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Security Cameras for Nightclubs; Keep Your Nightclub Free of Crime

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Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Security Cameras for Nightclubs; Keep Your Nightclub Free of CrimeRunning a nightclub can be a wonderful experience. Not only is it a great way to make an honest living, but it also allows you to meet and mingle with others from your community and to establish a fun and exciting place in your city or town. However, there are a lot of things that you have to worry about as a nightclub owner, and crime is one of them.

If you are thinking about opening up a nightclub or haven’t really experienced any issues in your existing nightclub yet, you might be wondering what kind of problems you might have to deal with as a nightclub owner. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that can happen within the walls of a nightclub that can be dangerous or costly. Luckily, following a few security precautions can help ensure that your nightclub is as safe and crime-free as possible.

Know What to Watch For

In order for you to cut down on and prevent crime, you have to know what to watch for. There are countless things that can go wrong in a nightclub atmosphere, but there are a few common things that you should watch out for.

First of all, it is imperative to watch out for intoxicated individuals. Although it is certainly natural that your patrons will want to drink a bit while they are patronizing your club, you can get in a lot of trouble if your bartenders over serve your customers, your customers drive away from the nightclub while they are drunk or if underage customers drink while they are inside your club or patronize your club after they have been drinking. Therefore, it is essential for all of your staff members to work together in order to keep an eye out for those who are drinking too much, acting unruly or serving drinks to minors or consuming alcohol if they aren’t old enough to do so.

Along with watching out for drinking, you do have to watch out for violence. Some people go to a nightclub looking to start a fight with someone, and others simply don’t know how to handle themselves after an evening of drinking. It is important to keep your eye out for people who want to fight or people who try to attack others. Unfortunately, sexual assault and other similar types of crimes have to be watched out for as well.

Although the safety of your patrons and everyone inside your nightclub should be the first priority, they aren’t the only types of crimes and issues that you have to look out for. It is also important to make sure that no one is stealing from you, vandalizing your property or committing other similar crimes inside or around your nightclub.

You can’t forget about crimes like drug use, drug dealing or prostitution in a nightclub setting either. Although it might not be pleasant to think about, a lot of people think that nightclubs are the perfect places to conduct this type of business. Since you obviously don’t want to earn the wrong reputation for your club, get in trouble with the law or have other related issues at your place of business, it is important for you to keep an eye out for this type of behavior so that you can put a stop to it quickly if it does occur on your premises.

Watch Your Doors

Installing security cameras near all of the entrances and exits to your nightclub can help you keep the entire club safe. Since it is certainly much easier to keep rowdy and unruly people or others who might cause trouble in your club out than it is to prevent them from committing crimes or becoming a nuisance once they make it through the doors, proper security at all entrances and exits is imperative.

Keeping cameras at all of your doors is a good way to help ensure that you are keeping a close eye on everyone who enters and exits the club. Someone can monitor all of the cameras in your club from one location and can look out for individuals who shouldn’t be entering the club while keeping an eye on other things. Your surveillance footage will also work as proof if someone gets into your club and commits a crime or if a crime is committed after your doors are closed for the evening.

You shouldn’t simply rely on cameras at your club’s doors, however. Having trained staff members at the door is an essential in any type of nightclub atmosphere. These staff members should check the identification cards of everyone who enters the premises, and they should make sure that no underage drinkers or overly intoxicated individuals enter the club. They should also try to keep an eye out for individuals who they think they might need to monitor later on in the evening.

Security Cameras for Nightclubs; Keep Your Nightclub Free of CrimeKeep An Eye on the Dance Floor

A lot of things can happen on the dance floor in a nightclub. Not only can the dance floor be a fun place for your patrons to really let loose and have a good time at your club, but it can also be the scene of a crime if you aren’t vigilant. People often get in fights on dance floors in clubs that aren’t properly monitored, and even an innocent bystander could get caught up in the violence in the wrong type of situation. Sexual assault and other similar types of crimes should also be carefully watched for, and it is also important for you to realize that the dance floor is often the area where people attempt to share their alcohol with minors.

Since many dance floors have interesting lighting situations, it is important for you to pay special attention to the type of cameras that you purchase for your dance floor. Make sure that your cameras will be able to capture good video footage when the dance floor gets dark or when flashing or strobe lights are going off, and also ensure that every square inch of your dance floor is being monitored by at least one camera.

Monitor the Bar Area

Since the bar will probably be one of the busier locations in your nightclub, it is important that you don’t forget to keep it properly covered with security cameras. You can watch out for heavily intoxicated individuals or those who attempt to drink when they shouldn’t — such as if they are underage — and you can look out for other crimes as well.

For instance, your bar is more than likely a place where you keep a large majority of your proceeds for the evening. Whether you have a cash register in place or if your bartenders and waitstaff keep the money on them while they are working, it is important for you to keep an eye on your money. You never know when someone might attempt to snatch a bit of money for more drinks or simply to take off, and you could lose out on a lot of profits that way. Someone could also get injured during a robbery.

Security Cameras for Nightclubs; Keep Your Nightclub Free of CrimeEven Lounges Should Be Secure

If your nightclub has a VIP lounge or other similar type of area for certain guests, you might feel as if these patrons deserve a bit more privacy. Although you might be tempted not to monitor these areas, it would be a bad idea not to. Many people realize that VIP lounges and other similar areas in nightclubs aren’t under the same level of scrutiny and surveillance as other parts of the club, so they often use these areas as their locations of committing crimes. Therefore, it is important for you to keep these areas under as tight of surveillance as any other area of your club. If you want to, you can look for discreet cameras that still capture good footage.

Don’t Forget the Parking Lot

When it comes to a nightclub, the parking lot isn’t just a place where patrons park their vehicles. It can become the scene of a lot of crimes if you aren’t careful, but keeping your parking lot under close video surveillance can be a wonderful way to cut down on crime.

First of all, you have to think about the types of crimes that can be committed in your parking lot. For instance, a lot of people attempt to drink alcohol in their vehicles or elsewhere in the parking lot before entering the nightclub — they might do so in order to save money or to get away with drinking when they are too young or too intoxicated. This is against the law and should be carefully watched for. Others think that they can get away with using drugs prior to entering the club if they do it in their vehicles or elsewhere in the parking lot, but putting up plenty of surveillance cameras can help deter and cut down on this type of behavior.

Violence can occur in nightclub parking lots as well. It can be more difficult for your staff members to monitor who enters and exits your parking lot, leaving it more prone to fights and other acts of violence. More serious violent crimes can also occur if you aren’t careful.

Lastly, you have to think about the types of vandalism that can occur in parking lots. Patrons or other people from the community can attempt to break into or steal cars that are in the parking lot and vandalism against your property or the vehicles in your parking lot can occur as well.

Another important reason to keep surveillance cameras in the parking lot is so that you will have evidence of the people who were around your club every night. This can help you determine who is causing problems or who has committed a crime in or around your club, and it can also provide local authorities with the proof that they need in the event that one of these crimes occurs.

Use Other Forms of Security

Although surveillance cameras are excellent tools for keeping your nightclub free of crime, it is important for you to use other methods of security in conjunction with your cameras in order to keep your nightclub as safe and secure as possible. By using a combination of security-related equipment, you can maximize your nightclub’s security, which can help you keep yourself, your employees and all of your patrons safe, and it can also help cut down on legal issues or expenses that are related to crimes.

First of all, well-trained staff members are an essential for any nightclub. It is important that your bar staff is aware of signs of crimes to look out for, when not to serve alcohol to customers and how to keep themselves and your registers safe from robberies. It is also important that other staff members know how to look out for overly intoxicated or suspicious individuals and how to handle various situations if they arise. By making sure that your employees are well-trained and providing them with the resources that they need in order to run your bar safely and efficiently, you can help drastically to cut down on crime while making employees, customers and others feel safe in and around your bar.

Next, you should look at the other security-related equipment that is available on the market. Simple things like bright lights in your parking lot can help deter crime, and these types of additions don’t cost a lot of money. Installing a burglar alarm is a good way to cut down on crimes that could occur after your nightclub is closed for the evening, and you can opt for a burglar alarm that is monitored by a professional surveillance system company for maximum safety and security.

Lastly, make sure that you and your staff members are always alert. Your surveillance equipment won’t do a lot of good if you don’t use it, so make sure to keep your eye out for crime at all times in order to keep your nightclub as safe as possible.


Top Home Security Trends in 2013

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Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Top Home Security Trends in 2013Wireless security cameras are fast becoming a popular trend in 2013. They provide convenient home security monitoring from any electronic device that is connected to the Internet. New, advanced technology is the reason behind this popular way of protecting your home. Many people love the convenience of a smartphone and these security systems can be monitored using your smartphone.

Some security systems will even send you a text message if your alarm is triggered. Security systems that automatically dial up to six phone numbers is also available. If no one answers the first phone number, then the system proceeds to call the others until someone answers. This is a convenient way to monitor your home. You can even go online and view live images of your home through your computer or smartphone.

Wireless Security Systems

Wireless security systems don’t require installing cables throughout the walls of your home. They can be set up almost anywhere in your home. They are inexpensive and you can buy complete sets that have everything you need to get started. There are a variety of high-quality security system manufacturers. Consider hiring a security auditor to get started protecting your home. A professional auditor will find security weak spots in your home that will improve your level of security. A professional security system retailer can help you choose the right wireless security system for your home. Consult the security professionals to save time.

A wireless security system will save you money on installation costs compared with a wired system. If you move from your home, you can easily pack up the sensors and control panel. They are also more secure than a wired system that is connected to your phone line. A wireless system’s communication signals will keep on working even if the phone line is not. Security systems in the past were easily compromised and today’s systems are much more secure.

There are two main types of wireless security systems. Security systems that use your Internet connection to send a signal to your monitoring station. The other security system is interactive and uses your cellular connection to communicate via the web. This makes it possible for you to monitor your home from anywhere that has an Internet connection. Monitoring your home with your smartphone is more convenient and gives you greater peace of mind. An interactive home security system allows you to arm and disarm your system from a computer or smartphone.

Protecting Your Home

There are other components of a home security system that you can add to improve your level of home security. Door and window sensors and contacts should be installed to prevent a burglar from breaking in through these areas. Door and window sensors will alert you if it detects glass breakage. Door and window contacts will alert you if someone tries to open them. These are two separate components that you should use in combination with other security devices. Motion detecting cameras and sensors can be programmed for your unique security situation. If you have small pets, you will want to program the system to ignore anything under a specific weight. Modern security technology keeps improving year after year.

Social Media Caution

Social media is a great way to stay in touch with family and friends. However, it can be a tool that burglars use to their advantage. If you post on social media sites on a regular basis, use caution when revealing your plans. Whether you are going to a concert or a vacation, don’t let others know when your home will be empty. The same goes for posting photos while you are on vacation. You could be giving a burglar an open invitation into your home. Most people are not aware that this is a possibility. Just be aware and cautious when revealing your plans on social media sites.

Neighborhood Crime Watch

Crime watch teams are a great way to cut down on burglar in your neighborhood. If there is not currently a crime watch team in your neighborhood, find out how to start one. This is an effective tool for community involvement to reduce crime. Many law enforcement agencies are proactive when it comes to helping the community organize a crime watch team. Most burglars will stake out a neighborhood before choosing the home they want to break into. Neighbors who watch the neighborhood know which vehicles and people are familiar in the area. If they suspect a vehicle or person, they should call the local authorities. It is better to report suspicious behavior rather than risk burglary. Learn everything you can about your neighborhood crime statistics. This information is readily available from your local law enforcement office. Communities working together really can make a difference in neighborhood burglaries.

Top Home Security Trends in 2013Garage Doors

Many people leave their garage doors open when they are at home. This can be a mistake because someone passing by can take a look at everything you have in the garage. If you keep expensive golf equipment, tools or other expensive items, it can send a message to a potential burglar that your home may be worth breaking into. Keep your garage doors locked and secured at all times. Replace your garage door opener if it malfunctions. Many people walk outside their home and discover the garage door has opened on its own. This is a major problem and can put your home security at risk. Newer garage door openers have improved and are less likely to malfunction.

When you leave for vacation, make sure your garage doors are locked from the inside. If your garage has a door that leads straight into your home, make sure it is a heavy, wood or steel door that has a deadbolt locked installed. You should consider this door the same way you think about the front door. Garage doors are a popular target for burglars, because once inside, they are hidden from view and can take their time breaking into that door. There are also driveway alarms that you can install that will alert you to the presence of a vehicle. Professional home security retail stores offer a wide variety of security devices to improve the security of your home.

Landscaping Security Tips

A great way to add an additional security layer involving your home’s windows is to plant thorny bushes close to windows. This will prevent a burglar from hiding in the bushes in order to break into your home. Make sure large tree branches are kept trimmed to prevent a burglar from climbing onto your roof. You should also hire a lawn service to care for your yard when you are out of town. This is a favorite way for burglars to determine whether someone is at home. A yard that is not maintained signals no one is at home.

Landscaping should be maintained and not allowed to conveniently hide a burglar. All of these tips combined together will make it much more convenient for a burglar to choose your home. The more security measures you put in place, the more likely the burglar will choose an easier target. Burglars just want to quickly gain entry into your home and leave just as quickly. There are plenty of homes that do not offer much in the way of security. They prefer targeting these homes.

Hiding Your Valuables

Protecting your home includes making sure that you do not advertise your expensive items to strangers. This includes selling expensive items on popular classified ad sites. Never meet a stranger to sell an item in your home. Instead, you should choose a public place to meet. If you give a stranger your address and you are selling an expensive item, a potential thief may decide to rob you when they arrive. This does happen even in smaller cities. Keep expensive electronics out of sight from your windows. Curtains and blinds should be used at night.

It is much easier for someone to pass by your home at night and look inside to discover you have a big screen television. Expensive jewelry should be locked away preferably in a wall safe. If you put all your valuables in a portable safe, there is nothing to stop a burglar from carrying the entire safe out of your home. A wall safe is safer and more difficult for a burglar to break into. They will not want to spend additional time in your home trying to figure out how to open a wall safe.

Hide your wall safe behind a picture or piece of furniture to conceal its location. If you own firearms, knives or other types of weapons, these should be safely locked away. Burglars love to target homes with these items because they are easier to sell on the black market or pawn shop. A burglar’s priority is finding items that are easy to sell. This also includes game systems, televisions and stereo equipment. Protect your home by thinking like a burglar. What expensive items in your home would be easy to sell? Secure these items or keep them out of sight from the windows. These tips will reduce what the burglar can take, if they break into your home.

Fire and Medical Safety

Home security systems are often equipped with fire and medial safety options. Fire destroys many homes each year. A fire alarm system that is connected to your home security system can alert you in case of smoke. Some fire alarm systems can be connected directly to your local fire department. You can also protect your home from fire with a monitored fire alarm system. Make sure you also install carbon dioxide detectors. Many people are overcome with carbon dioxide fumes each year.

Because carbon dioxide cannot be detected, it is important to install these sensors. Medical safety panic buttons can be included in your security system. If you have small children, or a family member with health issues, these panic buttons can bring you peace of mind. They are directly connected to your local emergency medical department. Panic buttons are located on the control panel of your security system. Panic button key chains are also convenient to use.

Top Home Security Trends in 2013Reinforcing Doors

The front or backdoor is a common point of entry for a burglar. If your doors are not reinforced, you are making a burglar’s job much easier. Install high-quality doors on every entry point into your home. The door locks you choose should also be made of the highest quality possible. Combine quality door locks with deadbolt locks to reinforce entry doors. Add a kick plate to prevent a burglar from simply kicking in the door. You can also install an intercom system that lets you easily identify visitors. Peepholes allow you to view whoever is at the door, but a surveillance camera placed near the door will be more effective.

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are a great way to keep monitor the outdoor areas of your home. You can view the images in real-time and discover if someone is loitering. You can also find surveillance systems that include two-way communication. You can use these near your front and backdoor. They should be installed by a professional home security company. Choose a surveillance camera system that delivers a clear image even at night. You can find surveillance cameras that are activated by motion.

This can save you hours of image viewing time. Research the different types of surveillance cameras that are available for residential use. You will find a lot of high-quality manufacturers. Choose a system that will accommodate enough cameras to cover your outdoor area. Install motion detecting lights that light up your entire yard if someone is near. These can be triggered by a neighborhood pet walking around at night, but lighting up your home at night will improve your level of security. Home security is a concern for most people. Following these tips will improve the level of your security in your home. Make it more difficult for a burglar to choose your home.


State of The Art Security Cameras For Your Retail Store

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Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

State of The Art Security Cameras For Your Retail StoreRetail stores are particularly at risk for shoplifting and even robberies. Improving the security in your retail store requires understanding the latest security technologies that are available today. There are so many choices in security systems that you may have difficulty deciding which one is right for your store. The first step is to contact a professional security company and ask for a security audit in your store. Security audits are the best way to identify potential security risks. Experienced auditors know what to look for when it comes to securing a retail store. Once you have identified your security risks, you can proceed with choosing security equipment.

State of the Art Security Cameras

Surveillance security cameras are used in most retail stores. Technology advances have improved modern surveillance security systems. Theft can come from employees or customers. It is important that your store is monitored to avoid losing money from theft. You would be surprised at the number of people who shoplift each day. Not all items that are shoplifted cost a lot of money. Some of the items are relatively inexpensive. Some people have an addiction to shoplifting and it doesn’t matter to them what they shoplift. There are several types of surveillance cameras including wired or wireless systems.

Determine the key locations where you want your security cameras to be located. Choose a system that can accommodate the number of cameras you need. You can find surveillance security equipment that can accommodate up to 32 cameras. Wired surveillance systems is most commonly used in retail stores, shopping malls and other places of business. These systems must be professionally installed by a security company. Domed cameras are perfect for retail shops because you can place them in the store and customers can’t see which angle the camera is viewing. They are round in shape with a black covering.

One of the best reasons for using surveillance camera equipment in a retail store is to make sure customers and employees know that it is there. You should install a security camera aimed at the cash register to ensure employees are not stealing cash. Loss from theft is a big concern for retail store’s profit margins. Preventing theft will keep the store from losing money. Covert or hidden cameras does a great job of preventing employee theft because employees know where the surveillance cameras are located.

A few covert cameras installed around the store will minimize employee thefts. Be sure you know your local laws regarding surveillance before installing a system. If you are concerned with how much monitoring time will need to be spent, consider the new technology of video analysis programs. These programs recognize certain behavior patterns and flag the video to be reviewed further. This will help cut down the number of hours it may take to review the images. You can also hire an employee or security company to monitor the video in real-time.

Store Detectives

Many retail stores hire store detectives to discreetly watch customers for signs of theft. These detectives look like regular customers except they have been trained to recognize the behavioral patterns of shoplifters. This is a great way to cut costs in your security plan. You can also train store managers or other employees to watch the store. Department employees should be responsible for watching customers in their departments. In many states, the store detective must report the crime to the local law enforcement agency. A store detective can also be hired and trained by a security company. Depending on your security budget, choose the methods that work best for your type of business.

State of The Art Security Cameras For Your Retail StoreReducing Retail Theft

There are many ways to combat shoplifting. You can combine a variety of methods to increase the level of security in your store. Employees should be the first line of defense when it comes to security. Employees in each department should offer to help customers as they enter their departments. Employees should make frequent eye contact and provide good customer service. If you have a particular area of the store that is vulnerable, consider hiring another employee for that department.

For example, high-end electronics may cost you more money than office supplies. If you have expensive items within your store that costs a lot, then that department should be monitored continuously. A retail store that sells apparel, should have an employee dedicated to monitoring the dressing room. The employee should be detail-minded and keep track of the number of clothes someone takes into the dressing room. Some retail stores have dressing room item limits and keep track by giving customers numbers.

The selling floor should be monitored for price changes, unattended pricing guns, security fixtures that are unlocked and signs that security equipment is working properly. Employees should be alert at all times for known shoplifters, customers who are acting suspiciously and showcases that have been left open. Checking retail inventories once a week against purchases can give you an idea of your losses. If you have a spike in losses, you can also review your surveillance video.

Restrict customers access in unauthorized warehouses and back rooms where inventory is located. You should use control keys to limit access and assign them to key employees. For example, if there is a spike in the loss of a particular warehouse location, you can print out the analysis of employees who had access to that warehouse and at what time. Control keys work well for controlling key warehouse areas. It is estimated that American retail businesses lose over $13 billion dollars in merchandise through shoplifting.

Security Tags

Security tags are electronic devices that are placed on merchandise that costs a lot of money or merchandise that is frequently stolen. These tags cannot be removed by the customer and must be removed by an employee at the cash register. Security tags help in reducing the number of thefts that occur with these types of merchandise. Place a sign near these items that says your store prosecutes all shoplifters. Combined with security tags, this should reduce the number of thefts in your store. Make frequent announcements over the intercom system suggesting security goes to a particular area. This will get the attention of a shoplifter and may deter them. Make sure the lighting around the security cameras is well-lit.

Inventory Management Systems

Technology advances have improved retail inventory management systems. These systems are automated and can generate computer reports that give you information about your sales, inventory and when you need to order. Most systems use bar code technology and merchandise is scanned at the register. This information can also be used to estimate inventory losses due to theft. This can give you a good idea about where you might need additional security coverage. Inventory management system’s software is sophisticated and makes managing retail inventory much easier. These systems can give you valuable information regarding popular items and your customer’s buying preferences. Research the latest inventory management systems online. You will find a variety of high-tech software designed to reduce losses due to theft.

Fraudulent Returns

Fraudulent returns is a common problem about retailers who have relaxed return policies. It is estimated that retailers lose over $9 billion dollars a year due to fraudulent returns. These types of returns include stolen merchandise, returning used merchandise and returns using a counterfeit receipt. To avoid this type of loss, you should require a receipt with every return and offer store credit instead of cash. Your return policies should be in plain sight of your checkout center. Large signs that have your return policy spelled out will help you avoid fraudulent returns.

Protecting Credit Card Information

Most retail store owners take cash, credit cards or checks. Fraudulent credit card use is a big problem today. You should train your employees to carefully check that the identification and the credit card name is correct. There are many employees who simply glance at the identification and may not catch credit cards that do not match. It is also your responsibility as a retailer to protect your customer’s credit card information. Shred credit card information when you no longer need it.

Limit access to stored credit card information. If you store credit card information on your computers, don’t throw the computers out without contacting a data destruction company. Thieves can retrieve your computers from the trash and use your customer’s credit card information. Make sure the data on your computers is secure. Install security software on your computer systems to protect your data.

Commonly Stolen Items

Professional shoplifters are usually looking for items that can be resold for profit. An amateur shoplifting may not plan the theft ahead of time and the incident is usually a spur of the moment thing. However, professional shoplifters are skilled and experienced. Some of the most commonly stolen items include items that are easy to conceal, not tied down or secured and items that are in demand and easily sold. It is important to have enough employees to monitor customers and the security cameras.

Add signs to your store that lets customers know that you have the right to check bags upon entering the store. Amateur and professional shoplifters often bring large bags with them in order to steal items. Clothes, beauty products and electronics are the top targeted items for shoplifters. If you have witnessed a theft in progress, be sure to call the police before confronting the shoplifter. Depending on the laws in your state, you must also follow specific guidelines before detaining them.

Some states require you to wait until the shoplifter leaves the store, and other states allow you to confront them at the time the item is concealed. Be sure you know the laws in your state. Approach the shoplifter with another employee. Advise them that the police are on their way. In most states, it will be up to the law enforcement authorities to determine if there is enough evidence to support a charge. If you have surveillance equipment, this task will be much easier.

State of The Art Security Cameras For Your Retail StoreStore Design To Reduce Shoplifting

The design of your store can actually help in reducing shoplifting activities. Design the store with a clear view of entry and exit areas. Installing door chimes will help employees hear a customer walking through the door. Shelving should not be high enough to reduce visibility. Install large mirrors on the walls where there is a blind spot. Expensive items should be stored in locked glass cases. Popular stolen items can be displayed in empty boxes to prevent theft. Develop a policy for employees that include limiting bags, purses or wallets on the sales floor. Reducing employee personal belongings on the sales floor can help reduce theft from employees. Train employees on the importance of loss prevention.

Best Ways to Handle Cash

Retail stores that handle cash should have specific safety procedures in place. Cash should be counted away from customers or employees in a secure area. Increase accountability by requiring two employees while transferring cash to the bank or a safe location within the store. Deposit cash several times a day if you are busy retailer.

If there is a large amount of cash on hand, consider hiring an armed security company to pick up the money. This is what large retailers do to avoid having large amounts of cash on hand. Install signs that let customers know that your store does not keep cash overnight. This can help prevent a potential intruder from entering your store at night. Investigate any incidents where cash is missing even if it is a small amount.

Reducing losses by theft or shoplifting can improve your profit margin. Retail store security methods also include reinforcing doors and windows to prevent theft when the store is closed. Install audible security alarms and doors and windows and consider hiring a security company to monitor your business at night. Identifying the common areas where theft occurs in your store will help you develop a successful security plan that works. Contact us today to learn more about how to successfully secure your store.


Installing Your Security System Yourself? Here are the List of Tools You Need

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Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

After finally answering all of your technical questions and figuring out which security camera system will suit your needs the best, you are going to have to decide if you are going to pay someone to do the installation for you or if you are going to install it yourself.  If you are going to pay someone to install the system for you may want to continue reading to understand the different tools that are necessary to complete the installation, so you understand what you are paying for.  If you are installing the system yourself, you may want to use this for a checklist to make sure you have all of the necessary tools to properly complete the task.  I am going to go through this run down with the assumption that all of the hardware required is known.

Simple Plug and Play

If you want the simplest installation available, the plug and play option is for you.  It requires the least amount of specialty tools of all the installation methods.  With a plug and play installation you will want to have a power screwdriver, drill, drill bits, drywall knife, fish tape or push/pull rods, a ladder, and a caulking gun.  Having a power screw driver will save you time and from having a achy wrist, when you are screwing in a minimum of 2 screws per camera to mount the camera, it adds up quick.  You will need a drill to penetrate the surface that you are mounting the cameras to, in order to run your cable through.  You will need different drill bits for different materials.  If you are in Florida you may want to get a hammer drill and masonry drill bits to be able to penetrate the concrete block of most buildings.  The drywall knife will be for cutting a hole for the cables to run through to the back of the DVR.  I will typically use an old work low voltage box for attaching a faceplate back to the wall in order to cover the hole.  Make sure that if you are doing the same thing to get all of your cables through the hole and run them through the box and the hole in the faceplate, because the last thing you want to do is get everything hooked up and realize that you forgot to put the box in and you can’t install a faceplate over the hole.  The fish tape or push/pull rods will help you with getting the wire down and through walls, as well as through attics and drop ceilings.  The ladder is pretty self explanatory.  The caulking gun will be used for putting a sealant in the holes of penetrated exterior walls to prevent weather and critters from making their way into the structure.

Siamese Cable

Siamese cable is a more precise installation method which requires more skill than plug and play cables.  You will want to have a power screwdriver, hand screwdrivers, drill, drill bits, drywall knife, wire strippers(for both stranded wire and RG59), a good pair of wire cutters, a wrench, a crimping tool or compression tool, pliers, soldering gun, a fish tape or push/pull rods, flashlight, mirror or scope, pull cord, a ladder, and a caulking gun.  Obviously some of the tools used on the simple plug and play method will also have the same purpose with siamese cable.  The wire strippers will come in very handy when you are putting on your BNC connectors and with combining the 18/2 portion of the cable to either the distribution box or to a 2.1mm plug end.  With the RG59 portion you will want to get a stripper specifically designed to strip this wire.  What the stripper has is 2 different blades that cut at different depths to expose the copper core and the white plastic core shielding.  You will need to have about a quarter inch of both the core and the shielding exposed.  One thing that most people forget to do is to trim back the stranded shielding wire to eliminate a chance for grounding of the image.  With the stranded wire stripper it is important to have one that is good for a multitude of different gauges, this will aid in the prevention of over cutting of the internal copper wire.  The pliers can be used for a couple of different things, first and foremost would be if you choose to go with the twist on BNC connectors.  You will strip the RG59 and the take the twist on connector and twist it onto the cable, having the pliers will allow you to get the connector snug enough to stay in place.  Just be careful to not over tighten the connector onto the wire, it will cause a bad connection.  The second main purpose of the pliers will be if you are using a gel bennie to combine the raw wire from the siamese cable to the 2.1mm plug lead.  You will strip the cable about one quarter to three eighths of an inch and twist the wires together.  You will then slide the bennie over the twisted wire until it doesn’t go down any more and all the copper wire is covered, if you can’t get all the wire covered just trim the tip enough to get proper coverage.  The pliers will be used to compress the bennie onto the twisted wires.  The wire cutters are pretty self explanatory, but they will be used to cut the siamese cable to length and trim the stranded shielding of RG59.  If you choose to go with the crimping style of BNC connectors, you will need a special RG59 crimping tool.  This type of connection is more permanent than the twist on connection and takes more patience.  You will still strip the cable and trim the shielding the same as on the twist on connector, the difference is that you will need to slide the sleeve on the cable before putting the connector onto the wire.  You will then pull the sleeve over the end of the cable and seat it closely to the connector and using your crimping tool set it.  For a beginner it will seem complicated, but you need to practice a couple before beginning the process. Now, if you choose to go with the even more sophisticated but best connector the compression, you will need a compression tool that is specific to BNC connectors.  There are several variations on the market and not all are for putting on BNC connectors.  You will want one with several interchangeable plates to ensure a good secure compression.  You will proceed with stripping the cable just like on twist on and crimp on connectors, but there is one important thing to remember.  Once you have the cable stripped you will want to place the cable next to the connector set the outer shielding just below the treaded lip of the connector to get a rough estimation of how far in you will need to insert the cable before just trying to insert the cable into the connector.  This will help to ensure a solid connection between the center core and the steam (center conductor) of the BNC connector, make sure that the steam does not start to come out of the connector, if it does start with a new connector.  The soldering gun will be used if you choose to not use a bennie connector to combine your raw power cable.  By using the soldering gun you are creating a nice solid connection between the two different wires providing years of uninterrupted service on that connection.  Just make sure to use at least electrical tape over the raw portions to prevent arcing.  I personally like to do a combination method of heat shrink tubing and then topping it off with electrical tape, this way I know that there will never be any electrical problems with my connections.  The flashlight is self explanatory, you want to be able to see what you are doing when you are in the dark parts of the attic!  The mirror or scope will come in very handy when you are running wires down walls, they will allow you to see up the wall to determine where the wire went or what is causing it not to completely drop to where you need it to.  The pull cord is for leaving a string in the wall cavity for future use, I like to tie off a string with any area that I have had to run a cable down a wall.  If you ever want to add more cabling to the area you don’t need to fight with fishing the cable back down.

Category 5 Cable

Category 5 cable or Cat5e for short,  is a more precise installation method which requires more skill than plug and play cables, and more delicacy than a siamese cable installation.  You will want to have a power screwdriver, hand screwdrivers, drill, drill bits, drywall knife, wire strippers specifically designed for Cat5 cable, a good pair of wire cutters, an RJ45 ratcheting crimper, network cable tester, a fish tape or push/pull rods, flashlight, mirror or scope, pull cord, a ladder, and a caulking gun.  The majority of these tools have been covered in the previous installation types, the Cat5 cable stripper is a specialty stripper that is typically designed with one blade that runs the length of the stripper with varying slots molded into the stripper to accommodate different types of Category cable.  The good strippers have replaceable blades as well as adjustable  cutting depths to prevent cutting more than one sheath.  You will typically want to strip about two to three inches of sheath off of the cable to give you slack on the pairs.  Once you have exposed the inner pairs of cabling the easiest thing to do is to take and individually separate and straighten the cables for easier color coding.  The typical rule of thumb with terminating the ends of any network cable is to stick with the 568B protocol.  This is a coloring code that is uniform to the vast majority of the industry.  It starts with 1) white/orange, then 2) orange, then 3) white/green, then 4) blue, then 5) white/blue, then 6) green, then 7) white/brown, and lastly 8) brown.  The numbers next to each color indicate the correlating pin number. if you are looking from the top of an RJ45 connector with the clip facing away from you the first pin to the left is number one and they move sequentially to the right.  The easiest way that I have found to get the cable prepped for the RJ45 jack is to straighten all of the cables, putting them into proper order.  Once you have them all nice and straight in the proper order, I will place my thumb at the base where the shielding and wire meet, cutting a straight cut across.  This makes for a neat and clean crimp.   You only need about three eighths of an inch of cable exposed from the sheath.  Once you have made your connections on both ends, you will want to use a network cable tester to make sure you have not crossed any of the cables.  With a network cable tester, there is a remote end that gets connected on one side of the cable and then you have the monitor which will give you a readout as to if the cables was made properly.  Some installers will have a hand held monitor for viewing the cameras that have this feature built in, this is so they don’t need to carry as many different tools around when they can have one that has multiple applications.

With every installation there are a number of different tools that may be needed to successfully and professionally complete the task.  Having the proper tools will not only speed the installation, it will help prevent any mishaps from using something not designed to do the job properly. My suggestion to any first time installer is to practice making connections before starting the job, it will help ease any tension from problems that you will encounter.


Missing an Accessory for Your Security Camera? We Have It!

Written By:
Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Missing an Accessory for Your Security Camera? We Have It!A security camera setup is incomplete without the best accessories. Many accessories can help your system perform at its optimum level. If you wish to keep your premises secure, and get the most for your dollar, we have the security camera accessories perfect for your system!

Instantly Upgrade Your Current System With Night Vision Illuminators:

One of the most popular and useful accessories is the security camera illuminator. This device allows your camera to function in pitch-black levels. These illuminators allow you to convert your current system into a night vision powerhouse.

Our best selling illuminator is the Weather Proof 250′ IR Illuminator. This powerful component will stay strong during any bout of harsh weather. Snow, rain, and fog will not hinder this illuminator’s functioning. It has a 250ft reach with a 850nm wavelength. It’s dual voltage powered and has 83 functioning IR LEDS. It will withstand any temperature, as it is fully operational at extreme subzero temperatures.

If you’re conditions are a little less extreme, we also carry and indoor/outdoor illuminator at a low cost. The 100ft Indoor/Outdoor IR Illuminator works perfectly with any security camera system. This camera works best with dome cameras, and will function to illuminate dark spaces of the premises. With 114 extra strength LEDs, this mini illuminator is ideal for small and large spaces. It’s long distance reach is also ideal for long hallways and corridors in offices or residences. Being a dome-fitting camera also allows it to perfectly illuminate corners and other hard to reach areas.

Protect Your System With Weatherproof Enclosures:

Rain, snow, and other natural elements can greatly inhibit your systems integrity. The perfect solution is installing a weatherproof enclosure to protect your hardware. The 10 X 12 X 6 Outdoor Enclosure is an ideal fit for those looking to protect their current system.

This weatherproof enclosure contains a tubular lock, gasket, hinged door, and turn latches. It is ideal for mounting all of your supplies in one safe and secure place. It is built with steel in order to prevent damage or vandalism. It’s top-notch gasket is in place to prevent an accumulation of particles harmful towards your system. It’s dimensions are 10 x 12 x 6 inches.

Security Camera Microphones Increase Protection:

A security camera microphone is the perfect accessory to dramatically increase protection. Our Powered Microphone is the best upgrade your system can receive, and it is available now at a low cost. This high powered device can be installed in seconds, and will add an extra dimension to your current system. It has a frequency of 100-5500Hz, and a range of over 30 square meters. This device will record everything you need to hear, all while being discreet and highly effective.

Surge Protection Keeps Your System Safe:

Your system is always at risk of burning out without the proper surge protection. Surge protection allows for an added layer of security against an overcharge of power, lightning, and other electrical mishaps. This accessory easily attaches to both ends of your coax cable, allowing for a drastic increase in protection. Your system is important and costly, and this low cost device will allow it to retain its integrity for years to come.

Reconfigure Your Current System With Upgraded Security Camera Lenses:

Changing the lenses on your current system can be highly beneficial. It will ensure that your system stays up to date and captures the best possible image. Changing lenses can be done simply and affordably. You can choose new lenses with Auto Iris for increased control over lighting conditions. From focal length to depth of field, there is a wide array of lenses available suitable towards your needs.

The 2.8-12MM VARIFOCAL AUTO IRIS LENS FOR PROFESSIONAL CCD CAMERAS is perfect for those wishing to beef up their current system. This high quality and low priced accessory is ideal for ramping up image quality. Don’t be persuaded by the low cost, this lens stands proudly amongst the best in terms of image quality, focus, and depth of field. For larger camera systems, the 6-60MM VARIFOCAL AUTO IRIS LENS FOR PROFESSIONAL CCD CAMERAS and the 5-100 VARIFOCAL AUTO IRIS LENS FOR PROFESSIONAL CCD CAMERAS are also available.

Camera Mounts to Better Stabilize Your System:

A new camera mount can be the perfect accessory for your current surveillance system. If you need a replacement, check out the low cost Universal Camera Mount. This easy to install mount is perfect for nearly every model of camera. It can be placed indoors or outdoors, and will retain its strong composure on all surface types.

For more specific needs, there are numerous camera mounts available to better secure your system. The Ceiling Mount For PTZ-LX700L12X is perfect for the camera model of the same name. For other PTZ models, there is a host of options available. The POLE ADAPTER FOR Auto Tracker PTZ DOME SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS is ideal for those wishing to use their dome cameras on otherwise difficult places. You can now safely attach your camera to any pole in the area of your choosing. If you would like to mount your camera in a hard to reach corner, the Corner Mount for Auto Tracker PTZ Cameras is the ideal solution. This sturdy little device will turn any tricky corner into a secured area immediately. There are also PTZ compatible mounts for areas outside, on ceilings, and for trees. These PTZ mounts allow you the freedom to place your PTZ camera where you desire.

For other camera types, there are many variations on the mount available to suit your every need. Purchase a wall mount for your dome camera to provide extra protection and stability. Try one of our highly rated converters in order to secure your cameras in the most difficult of places. Wherever you wish to place your cameras, we have have the mounts available to help!

DVR Lockboxes to Protect Against Theft:

You cannot afford to lose your DVR system. Not only is the system costly, but all of the necessary footage is stored directly upon it. With one of our DVR Lockboxes, you can ensure your systems protection against natural elements, accidents, and theft.

Vandalism and theft are two common problems, which is why the 16 GAUGE STEEL SECURITY DVR LOCKBOX WITH FAN is perfect for your system protected at all times. This 16 gauge steel product is perfect for keeping your system intact, whether it’s from predators or the ferocious weather outside. It comes with extra durable locks, two keys, and a fan to prevent overheating. The cooling fan and chords allow your machine to never be damaged during use or storage, and will also help against power surges during times of heavy use. There are rubber bumpers placed strategically throughout, in order to prevent against damage during placement. For those with a DVR system, there is a large version of the Lockbox available as well.

To further compliment your Lockbox, there are two wall brackets available for purchase. The LOCKBOX HORIZONTAL WALL BRACKET is perfect for keeping your DVR in an easy to reach location at all times. If you wish to have immediate access to your Lockbox while also saving space, the LOCKBOX VERTICAL WALL BRACKET is another fine choice. Both of these brackets mount easily into any wall surface, and will ensure your lockbox stays secure at all times.

Surveillance Camera Monitors For Continuous Protection:

A surveillance camera monitor can greatly aid you in your quest for complete protection. Ideal for large business where a guard is on watch, or for a store owner to place at his register, these monitors are custom designed for all wants and purposes.

For store owners, or for those who wish to keep an eye on a smaller space, the 17 Inch VGA LCD Monitor is the ideal solution. This product is compatible with all DVR types, and presents a widescreen view for optimal control. Its crystal clear clarity allows you to notice all of the pertinent details, and its small space allows for easy placement on any countertop. For a slightly larger screen, the 19 Inch VGA LCD Monitor is another fine choice. If you are looking for a large screen and the best clarity possible, the 22 Inch LCD Monitor with HDMI and VGA is available as well.

Adding to your current security system has never been easier. There are countless accessories available to help make your security system reach its full potential. Our website has a host of cables and connectors, allowing you to fine tune your equipment, or connect various systems together. Our replacement parts are shipped out quick, in order to keep your system running without a pause. Try out one of our battery packs for an increase in power and control. We carry power supplies for virtually all models and systems. If you would like help with installation, we are more than happy to provide it if you contact us. Whether you are setting up a system in your home, or fine tuning an existing system in a large office, our security camera accessories are sure to meet your needs.