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Burglary Crime Rates in Prominent Neighborhoods

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Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Burglary Crime Rates in Prominent NeighborhoodsBurglary is often listed as a lesser crime, yet the impacts of this offense are quite severe. Forget of the objects stolen, which is terrible enough, and consider the psychological response of such a crime. Your own home, the refuge after after a long days work, has now been compromised by an unknown intruder. You will undoubtedly begin to start double checking locks, windows, and all doors before retiring. You will lose the sense of ease, peace, and comfort that comes with owning a home. Burglary is an attack on your property, your items, and on your future state of mind. Understanding the burglary crime rates in prominent neighborhoods can allow you to prepare for the worst, and secure your property before it is too late.

First, we must define burglary as it is used by the law enforcement agencies. Burglary is identified as the entering of a structure with unlawful intent. This extends to houses, cars, boats, lockers, and other any structural location you can imagine. Burglary differs from robbery from the fact that robbery utilizes fear from the victims in order to achieve its end goal. An example of burglary would be the breaking and entering into a home in order to steal jewelry while a family is away. It would be classified as robbery if the family were home, and the criminal used fear in order to claim the diamonds. It is worth noting that many burglaries escalate into robberies, if the criminal enters an inhabited residence, or if the situation changes beyond his control. These escalated raise the statistics of theft higher, yet are not counted in this article on burglary.

The statistics in this guide are from the FBI report for 2012, and from the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association. As of last year, 1/36 of homeowners will experience a burglary in the United States. On average, the loss of property amounts to $1,500. This can be a severe blow to families in these rough economic times, yet no matter the financial response, the emotional response still remains.

From the report, it has been found that 62.4% of burglaries happen between the hours of 6am and 6pm. This is the average working schedule for the an adult in the American work force, making it prime time for criminals to find empty houses. This statistic may come as a surprise to those expecting burglaries during the nighttime. These nighttime crimes still occur, however, there are some ways this data may be skewed. A nighttime burglar may come face to face with a protective homeowner, which would most likely escalate the case to a robbery. Even without such cases, nighttime burglaries account for 37.6% of all burglaries, and the number is nothing to scoff at.

Based on the numbers, the FBI report that a burglary happens once every 15 seconds in the United States. This can range from a quick car break in, a locker being pried open, or a full house invasion. This number does not discriminate between affluent neighborhoods and ghettos, which makes the data harder to analyze. A poor neighborhood statistically produces more crime, yet often burglars will target prominent neighborhoods in order to heighten the value of their risk.

The FBI reports that the number one factor in keeping homes secure is a strong security system. This can be from an alarm sounding and notifying the police, to a high grade security camera system to effectively alert the criminals. This system can be visible in order to dissuade them from entering, or hidden and used purely for evidence later in the investigation. You can find the best security camera systems at Security Camera King, and ensure that your property stays yours at all times.

The United States has the highest incidents of reported burglary in the world. Affluent and prominent neighborhoods are often at high risk simply because of the possessions inside. The average burglar is none too bright, and will go for the house that has the most profit available. The average burglary does not last too long, which can making capture a difficult process. With a security camera system, you can hope for either prevention or the chance of regaining your belongings. A burglar may think twice before continuing if he becomes aware of cameras aimed at him. Should he be wearing a mask, your outside cameras may help police to find where he went on to next.

The report shows that 34% of burglars enter through the front door. The placement of a visible domed camera on your front porch can be enough deterrent for these criminals. Install a night vision dome camera with infrared capabilities above your day for the best protection in this scenario.

The other 64% of burglars enter through various points of entry, and often these points are too random to statistically analyze. Burglars have been reported to have come through windows, garages, side doors, and even through more obscure places. These obscure entry points may include heating vents, chimneys, and even by pushing in the air conditioner.

In order to prevent against these randomized break-ins, you can install a camera on each corner of your house for maximum protection. A bullet camera is perfect for this job, as they often provide night vision and a very wide field of vision. Plus, the camera is large enough to be noticed by even the most foolish of crooks, and yet still subtle enough to not take away the aesthetics of your home.

Burglary Crime Rates in Prominent NeighborhoodsOn average, the first place a burglar will enter is the master bedroom. This room often contains all of the family valuables. Some of the most sought after items are: jewelry, family heirlooms, cash, credit cards, firearms, and personal information for the purpose of fraud. Install a dome camera on the ceiling of your master bedroom in order to make burglars think twice. You may wish to invest in a vandal proof system, as the criminal may not back down and instead try to compromise your system. As another means of protection, try placing your valuables in another room. A burglar may become tired after having searched the master bedroom, and will not proceed to check any further. Remember, time is often a factor, and he will not wish to stay for hours searching for potential gold.

Aside from the master bedroom, burglars will wish to take your most valuable electronic items. Large screen televisions are often stolen, yet most burglars will wish to take easily concealable items. It will be more difficult for them to run away with a television than with an iPod. If you are leaving for an extended period of time, or simply wish to provide security while at work, invest in a lock system in order to store your valuables. You can lock your blu-ray system alongside your Apple products without worry.

With a lock or not, you should install a security camera nearby your most expensive items. You can place hidden cameras nearly everywhere in your home. These cameras come in the guise of a clock, an electrical outlet, a desk lamp, and virtual anything else you can think. Security Camera King has a host of these products available. Place an alarm clock security camera on your desk to ensure that nobody gets away clean with your valuables.

Most burglars are males in the age range of 17-30. These burglars often target homes that are close to their own, as they can retreat and hide away faster. They will often drive and park nearby, ride a bicycle, or simply walk over. Their intent is to take away high value objects usually for the purpose of selling on the black market. This is what makes Apple products such a high target. They are expensive, small enough to carry, and can be resold without much effort.

Burglary Crime Rates in Prominent NeighborhoodsYour home will be targeted due to a variety of circumstances. Burglars are burglars because they don’t wish to work hard, yet never underestimate the dedication a burglar will allow himself in order to get in. If he finds the first floor is sealed shut and locked, he may even wish to enter from above. Once they select a house, they are more likely to follow through than move on to the next. It does not seem logical, but their minds are made up and they will give it their all. Install security cameras on any upper level in order to ensure they don’t sneak past your system below.

A home is also appealing to burglars if it is well secluded. Burglars don’t wish to make a scene with their every action exposed, so they will choose houses with large shrubbery, shadows, and higher fences. Place a security camera above any large plants in order to deter them away from this advantageous spot.

Along with security camera systems, there a few other techniques helpful for deterring burglars. Install deadbolts onto your door in order to make it more secure. Ensure that all windows are locked before leaving, as burglars use windows as the de facto second choice. Place stickers of a home security system on your doors and windows, and burglars may think twice about entering. Even with all of these tips, the best way to protect your home is with a security camera system. Burglars may think otherwise, and you can guarantee to have their every action stored safely on a DVR. This can be crucial if it should ever go to court, as you will have evidence as to exactly what was stolen. Check out the great deals over at Security Camera King, and give yourself the gift of never becoming a statistic.


Do I Need a Nanny Camera? How to Pick the Best Babysitter

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Monday, March 25th, 2013

Do I Need a Nanny Camera? How to Pick the Best BabysitterIf you are like most parents, making sure that your children are well cared for is one of your number one priorities. You might wish that you or a close family member could take care of your children at all times, but this isn’t really feasible in a lot of situations. Whether you need to hire someone to care for your children while you go to work during the day, go to school or take care of other responsibilities, or even if you simply want to hire a babysitter so that you can get a break and spend time with your significant other or other loved ones, it is important for you to make sure that the babysitter that you choose will take good care of your children.

Although it can be difficult to truly know how someone will act around your children and whether or not someone is responsible, regardless of what you do, taking some precautions and keeping a few things in mind when choosing a babysitter can help ensure that you end up with a responsible individual who you can trust around your little ones. Therefore, you should remember these key points before hiring a babysitter to take care of your children.

Age Matters

There are a lot of young teenagers out there who are constantly looking for babysitting jobs, and you might be thinking about hiring one of these young individuals to keep an eye on your children. Although there are a lot of teenagers out there who have babysitting experience or who have younger siblings and other family members that they take care of, you should exercise caution when hiring younger teenagers to keep an eye on your kids. Many teenagers are very mature for their ages, but you can only expect a young teen to handle certain situations in certain ways because they don’t always have the age, experience or maturity to handle emergency situations. Therefore, you might feel more comfortable leaving your little ones with older teenagers, college-age individuals or adults. Although you might have to pay one of these individuals a little more in order to watch your kids, it will be worth it in the long run because you will probably feel more comfortable and confident with leaving your child with the person.

Experience Does Count

It can seem easy to take care of children, but parents and those who have been around a lot of kids know that you can never really anticipate everything that is going to happen while you are taking care of little ones. Therefore, you shouldn’t let someone babysit your children simply because they seem mature and nice or just because it is someone that you know or like. Instead, you should look for someone who has real-life experience with children.

There are a few ways to find out how much experience your potential babysitter has around kids. If he or she has children, you can ask him or her to bring the kids along for the interview; then, you can see if the children seem as if they are properly cared for and you can determine how the babysitter interacts around children. Just because someone doesn’t have kids doesn’t mean that they won’t do well with your children, however; you can always ask for references if the individual says that he or she has babysat extensively in the past. Teenagers and college-age children who have younger siblings may also have the experience that is necessary in order to take care of your kids, but you might want to allow him or her to do so under supervision or for a short period of time at first to ensure that your kids are in good hands.

Age Doesn’t Equal Maturity

Although it typically isn’t a good idea to hire very young teens to babysit your kids, you shouldn’t look at age alone. Age doesn’t equal maturity, so an older teen that you might have talked to about working for you as a babysitter might not be as mature as a younger teenager who has a lot of experience in taking care of children. You can often gauge how mature someone is by talking to them, but you might have to do a little more scoping in order to ensure that a person has the maturity that is required in order to take good care of your kids.

References Are Important

It is best to hire a babysitter who has plenty of good recommendations. Ask for phone numbers of people who they have worked for in the past or others who know about their experience around children before hiring someone. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for a resume; you would want to see some sort of employment information before you trusted someone with your business, so you should certainly take your time choosing someone who will take care of your kids.

Consider Asking Someone You Know

The truth is that you might never feel as comfortable leaving your children with a stranger as you would with someone that you or someone who you love knows personally. Therefore, you might want to consider asking people in your social circle before putting an advertisement out that you are looking for a babysitter. A close friend or family member who is out of work might jump at the opportunity to look after your kids while you are at work, or someone from your church or a coworker might have a close friend or teenager who would be right for the job. Although you certainly don’t have to go with someone who you know personally in order to get a good babysitter for your children, you should at least consider talking to people who you know first.

Do I Need a Nanny Camera? How to Pick the Best BabysitterFirst Aid Training is a Plus

You never know when something could happen to your kids. A simple accident while playing could become a catastrophe rather quickly or your child could suddenly fall sick while you aren’t around. Since you never know when these things will happen, it is important for you to find a babysitter who will know how to handle medical emergencies if they happen to occur. There are first aid classes available in most cities and towns for very low prices, so consider looking for a babysitter who has taken or who is willing to take one of these classes. In fact, it might even be worth it for you to pay for a potential babysitter to attend first aid and CPR classes so that you will know that your little ones will be safe in the event that they get injured or fall ill.

Look for Good Hygiene

Although a dirty babysitter might be able to care for children just as well as a clean one, you should consider looking for someone who takes good care of themselves. If your babysitter can’t manage to brush his or her hair in the morning, he or she might not be able to take good care of your child either. This doesn’t mean that you should look for someone who is dressed up; someone who is more worried about his or her appearance than taking care of the kids might present a problem. However, you should look for someone who is modestly dressed but who shows signs of good hygiene.

Make Sure Your Kids Feel Comfortable

Even if someone looks good on paper, he or she won’t really work out if your kids don’t get along with him or her. Therefore, you should make sure that your potential babysitter communicates and spends a little time with your kids before you leave them alone. Although it is normal to expect your kids to show a bit of apprehension or nervousness about being left with someone other than you and your family and friends, you should pick someone who you think will be a good match for your family.

Make Sure That He or She Follows the Rules

As a parent, you surely have rules set in place that you expect to be followed. For instance, you probably want your children to go to bed at a certain time and behave a certain way while they are indoors or out in public. It is important that your children are expected to follow these rules when you aren’t home; otherwise, they could get confused, their schedules could get messed up and they might start thinking that they don’t have to follow household rules. Therefore, you should find a babysitter who will enforce all of your family rules when you aren’t around, even if it means putting your children in time out or otherwise making them experience consequences for their actions.

Along with finding a babysitter who will make sure that your children will follow the rules, you should also find someone who you can trust to follow the rules that you have set into place for him or her. For instance, you might not want your babysitter to have friends over while they are babysitting, and you might have rules about the babysitter watching too much television or sitting on the couch and not paying attention to your children. It is important for you to express these rules to your babysitter; once you have, it is perfectly reasonable for you to expect him or her to follow your rules.

Do I Need a Nanny Camera? How to Pick the Best BabysitterKeep an Eye On Things

If you have carefully talked to and interviewed multiple babysitters and kept the above things in mind, you will be far more likely to end up with a mature and responsible babysitter who you can trust to take good care of your children and respect your home. However, you can never be too careful when it comes to a babysitter; not only are you trusting him or her with your children, but you are also trusting the individual in your home around your most precious and personal belongings. Therefore, you shouldn’t let your guard down until you are absolutely positive that you can trust your babysitter completely.

Therefore, you should consider checking in on the babysitter unexpectedly. Coming home an hour before you are supposed to or popping in on your lunch break can be a good way to find out how your babysitter is treating your children and your home. Don’t make the mistake of showing up on your lunch break every day; by keeping things random, you can catch your babysitter off guard and ensure that things are as they should be at your home at all times.

Installing a nanny cam is also a great way to keep an eye on your babysitter. Some people think that installing a nanny cam is going a bit overboard, but you can never be too careful. Fortunately, nanny cameras aren’t as expensive as they once were, and you can actually find a great nanny cam that takes wonderful footage for a low price if you are willing to shop around. For best results, look for a small unit that will be easily hidden; you can also look for a unit that is disguised as another household item, such as an alarm clock. Also, make sure the unit is wireless for best results; it will be easier to install and conceal if you do.

You can place your nanny cam in a room where your babysitter and children will be spending a lot of time, or you can place several cameras around your home if you want to be truly cautious. You can set it up where you can monitor the footage from your laptop or smartphone while you are away, or you can watch the footage when you get home. If you see any kind of behavior that makes you uncomfortable, such as poor or negligent treatment toward your children, mistreating your personal belongings or other types or behavior, you can address it or find another babysitter right away without too much damage being done.


Security Tips For Women Who Live Alone

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Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Security Tips For Women Who Live AloneWomen who live alone often feel vulnerable and afraid. There are several things you can do to improve your security in your home, especially if you are a woman who lives alone. Modern technology has improved security equipment, and complete security systems are more affordable than ever. Let’s take a look at some of the popular security features that you can have installed in your home that doesn’t cost a lot of money.

Surveillance Security Cameras

Surveillance camera prices are much cheaper and do a great job of recording activities around your living space. These cameras often deter criminals because they are easy to see. Most criminals will pass on a house with surveillance cameras and look for another target. Even if you place fake security cameras around your home, a criminal will have no idea whether they are real or not. Surveillance cameras with motion detecting capabilities will save you money on batteries and the need for extra image storage capabilities.

Determine how much money you can spend on a security system and choose professional installation. Experienced security professionals will do the job in a fraction of the time and you can be sure the security system works properly. Contact a professional security company and ask for a security audit of your home. They will come out and give you advice about the different types of security equipment available. For women who live alone, this can give you a greater peace of mind.

Security Alarms

Security alarms are the most popular way to protect you and your home. Most criminals do not want to go up against a security alarm. They make too much noise and they know that law enforcement officers could be on their way. A loud audible alarm on your doors, windows and entry points will deter crime. There are a wide variety of security alarm systems available.

Security Tips For Women Who Live AloneOutdoor Solar Lights

Solar lights are a popular way to improve the look of your outdoor living space while providing security. These lights are inexpensive to purchase and cost nothing to operate since they get their energy from the sun. They look attractive and you can place them around your home to illuminate entries and your backyard. Advanced technologies have made solar outdoor lights up to 12 times brighter than previous models. Keeping your outdoor living space bright will also give you peace of mind. Women who live on their own appreciate lighted outdoor spaces at night.

Outdoor solar lights can be installed anywhere because they don’t require wiring or electricity to operate. They also require no maintenance except cleaning. If your home experiences a power outage, your solar lights will not be affected. Solar lights will give you up to 15 hours of light before they need to be recharged by the sun. You can highlight walkways, driveways and steps to make an attractive outdoor living space. They also look beautiful when they showcase landscaping and flower beds. You can also place them in common areas where criminals may try to hide such as shrubs and bushes.

Entry Intercoms

Installing an intercom as a way to communicate with whoever is knocking at your door is a great idea. First of all, if you ignore the door and pretend like you are not home, then this may give a criminal the false sense that no one is at home. You should use an intercom to find out who is at the door. This way they know someone is at home. Many times criminals will stake out a neighborhood and pretend to be selling something in order to see who is home. An entry intercom helps you deal with this possibility. They are inexpensive and you can hire a contractor to install it properly. Consider adding a surveillance camera to the entries to monitor visitors while you are speaking through the intercom.

Panic Buttons

These buttons are located on your security system’s keypad. You can also have one made for your keychain, or place them in other areas of your home. A panic button is a valuable tool if you feel threatened. If your home security system is connected to a monitored alarm system, the security company will call you to confirm. However, there are panic buttons that go directly to the fire department that will send a fire truck immediately to your home. They also have a button for medical emergencies that will dispatch an ambulance. These buttons can save you time in an emergency.

Monitored Alarm Systems

A monitored alarm system requires paying a monthly fee to a professional alarm company. They will set up a security code and call you if the alarm has been tripped. A monitored alarm system is a great way to add security to your home. Most cities charge for false alarms so be sure you cancel the alarm before the police are dispatched to avoid these fees. The main benefit to having a professionally monitored alarm system is the fact that law enforcement can be notified immediately. If someone breaks into your home, you may not have time to dial 911.

The intruder will be nervous that the police will show up at any minute. You can also have security sensors placed on the windows and entry doors into your home. These sensors will trip the alarm should someone try to break into your home. Most security alarm companies charge a low fee and install the equipment either free or for a small fee. You will likely rent the equipment and you will have to return it should you discontinue using them. You can also buy this type of equipment at a professional security retail store.

Internet Dating

Internet dating is a popular way to meet potential dates. However, you should always meet your date at a public place and don’t reveal your personal information until you are sure your new date is trustworthy. When you don’t know anything about someone you met online, then you should use caution every step of the way. Personal security devices such as audible panic buttons can be used if your date gets out of control. Always remember, when you meet someone online they are a complete stranger. You should be aware of your situation and surroundings. Avoid talking and texting on your cellphone while walking in a parking lot.

This can distract you and make you vulnerable even during broad daylight. Local law enforcement agencies often give educational classes for women in self-defense. It is a great idea to learn how to defend yourself in case you find yourself in an awkward position. Home security is not enough, you also need to learn more ways to protect yourself. Internet dating is here to stay and will only increase in popularity. Learning how to protect yourself and general rules about personal safety will help you feel more secure.

Social Media Sites

There are many women who post vacation photos on their social media sites before they even return home. This is not a good idea because you do not know how many people the photo will go to. If the photo gets into the wrong hands, it could be a good opportunity for a criminal to realize your not at home. They can also find out when you will return giving them the perfect opportunity to break into your home. Even if you have a security alarm, most criminals can be in and out within 10 minutes. Don’t risk your home and belongings by posting vacation photos online. Limit the amount of people who know you are going on vacation to family and close friends. Wait until you get back home to post vacation photos. Social media is a great way to communicate with family and friends but you must use caution.

Security Tips For Women Who Live AloneMake Your Home Hard To Break Into

If you add multiple levels of security in your home, you can make a potential criminal think twice before targeting your home. Steel doors with deadbolt locks, driveway alarms and security cameras will go a long way in deterring a criminal. They are looking for an easy target and seldom bother with homes that are hard to break into. They can just choose an easier target without the hassle. Consider getting a dog, even if is a small. Criminals do not like noisy barking dogs.

Small dogs are famous for barking loud and often. Of course, larger dogs can also improve your level of security. Consider places signs on your fence and windows that tell everyone to beware of the dog. Even if you don’t have one this is a great deterrent. You can even buy voice-activated systems that make dog barking sounds when your doorbell rings. Make sure security signs are in all of the windows and entry doors into your home.

You can buy these online and you don’t have to get them from a security company. Install double locks on your doors and quality locks on your windows. Don’t forget the backdoor because this is a favorite target for a criminal. Criminals know that most back doors are not as reinforced as the front ones. Make sure the door that leads into your home from the garage is steel or solid wood. The backdoor and the garage door should also have a deadbolt lock. Make sure your landscaping is not an easy hiding place for a criminal.

If you live in an upstairs condo or apartment, don’t think you are completely safe. It doesn’t take a lot of effort for an intruder to climb up to the second floor. If you have a sliding patio door, then reinforce it with a locking pin set that can be purchased at any hardware store. They also sell security items that are placed inside your door to prevent someone from kicking your door in while you are at home. There are many new and innovative security items available. If you are aware of the possible security deficiencies that are currently in your home, then you are on your way to correcting them. Awareness is the key to staying safe when you live by yourself.

Neighborhood Crime Watch

Find out if your neighborhood has a crime watch team that you can join. Knowing your neighbors can help you feel safe. If they know you live by yourself, they can keep an eye out for suspicious people lurking around your home. If there isn’t a neighborhood crime watch team, consider starting one on your own. This is a great way to get to know people in your community and everyone can look out for each other. Offer to watch your neighbor’s home when they go on vacation and they can watch yours when you are away. This is much better than hiding a spare key around the door and having your home look like no one is at home.

Other Security Tips

The best way to keep a criminal from knowing what’s inside your home is to keep the curtains closed. Look around your neighborhood and take note of how many people leave their curtains open even at night. This makes it easy for a criminal to take note of the big screen television or other attractive electronics. Most criminals are looking for items that are easy to sell on the black market. These include electronics and jewelry. You can also have your electronics engraved with your drivers license number.

This will at least prevent a thief from selling your electronics to the local pawn shop. If they do sell your items at the local pawn, the police can track you down by your drivers license number. You could even get your stolen property back. Make sure your valuable jewelry is hidden in a safe that is out of sight. Jewelry can be sold quickly and effortlessly. The increase in the price of gold has criminals looking for any type of gold jewelry to sell. Follow these tips to improve your personal security and the security of your home.


Self-Defense Tactics That Will Keep You Safe On Late Night Walks

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Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Self-Defense Tactics That Will Keep You Safe On Late Night WalksThere are many reasons why people walk at night, and you might find yourself walking after dark quite often. Although many people begin to feel safe when they walk in the same areas over and over again, it is important for you to know how to protect yourself. There is always the chance that you could be attacked during one of these late night walks, and failing to protect yourself could put you in a world of danger. Therefore, it is essential for you to have a plan for defending yourself in the event that someone tries to harm you while you are walking home from work or taking an evening walk for exercise. Following these safety tips can help you feel better about walking, and it can also help ensure that you will know what to do in the event that someone tries to attack you while you are walking.

Let People Know Where You Are Going

One of the first and best things that you can do in order to stay safe is to let others know where you are going. It is dangerous to head out for a nightly walk without letting your family know; therefore, you should tell your spouse or a family member that you are heading out for a walk. Also, mention approximately how long you will be gone; if you do, your loved ones will know that something is amiss if you don’t get home at the time that you intended to. If you live alone, this is still no excuse to go for a walk without informing somebody; if necessary, tell one of your neighbors where you are going, or contact a loved one over the phone. Then, people will know to look for you if you don’t make it home safely, which can save your life.

Dress Properly

When you walk at night, you probably think about wearing comfortable clothes that aren’t too restricting or uncomfortable for walking, and you may also think about wearing clothing that will keep you warm in the winter or cool during the hot summer months. However, you might not think about the fact that the clothing that you wear can be dangerous. Wearing dark clothing can put you at risk of being hit by a car or being involved in another type of accident, so make sure to wear bright clothing that makes it easier for you to be seen by drivers, motorcyclists and bicyclists. It isn’t a bad idea to wear reflectors on your jacket or shirt either, especially if you walk in areas with a lot of traffic at nighttime.

Learn Self-Defense Moves

Everyone should consider taking self-defense classes, regardless of whether they walk or not. If you make a habit of walking late at night, however, it is imperative for you to know how to protect yourself. Most cities and towns have martial arts schools and self-defense classes; in these classes, you can learn key moves for getting out of compromising positions or otherwise protecting yourself in the event that someone attempts to attack you while you are on one of your nightly strolls. There are classes for adults, children and women in particular, and you can learn beginner or more advanced self-defense moves. You might be surprised by just how affordable these classes can be, and you can really learn a lot if you take classes with a qualified instructor.

If taking self-defense classes is not an option, you can always take to the Internet for a few helpful moves that can help you protect yourself in the event that you get attacked while you are walking. There are plenty of helpful videos out there that can show you these moves, and you can practice them with a friend or family member to ensure that you have them down pat. Taking a few minutes to learn these moves can make a major difference in the long run and can even save your life, and it never hurts to brush up on your skills or learn new moves when you have the chance. Even learning a few basic, beginner-level moves might be enough for you to fight off an attacker or let someone know that you aren’t going to go down without a fight.

Watch Out for Traffic

Although many people know that they should watch out for people who might try to rob them or attack them while they are walking, many people take the safety of walking around moving vehicles for granted. The truth is that you really have to watch out for people who are driving, even if they don’t mean you any harm. If you are wearing dark clothing and are walking near the shoulder of the road, there is always the possibility that someone could swerve and accidentally hit you. Drivers who are tired of distracted could end up harming you unintentionally, or drivers who have been drinking or using drugs before driving could hit you as well. Therefore, it is important for you to abide by all traffic safety laws and to keep a close eye out for traffic when you are walking, either at night or during the day.

Be Careful When Rounding Corners

One of the most likely times for a person to attack you while you are walking is when you turn a corner. Therefore, it is important that you don’t round corners without paying attention to what you are doing or the people who might be around you. In order to be safe, it is a good idea to round your corners widely, giving at least three feet of space from the corner. This can help cut down on the possibility of someone jumping out of a corner and attempting to harm you.

Keep Your Eyes Out

Unfortunately, you never know when someone could be following you with ill intentions. Although it is obviously difficult to keep an eye out behind you when you don’t have eyes on the back of your head, this doesn’t mean that you can’t keep an eye out for the people who are around you. By turning your head back and forth, you can use your peripheral vision to look for people who might be walking behind you. If you do see someone, don’t panic; instead, try to look for a public place that you can walk into or form a self-defense plan in your head in case the individual confronts you.

Walk On the Sidewalk

Many people walk on the shoulder of the road or close to buildings, but this really isn’t a good idea, especially at nighttime. If you walk on the shoulder of the road, you run a bigger risk of being struck by a car or other vehicle; if you are on the sidewalk, however, you are at a drastically reduced risk. If you walk too close to buildings and alleys, there is always the possibility that someone could jump out from an alleyway or from in between buildings in order to cause you harm or steal your money or personal belongings. Therefore, it is important to stay on the sidewalk whenever possible. If an area where you typically walk does not have sidewalks, you may want to consider switching locations and walking in an area that does have sidewalks in place; otherwise, exercise caution when walking in these areas.

Self-Defense Tactics That Will Keep You Safe On Late Night WalksCarry Items for Self-Defense

It is truly impossible to completely defend yourself in the event that someone attacks you, especially if you aren’t prepared for it. Even the best self-defense moves can fail at times, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put forth every effort that you can in order to protect yourself while you are walking at nighttime. Carrying around a weapon that is designed to be used for self-defense is always a good idea, and there are plenty of options out there for individuals who want to be as safe as possible while they are walking at nighttime.

Consider carrying around a walking stick. There are sticks that are designed for walkers to use to protect themselves in the event that someone tries to harm them. Some of them are even made to function as umbrellas, but these “umbrellas” have heavy sticks that can be used to ward off an attacker. There are plenty of walking stick options out there, and they are much more affordable than many people think. Although you will have to carry the stick around with you while you are walking, doing so can help provide you with an extra level of protection.

Look into purchasing pepper spray. Pepper spray or mace can be used to protect you, and you don’t have to have a permit in order to carry it. There are plenty of small bottles of pepper spray that can be used, and you can even purchase one that will attach to your key chain. It is always a good idea to carry around pepper spray, even if you don’t do a lot of late night walking; for instance, you can use it in a parking lot.

Consider obtaining a concealed weapons permit. With a permit, you can legally carry around a handgun that can be used for your protection. It is important that you take this responsibility seriously, however; therefore, you should always follow all laws that are involved in carrying a concealed weapon, and you should make certain to acquire your permit before you purchase and carry a handgun. You should also take gun safety courses and practice at a firing range.

Tasers can be used for personal protection, and they can typically be acquired very affordably if you know where to shop. You can sometimes purchase tasers from weapons stores in your area, or you can find them online. Before carrying and using a taser, however, make sure that you check all of your local and state laws about the use of a taser.

When all else fails, use your keys. Many experts say that it is a good idea to carry your key chain and hold keys between your fingers when walking through a dark parking lot, and this safety rule can apply while you are walking at nighttime as well. In the event that someone attacks you, you can scratch at his or her face and eyes with your keys in order to protect yourself.

Self-Defense Tactics That Will Keep You Safe On Late Night WalksRecord It

Video evidence can help law enforcement officials and prosecutors to prosecute an individual who has committed a crime against you. Therefore, you should always try to record the incident if something does occur. If you carry an mp3 player or cell phone when you walk late at night, don’t be afraid to use it to capture proof of any suspicious or dangerous incident that occurs. You can also purchase small spy cameras that can be carried in your pocket or on your key chain; these cameras are often very discreet and often look like other objects, meaning you can record something without the individual even knowing.

Don’t Be Afraid to Contact Law Enforcement

If something happens to you or someone else while you are out walking, you shouldn’t be afraid to contact law enforcement officials to tell them about it. If you remain vigilant in informing law enforcement in your area about the things that are going on, you can help fight crime the safe way, and your local government might take steps to make walking safer for you and everyone else in your community. If you captured evidence with a spy camera, you can use this evidence when you report an incident to the authorities; in many cases, authorities can use this evidence as a means of catching an individual who has committed a crime, and the prosecutors in your area can also use this evidence to secure a conviction when the individual goes to court for what he or she has done. Contact us today to learn more about how you can protect yourself during late night walks.


Types of Criminals Most Likely to Enter Your Home While You Are In It

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Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Types of Criminals Most Likely to Enter Your Home While You Are In ItWhen you think about your home being broken into, you probably think about coming home to a huge mess — finding your things scattered all over your home and finding out that your jewelry, flat screen television, video game consoles and computers have all been stolen. Although this is obviously something that you want to avoid by having burglar alarms and surveillance cameras in place, you should know that you shouldn’t only be worried about individuals who will come into your home while you are at work on on vacation. Unfortunately, people break into homes while the homeowners are there on a regular basis, so it is important for you to understand the types of criminals who might break in while you are at home.

In most cases, thieves and burglars don’t want to meet the individuals who they are stealing from. There are a few reasons why: First of all, these types of criminals usually don’t want to be recognized, and they are far more likely to be described to the police if they meet you in person than if they sneak in while you are away. Not only do they have to worry about you noticing their hair color, eye color, height and weight, but you might also notice a weird lisp when they talk, a limp when they walk, a tattoo that isn’t usually recognizable or another type of identifying feature. With all of these things put to the side, most criminals don’t want to be seen because many homes don’t have surveillance cameras, but most homeowners can see and give a description of an individual who has broken into their home if they have seen them face-to-face.

This isn’t the only reason why many criminals prefer to enter homes while they are alone. Along with being afraid of being recognized, many criminals are afraid of being harmed. Just because someone will enter a home to steal something doesn’t mean that he or she is always carrying a weapon, and most thieves know that a lot of people have guns in their homes. Along with worrying about guns, these individuals also have to worry about knives and other weapons that might be brought upon them when they enter a home without permission.

Another reason why many criminals won’t enter a home when people are home is because they are scared of getting other charges in the event that they do get caught. Although most people know that they will face serious charges for breaking into a home and stealing something, these same individuals also know that they will get in less trouble in many courtrooms for breaking into a home where no one is home instead of a home that is full of a family.

Although it is true that most criminals won’t enter a home if they know that someone is there, this doesn’t mean that you or any of your family members should feel safe without taking the right security-related measures. It is certainly true that your home is probably at less of a risk of being burglarized when it is obvious that people are home, but this doesn’t mean that you should have a false sense of security. Instead, you should be aware of the types of criminals that might still break in while you — or someone in your family — is home. Although it is scary to think about it, it is best to have an understanding of these things before any type of similar situation occurs; if you do, you can make changes to your security system, educate yourself and ensure that you, your family and your home are ready for any type of situation.

The Criminal Who Accidentally Met You

Since many criminals don’t mean to actually meet with homeowners when they break into homes, many individuals end up being surprised to find that someone really is in the house.

There are a lot of reasons why a person might accidentally break into your home while you are there. Although the person might have meant to break into your home, the individual may not have known that you were around when he or she did it.

There are a lot of reasons why an individual might break into your home without knowing that you are there. If someone has been staking out your home and planning on robbing you, he or she might have gotten confused if you got off of your normal schedule and routine somehow. For instance, you may have stayed home because you were sick instead of going to work, or you could have dropped your car off at the mechanic’s shop to get some repairs done.

Situations of this nature can either go very well or be very dangerous. In many cases, criminals who weren’t expecting to see anyone but who do will run away in fear of getting caught or harmed. However, you do have to worry about individuals who will panic and try to harm someone that they didn’t think would see or catch them.

The Criminal Who Isn’t Really “With It”

There are a lot of smart and calculating criminals out there, but there are also a lot of criminals who don’t really have their minds right. In many situations, these are the criminals who you have to worry about breaking into your home while you are there.

For instance, someone who is mentally handicapped might throw a rock at a window, watch it break and see what he or she can steal. Just because this person is mentally handicapped certainly doesn’t make it okay for the individual to burglarize your home, but you should know to look out for this type of activity.

An individual who is high on narcotics may also break into an occupied home while he or she is high. Someone who is high might want or need drugs very badly, and the individual might not pay attention to whether or not a person is home before attempting to break into the home. If the individual does realize that someone is home, he or she might be so “out of it” that he or she doesn’t understand the repercussions of breaking into someone’s home.

Others who break into a home might simply be confused about what is going on for one reason or another. Mental illness and drugs are common causes of this, but some individuals simply get confused because of other circumstances. In these cases, individuals could walk into or break into home that aren’t their own in an attempt to get into a different home, or they could try something out of the ordinary. It is important to exercise caution around individuals who have mistakenly entered your home.

Types of Criminals Most Likely to Enter Your Home While You Are In ItThe Predatory Criminal

When you think of a stranger breaking into your home while you are there, a predatory criminal is probably what you think of. Although you probably think of these individuals when it comes to a home invasion while the house is occupied, it is important to think about individuals who do mean harm toward your family.

There are a multitude of reasons why a person might target your home for predatory reasons. The individual could have a vendetta against you or your family, or he or she could have been watching you for an extended period of time. Although it is scary to think about, it is only realistic to think about such things happening.

A predatory criminal could enter your home for a variety of reasons. He or she could be interested in sexual assault, or the individual could be interested in a physical fight. When it comes to a predator who intentionally enters your home when he or she knows that you or someone else is home, you can’t take your chances; you never know what the individual could be up to. Since these types of situations can be extremely dangerous, regardless of who or what is in your home, it is important for you to take them seriously by contacting the authorities. If possible, it is best to prevent these situations from occurring in the first place by keeping your home as safe as possible; although there may not be anything that you can do in order to keep your home entirely safe, installing surveillance cameras and a burglar alarm can help keep you, your family and other individuals in your home safe in the event that a predatory criminal attempts to enter your home, regardless of his or her reason for trying to get in.

Types of Criminals Most Likely to Enter Your Home While You Are In ItHow to Protect Yourself

Any home invasion is scary, but thinking about someone entering your home while you are there might be more frightening than anything. Although there is really nothing that you can do that will completely prevent crimes from occurring in and around your home, making sure that you and your family are as ready as possible for these situations can make a difference.

First of all, you should consider installing a high quality burglar alarm in your home. If you have a burglar alarm, you will be notified immediately if someone attempts to enter your home. Not only can you set up your burglar alarm so that it will sound a loud alarm that will alert you and your neighbors of the situation, but you can also hire a monitoring service for your system. With a monitoring service, you can make certain that local law enforcement officers are informed in the event that someone enters your home when they aren’t supposed to. With some systems, you can even install “panic buttons” around your home; in the event that there is an emergency, you can press these buttons to alert your burglar alarm monitoring company that something is amiss; in turn, they will alert the local authorities.

Although having a burglar alarm is certainly a great means of making steps toward protecting and securing your home, you shouldn’t depend on one of these systems alone. Criminals might enter your home through alternative entries, or you could forget to set your alarm, especially while you are hanging out at home. Even if your burglar alarm sounds and notifies the necessary authorities, there is little that anyone can do if the criminal happens to get away without being noticed by you or without leaving evidence. Therefore, you shouldn’t count on a burglar alarm alone to keep your home safe; instead, you should combine your burglar alarm with other security-related equipment, such as a surveillance camera system.

If you have surveillance cameras in place, you will have video evidence in the event that someone enters your home when they are unwelcome. Along with having video evidence, you can also feel more comfortable if you have plenty of surveillance cameras in place because these cameras often deter crime. Overall, it is certainly worth your while to install both surveillance cameras and a burglar alarm in your home if you want to keep it as safe and secure as possible. Not only can these forms of security help keep you safe while someone enters your home when you are there, but you can also help reduce the risk of someone breaking into your home at all, even when you aren’t home. Even if someone is brave enough to attempt to break in, you will have the equipment that is necessary in order to hopefully catch these individuals.

Fortunately, a security equipment expert can help you find the right equipment for your home. Whether you rent or own, have a small home or a large one, are home a lot or travel all the time, have expensive possessions or not, having ample security for your home can help you and your loved ones feel safe, and it can also help you keep your home and property as safe as possible. With the help of a security equipment professional, you can determine what type of equipment you should purchase for your home without going over your budget. Contact us today to help you out with your home security needs.