make Washington a very dangerous city. If you live in Washington, then you should install the best home security system that you can in order to guarantee your safety.

Have infrared security cameras installed on your property to catch any nighttime crimes. Many criminals will try and steal valuable from your car at night, so you need a security system that can catch them in the act. If you want to keep your valuables protected, then call for infrared security camera installation today!

1. Baton Rouge, LA

With amazing food, lively music, and bright aesthetics, you would expect Baton Rouge to be a perfectly safe city. Unfortunately, Baton Rouge has increasing rates of burglaries and gang-related violence. To keep your family safe, install a home security system today to prevent burglaries and acts of violence.

If you live in an apartment, then install a dome security camera in your entryway to help keep crime down. Burglars will most likely turn away at the sight of your security system. Should they still try to rob you, have cameras installed in your hallway to record all of the action. If you dislike the sight of cameras in your apartment, then install a clock spy cam to stay protected.

If you live in one of these cities, then you should call for home security camera system installation today. Once your new system is installed, you will be able to keep your family and assets safe from burglars. For the best prices and selection, visit today to get started!


Keep Your House Secure This Summer While You Travel Abroad

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Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Keep Your House Secure This Summer While You Travel AbroadThe idea of traveling abroad can be incredibly exciting, but one thing that you might be worried about is the safety and security of your home while you are away. As you may have heard, your home is put at risk of burglary and crime while you are away on vacation, especially if you don’t take the necessary steps in order to keep your home safe. Luckily, however, you can keep your house secure this summer while you travel abroad if you follow these tips.

Install a Security Camera System

Installing a security camera system is important for home security any time of year, and it is especially important if you are going to be traveling. Having a security camera system in place can help you watch out for people who enter your property with bad intentions, and simply having cameras in place can actually deter people from wanting to commit crimes on your property. Along with enjoying these benefits so that you can keep your house secure this summer while you travel abroad, you can also enjoy the security that a home security camera system can bring year-round.

Therefore, you should absolutely consider talking to a security camera system professional about installing a security camera system in your home. It costs a lot less to do so than a lot of people think, and there are security camera systems available for every budget, which means that you shouldn’t have to worry about this purchase imposing on the budget that you have set for while you travel abroad. You might even be able to install the system yourself in order to cut costs, especially if you pick up a security camera system that is wireless and user-friendly, which is something that a security-related professional can help you pick out.

Watch Your Security Camera Footage While You Are Away

The best thing about installing a security camera system for home protection is the fact that you can now watch it from anywhere in the world. This means that you can keep an eye on your surveillance footage from your hotel or anywhere that you might be while you travel abroad as long as you have an Internet connection.

In order to use this feature, however, you have to first make sure that your security camera system is compatible. You will also have to make sure that your system is connected to the Internet. For best results, try checking your system to make sure that you can stream your footage on your laptop or smartphone before you leave. Then, you can get the help that you need from a security-related professional if you have any questions. Once you have the system set up for this type of streaming and monitoring, it should be a cinch to be able to pull up your surveillance camera footage once you leave for your trip, and you can then check on your home any time that you want to while you are abroad. This can help you enjoy your trip even more because you won’t be spending your vacation time worrying about the state of your home, and you can solve issues much more quickly if you catch them by watching your footage instead of waiting to find out about them until after you return from your trip.

Post Security-Related Signs

After you have installed your surveillance camera system, you should definitely consider posting security-related signs around your property. These signs will let people know that they are under video surveillance while they are around your home, and they can also let these individuals know that you have a burglar alarm in place. Although you might not think that these signs will be effective, they can be surprisingly so. Since most criminals truly don’t want to get caught when they are committing their crimes, they will probably decide to leave your home alone if they see that they will be caught on tape if they try anything on your property. These signs only cost a couple of dollars and are easy to install, and you might even get some free when you purchase a security camera system and burglar alarm for your home. Therefore, you should definitely take the time to hang them; you might be surprised by all of the crimes that they will deter while you are away.

Install a Burglar Alarm

Installing a burglar alarm is always a good idea, even if you have a surveillance camera system in place on your property. By using the two at the same time, you can take a double measure of caution against crime.

If you have a burglar alarm in place, you can set it so that your alarm monitoring company will be contacted any time that someone decides to enter your home or cross paths with your motion detectors while you have the alarm set. Your alarm monitoring company will then in turn contact your local police department to let them know that there is a strong possibility that a crime is in progress on your property.

Along with contacting your local police department, your burglar alarm might also work to scare away someone who was thinking about committing a crime. When the person hears your alarm sound, he or she might try to get away as quickly as possible, meaning that he or she will leave your home and belongings alone. There is also still a strong possibility that the individual will get caught by the local police while he or she is running away from your home. Therefore, a burglar alarm can help keep your home safe, and it can also help keep your entire neighborhood safe from crime.

Contact Your Alarm Monitoring Company

Having a burglar alarm in place is important, but it is also important for you to let your alarm monitoring company know that you are planning on going on vacation. Then, they will know how to proceed in the event that your alarm is sounded.

Many alarm monitoring companies will first contact the home owner to let him or her know that their alarm is going off. This is because it can be easy for some people to accidentally activate their alarms, such as people who are just getting used to their alarm systems or those who have children in the home. Although the company will still contact the local authorities, valuable time might be lost if they are trying to get in contact with you. There is also a strong possibility that they won’t be able to get up with you at all if you are traveling abroad.

Therefore, you should contact the company and let them know that you are leaving the country. Let them know the day that you are leaving and the day that you are planning on returning home. If you have an alternate contact number that you can give to them, such as the number of a family member that you are staying with while you are traveling or the phone number to your hotel or resort, you should consider giving them this information as well.

Keeping your alarm monitoring company posted about what you are doing and how long you will be gone will help them keep your home safe while you are traveling abroad.

Ask Your Neighbor for a Favor

It is a good idea to let a neighbor that you trust know that you are heading out of town for a while for a few reasons. Therefore, consider sitting down and talking to someone who lives near you in the weeks prior to your trip.

When doing so, you can ask your neighbor to keep an eye on your home. Make sure that you give him or her a contact number to reach you at while you are traveling abroad, and consider also giving your neighbor the contact number for a friend or family member who lives nearby. Ask your neighbor if he or she will move your car for you periodically while you are gone, and consider asking him or her to turn your lights or television on and off every now and then to give off the impression that you are home. You can also take this time to ask your neighbor to keep an eye out for your pets or plants. Although you might want to give him or her a small token of your appreciation for doing so, you can also offer to return the favor when he or she heads on a vacation later on down the line. By looking out for one another, neighbors can help keep their entire neighborhoods safer from crime.

Keep Your Lawn Up

One thing that you might not have thought of yet is how to take care of your lawn while you are away, but it is essential for you to make some sort of arrangements. Not only do you probably want to prevent yourself from coming home to an overgrown lawn when you get back from your vacation, but you also don’t want to let people who are walking or driving by know that you aren’t home. An overgrown lawn can be a sure-fire sign that a home is empty, so make sure that you make arrangements with a lawn care company or family member to have your grass cut, weed-eated and more. Then, you can return home to a lawn that you can be proud of, and you don’t have to worry about giving off the impression that no one is home or living in your home while you are away.

Stop the Mail

Just as you should keep up your lawn while you are gone so that people don’t know that you are traveling, you should also do so with your mail. A box that is overflowing with mail or a doorstep that is covered in unread newspapers can give away the fact that you haven’t been home in a while, so make sure that you contact your local newspaper delivery company and your postmaster to inform them that you will be gone. Then, they will hold your mail and newspapers until you return. As an alternative, you can also ask a friend or neighbor to pick up your mail and newspapers and to hold on to them for you while you are away.

Don’t Let Everyone Know Where You Are Going

Although you might be tempted to brag about your upcoming trip to everyone you see in the grocery store or to talk about it on your social media profiles, it’s best to save the bragging for after you return from your trip. You never know who you can or can’t trust and who might find out this information, so don’t let everyone know that you are going to be away from your home for a while if you want to be safe.

Set a Timer for Your Lights

Leaving all of your lights off or on can be a good way to let people know that you aren’t home and that you haven’t been home for a while. Therefore, consider setting a few of your lights on a timer. Then, they will come on and turn off at various times throughout the day, which can give off the impression that someone is home.

Enjoy Your Trip

Worrying about whether or not your home is safe while you are away can definitely put a damper on a trip that is supposed to be fun. That’s one reason why it is a good idea to handle all of these things before you leave so that you won’t have to worry about the safety and security of your home and belongings while you are gone.

Therefore, you should consider attending to these things in the weeks and months prior to your trip. Then, you can enjoy your trip without having to worry about anything other than having a good time while you are abroad.


Crime Rate Statistics By State In North America

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Saturday, June 29th, 2013

Armed-robberThe United States Census office puts out a report each year that features crime rate statistics by state and type of crime in North America. These figures are per 100,000 residents. These are serious crimes that have been reported to local law enforcement agencies. There are other agencies that put out their own list of crime statistics. You can find this information going going to the Census Department’s website. These crimes include violent crime such as murder, forcible rape and aggravated assaults. They also feature statistics for property crime that includes vehicle thefts, larceny and burglaries.

Review your state’s crime rate to determine the amount of crime found in your area. You can research further by checking other sources such as the FBI’s statistical information. There are some states in the nation where crime has risen or dropped as compared to previous years. Overall, the crime rate in the United States has risen dramatically. It is important that you develop a home security plan that includes all family members.

Importance of Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are the best way to reduce your chance of becoming a victim of crime. Home invasions happen in every neighborhood whether good or bad. The presence of surveillance cameras can deter crime. Most criminals do not want to be videotaped committing their crimes. These cameras are used in other places such as parking garages, banks and shopping malls. It is not expensive to buy a complete home surveillance system. You will find a variety of manufacturers who distribute high-quality cameras at reasonable prices. The importance of keeping your family safe will offset the initial costs. Determine how many surveillance cameras it will take to provide enough security coverage for the outdoor area of your home.

You will need a system that can accommodate these cameras. Home surveillance cameras typically use four to six cameras. Research the surveillance camera manufacturers to determine which manufacturer you believe has the right system for you. You can also talk to a security adviser found at your local home security retail store. The installation of surveillance equipment is not easy. If you don’t have experience installing technical equipment, you should hire a professional. Make sure your security cameras are installed high enough to prevent them from being tampered with or stolen.

You can choose from cameras that only record when it senses movement to cameras that will record even when there is no light available. Monitoring your security system is the next decision you must make. Do you want to monitor your system on your own? Choose a system that can be monitored from any computer that is connected to the Internet. You can also have a security system that is monitored by your smartphone. Choose the system that makes you feel more comfortable.

Professional Security Alarm Companies

A professional security alarm company can monitor your entire security system for a low monthly price. They can supply you with their security equipment or you can use your own. The advantage of using this service is the fact that your system is monitored all the time. You may not have time to monitor your home every minute of the day. A professional security company will also take care of installation for a low price. If you contact them while they are having a promotion, you will likely get the installation for free. The drawback to this method is the delay in response time. When your alarm goes off, the security company must verify a password from you or another designated person. If the correct password is not provided, then the police are called.

This is a delay that may be problematic if your alarm is not a false alarm. Police departments often get false alarms and you may experience a slower response time depending on the agency. The best part of monitoring the system yourself is the fact that you will see images in real-time. If your alarm goes off, the system will send you text message, email or phone call depending on the type of system you choose. The good news is that you can determine when you are notified. Text messages are a popular way that lots of people get notified when their alarm goes off. The decision should be made according to your home security plans.

Home Safety Tips

Keeping everyone in your family safe is the goal of every home security plan. Install smoke, fire or sprinkler systems in your home. Fire causes many deaths each year. You should have a warning system and a plan for evacuation in case of fire. Rehearse these fire drills with your family members once each month. Everyone should meet at a specific location outside of your home. Show your family members the best escape routes from their rooms. This will save valuable time that could mean the difference between life and death.

Make sure your family members don’t try to find you during a fire emergency. Everyone should meet outside to be safe. Don’t call 911 until you are safely outside. Teach your kids not to open the door if the fire alarm goes off. They should exit their window if they are on the lowest floor. Of course, if you have a two-story home, your evacuation plan will differ. The important thing is to practice your fire drills.

There are other emergencies that you should go over with family members. In case of a severe weather emergency, your family members should know what to do. Tornadoes can touch down anywhere in the nation. Determine the safest part of your home during a tornado. Your family members must know what to do if the tornado sirens go off. If you live in a rural area, you may not have sirens at all. You need a weather radio that can run on batteries during a weather emergency. Experts recommend you go to a basement or storm shelter. If you don’t have this available, you should find an interior closet or bathroom without windows.

The most dangerous part of a Tornado is the damaging winds. Even if it is not a strong tornado, it can blow your windows out and harm you and your family. Flying debris is the number one cause of injuries during tornadoes. Don’t open your windows during a tornado watch or warning. Opening your windows to relieve the pressure in your home is a myth, according to weather experts. Never try to outrun a tornado. They can and do frequently change directions. Follow the advice of your local emergency planning advisers. Hurricanes and tropical storms can do the same type of damage seen from a tornado. Flooding is a common concern during these weather events.

Flash flooding kills more people during a hurricane or tropical storm than the winds typically do. It is important that you take the advice of your local emergency planners. If they advise you to evacuate, find your evacuation routes and evacuate immediately. You should have an emergency preparedness kit ready to go. Fill your emergency kit with bottled water and canned goods. Add cash and a credit card along with your important papers. Keep these items in a plastic bag in case they get wet.

Home Security Plans

A home security plan is a plan that you create with your entire family. This includes going over emergency scenarios and devising a plan of action. Review your family emergency plan often. Let your family members make suggestions on how to improve your home security plan. Preparation will go a long way in keeping your family safe from harm. Consult with a security professional if you have issues drawing up your plan. You may want to consider having a home security auditor come out and show you where to make improvements. You should take home security seriously and follow recommended guidelines. Whether you have your alarm system monitored or not depends on your unique situation. A home security plan is just the beginning to a well-thought out plan for home safety. You can modify the plan as you go according to your family’s needs. A good home security system should combine with other security elements to reduce your risk of theft, weather-related emergencies and robberies. Robberies can occur at anytime at any location and preparation is the key to surviving an incident. Follow safety rules can reduce your chance of home invasion.

Social Media

The introduction of social media has a few pros and cons. The pros include staying in touch with family members and friends. Sharing photos, stories and good times is the goal of social media sites. However, they can also be a source for potential security problems. For example, if you go on a family vacation and you send photos to your social media site, then these photos lets everyone know your vacation plans. This can spell a great opportunity for a thief looking for opportunity. All you have to do is wait until you get home to share your vacation photos. The problem with social media sites is the fact that you can’t be sure exactly how many people you don’t know can view your feed. Even with privacy settings, social media presents a few problems with security issues.

In The Home

When you are at home it is especially important that you keep the doors and windows locked as well as the alarm turned on. Many people simply walk in the door and shut off their alarms without another thought. This is a bad idea if you want to stay safe. If you have surveillance cameras, they are working all the time. But if you don’t, then you must take the same security precautions even when you are at home. Never open the door when the bell rings unless you look through the peep hole. If you recognize the person, you can open the door. However, don’t be intimidated by strangers at your door. Speak through the door and let them know you are not interested. This lets the stranger know that someone is at home. Security experts say that often a burglar will knock on a door to see if someone is home before they break in.

Surprising an intruder is never a good idea. It is best that you speak through the door especially if there are strangers standing there. Make it a habit to check the locks on the windows before you go to bed. Many people have a habit to lock the doors but forget about the windows. If you have window sensors, they will alert the keypad if the windows are opened. Make sure you install quality locks on your windows. The only way for an intruder to get inside your home is through doors and windows. Research your local law enforcement’s website for security tips and advice. Many agencies also have programs that educate homeowners about crime fighting strategies. You should be aware of your surroundings especially when working in the yard. If you are working in the backyard, you may not hear the front doorbell.

Don’t listen to music with earphones while working on your yard. This prevents you from having the ability to hear. Some people install chimes in their backyard to alert them of the presence of company. If you have patio doors, you should buy a device that keeps them from being picked up and taken off track. There are security devices that use pins to keep the sliding glass door from moving. If you live upstairs, take the same precautions on entry doors as you do the lower floor. Don’t leave your windows open at night for some fresh air. Keep them closed and turn on a fan if you need air to circulate. Make sure there are no large trees around your home that would allow an intruder to gain entry into your home or attic. Home security involves taking precautions to reduce your chance of being a victim. This is the best way to stay safe.

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Feel Secure Anywhere With These Three iPad Applications

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Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

the-ipad-mini-is-inevitable-this-chart-explains-why-207684b37fWhen you think about using your iPad, you probably think about all of the fun apps that you can choose, the music that you can listen to, the movies that you can watch and the games that you can play. You might also tend to use your iPad for work-related reasons so that you can keep in touch with business contacts when you are on the go, get online and use various applications that help you keep up with all of your business-related work. One thing that you might not think about using your iPad for, however, is for personal security. However, there are a few iPad applications that you can use that can help you feel safe and secure all the time, no matter where you are.
Should You Use Your iPad for Personal Security?

Although you might try to be careful and stay in safe situations, you never know when something could happen. Unfortunately, muggings and other similar crimes happen more than people like to think, and you could get seriously harmed during one of these attacks. This means that you should always do what you can to keep yourself safe.

In today’s world, using an iPad or other similar device is a great way to keep yourself safe and secure. Since you probably have your iPad on hand most of the time, you don’t have to worry about carrying around something extra to protect yourself. A lot of people wouldn’t expect for you to use your iPad for this purpose, either, so it could take your attacker by surprise while providing you with a great way to protect yourself in a bad situation. Therefore, if you have an iPad already and carry it around with you on a regular basis, it is definitely a good idea for you to invest in a personal safety and security application or two. Doing so is typically free or very affordable, and this simple app could actually save your life later on down the line.
What if You Don’t Have an iPad?

Obviously, not everyone has an iPad. If you want to, you could always invest in one; not only will you be able to benefit from the security applications on the device in order to keep yourself safe, but you can also reap other benefits as well. Many iPad users now wonder how they ever got by without their device, and you can use your new iPad for a whole host of things that aren’t related to security at all, such as to get online, get your homework or work done or to entertain yourself on a road trip or on an airplane with various games and more.

If purchasing an iPad just isn’t in your budget, you shouldn’t worry; there are still ways that you can keep yourself safe. For instance, you can often download the same applications for an iPhone as you would for an iPad, so you can use your iPhone, or even another Apple device, such as an iPod touch, for many of these applications. Tablets and other devices that use Android technology also have applications available for them that provide similar services, so consider looking for applications for your existing device as well.
How Much Should You Trust Your Security iPad Applications?

Once you install useful iPad applications on your device that specialize in personal security, you can rest at ease knowing that you have taken special precautions in order to keep yourself safe. Make sure that you always keep your device close to you when you can so that you can use these applications in the event that you need them, and make sure that you don’t panic and forget about them in a bad situation.

However, even if you do have these personal security apps on your handy device, you should still take other steps to keep yourself safe. Following a few basic tips can help you stay safe and secure in nearly any situation.

•    Don’t go out at night alone, regardless of if you are male or female. Being in a dark parking lot or dark alley can put you at a greater risk of being attacked, but there is safety in numbers. If you do find yourself out and about in the evening hours, look for a buddy who can accompany you so that you can keep each other safe.

•    Always let someone know where you are going to be and the approximate time that you will be home. By letting your neighbor, a parent or a friend know that you are heading out and telling them the time that you should be returning, people will know to start looking for you if you don’t get back home around the time that you said you would.

•    Don’t be afraid to call someone and let them know that you are in a potentially scary situation. Letting someone know that you don’t feel safe somewhere can allow them to send someone out to check on you; at the very least, someone who is cloes to you will know when and where to start looking if they don’t hear from you later.

•    Consider bringing along something that you can use for personal security, such as a whistle or pepper spray. These items can be picked up very cheaply and are easy to use, yet they can provide you with added safety if something goes awry.

•    Don’t be afraid to ask someone to walk you to your car. It isn’t safe to walk in a dark and quiet parking lot by yourself, so ask a security guard, co-worker or friend to escort you to your vehicle in the evening hours.

•    Try to avoid areas that are known for being dangerous or for having a lot of crime. Although crime can happen anywhere, it is still a good idea to avoid areas where it is more prevalent.

•    Contact the police or other authorities in your area if you feel like you need to. That is what they are there for; to protect and serve people.

Try Apps That Offer Alarms

Being able to emit a loud signal when you are in a potentially dangerous situation is one good way to let people nearby know that you need assistance. Although a whistle or other similar item can work well for this purpose, one great option is to download an application on your iPad that will allow you to press a button in order to emit a loud signal.

One such app is available for free, and it is known as “My Panic Alarm.” This application allows you to press a button on your iPad or iPhone in order to set off an alarm, which is very loud. Along with emitting a loud panic signal, the application also causes your screen to light up in lots of different colors, which can work to help alert someone to your situation. Although this particular application might not work well if you are in a deserted area, it can definitely be a good way to signal that you need help to those who are around you in a busier area. Since the application is free, there is no reason not to download it because you never know when you might need it.

Other applications that are similar are also available for iPads and other Apple devices, and you can also look for panic alarm applications for Android devices. In most cases, these applications can be downloaded onto your device for free, and those that do charge a fee do not charge a significant one.
Alert the Authorities with Apps

An even better step to take in many situations is to use an application that will automatically alert the authorities for you. This makes it easy to contact the authorities and let them know where you are without you having to worry about whipping out your phone and making a phone call during a serious situation.

One application that offers this capability is the SOS iEmergency application for Apple devices. This application offers several panic buttons that you can press during the appropriate emergency. For instance, you can press a “Medical” button if you need medical assistance, such as if you get into a car accident or fall somewhere and get hurt, and there is also a “Crime” button that you can press if you happen to witness a crime, are about to be attacked by someone or if someone has just committed a crime against you. You can even press a button to alert the local fire department in the event of a fire.

This application does several things for you when you are in an emergency situation so that you won’t have to worry about doing these things yourself. In many places, the application will automatically notify your local authorities to let them know what is going on, and it will even send GPS coordinates of your location so that the authorities can send help to your exact location. It can also send e-mail and text messages to people that you program in the app to contact; for instance, you might want to put in a family member and a spouse’s contact information so that your loved ones can be alerted in the event that you are in trouble and need assistance. Then, even if your local authorities are unable to accept messages from the application, your loved ones can get in contact with them right away and let them know where you are.

Although this application isn’t free, it’s definitely worth the cost if you want to keep yourself safe. The cost is minimal; it only costs a couple of dollars, and it can be helpful in a wide range of emergencies. Not only can you use it to contact people for help quickly and easily if you have been mugged or another crime has been committed against you, but you can also easily get the assistance that you need if you somehow get hurt, get into a car accident or if you witness a fire.
Let Everyone Know Where You Are With Apps

Sometimes it is a good idea to let the people who you know and care about know where you are, especially in an emergency situation, but this isn’t always easy to do. Thanks to some of the applications that are available on the market today, however, you can quickly and easily do so by pressing a couple of buttons on your iPad or other similar device.

For instance, some applications will send an “SOS” message out to the numbers that you predetermine; in most cases, you will probably want this to be a couple of your loved ones. In this message, your loved ones will be notified that you are in need of help, and the message will even let them know exactly where you are so that they will know where to go to give you assistance. Some of these applications will take it even further by snapping a couple of quick photos and sending them along with your “help” message, and others will even update your statuses on Facebook, Twitter and other social media website alerting people of where you are and that you need assistance. Since the more people that know that you are in trouble and who know where you are can make it easier for you to get the help that you need quickly, these applications can be very valuable.

Although most of these applications are not available for free, you should still consider purchasing them. Spending a few bucks now and updating the settings and contact information in these applications can come in handy one day later on down the road when you find yourself in trouble, and you are sure to be glad that you had this application on hand when you are able to get the help that you need in a bad situation.