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Study – Security Systems Proven to Decrease Crime Rates

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Friday, April 26th, 2013

Positive Effects of Security CameraStudy - Security Systems Proven to Decrease Crime Ratess Relating to Criminal Activity

Many experts believe that security cameras help to discourage crime where the offender decides to take advantage of a particular situation on a whim. This particular method for deterring crime is based upon the rational theory and speculation that people are more than likely going to commit a crime if they believe they are not going to be caught in the act. When you employ a security system around your property, you will have the confidence that the criminal will be rattled at the potential thought of being caught in the act. Since they are unsure whether the cameras are on and monitoring them, they will think twice before breaking into your property and stealing from you. The last thing they want is to be arrested and spend time behind bars for their activities. Thanks to the security camera being in place, the criminal will often walk away from your property and seek out another property that is not as protected.

CCTV systems help to reduce the likelihood of a crime being committed. It helps to thwart the criminal by increasing the chance that they are going to be caught in the act. People who are not thinking about criminal activity will tend to stay in an area with ample security in place. They want to help minimize the chance of their property being broken into or vandalized. The peace of mind that comes with these protected environments is something that you simply cannot put a price on. Properly applying a security system helps to deter any criminals and reduce the rate of crime in the area.

You can help to save yourself a significant amount of time and energy during the investigation and prosecution process. Using the footage from your security system allows the law enforcement officials to do their job quickly and easily. Quality videos help to identify the suspect and provide authorities with the evidence they need to locate the person responsible for the crime. Law enforcement officials say that CCTV footage is as meaningful as the changes that erupted with the DNA technology because it is able to catch the suspect and provide them with the evidence they need in the case.

Using a CCTV system throughout the courtrooms have proven to be effective in clearing someone who was wrongly accused of committing a crime. Security footage is changing the manner in which people are convicted of crimes when presented in the courtroom. Once someone is aware of the fact that they have been caught committing the offense on camera, they will normally enter into a plea agreement and confess to the act. When you have quality security footage in place, you will be able to see the crime take place from the beginning to the end. This is great for being able to illustrate the exact nature of the crime. Video evidence is a great way to demonstrate just how severe the crime really was. It could provide the jury with the evidence they need to see how brutal the crime was that occurred, which can play a big role in the sentence the individual receives.

If people see a security camera installed around the property, they tend to act better than they would otherwise. They know that everything they do is being recorded on tape, which means that they are going to have to be the one to answer for their actions. If the individual ends up committing the crime in front of the security camera, it will be relatively simple to bring them to justice. Direct video footage of the crime being committed in the act is one of the best methods for ensuring the individual pays for their actions. Video footage is often better than that of an eyewitness because there is no discrepancy in what transpired at the scene of the crime. Cameras record exactly what it is that happened. You won’t have to worry about any bias transpiring. There really is no better evidence than that of the security camera. They have the potential to transform the manner in which society behaves and ensure more people are paying attention to the law.

Benefits of a Security Camera

Choosing the perfect security camera for your home is a vital decision. The peace of mind that accompanies having a security system in place is something that you simply cannot put a price on for your family. Crime rates show that homes with a security system in place are far less likely to become the victim of a burglary. They offer an amazing deterrent against any criminal activity. As you consider what type of security system to purchase, don’t discount how important a quality surveillance system is for your property.

When you have a security system in place, it helps to ward off any potential intruders from entering into your home. If someone does end up breaking into your home and triggers the alarm, there is the chance that they will be able to escape before the law enforcement officials arrive. For those who have a security system installed in their homes, the intruder will be caught on tape. This tape can then be turned over to law enforcement to aid in the prosecution of the individual who committed the crime.

Another great benefit to security systems is that you will be able to watch what is going on outside of your property without ever having to step outside and into harm’s way. If you notice a disturbance outside, you will be able to use your security camera to see who is involved and exactly what is transpiring.

One of the factors to consider when shopping for a security camera is that of the frame rate for recording purposes. You need the frame rate to be able to keep up with what it is that you plan on recording. If you are planning to survey an area that has a lot of fast movement, you will want a camera that can handle an advanced frame rate. For those who end up purchasing a system with a slower rate of recording, you will get video that is choppy and the pictures will take longer to be delivered. If you want images that are smooth and clear, you will want to invest your money in a camera that can provide you with a full range of motion functions. Even though the end choice is yours, you will want to choose something that is going to meet your needs in security systems.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Security Cameras

In today’s world, crime rates are on the rise at such a pace that people are worried about how to keep their homes safe. CCTV systems allow you to monitor your home without having to be in the direct vicinity to see what is happening. A security camera can record everything that occurs in the area and store it onto the DVR. The DVR has its own hard drive like that of a computer, so you will be able to access the surveillance footage at any time. You have the option of accessing your footage through the Internet or on your mobile phone. Commercial buildings and stores are installing the latest in security cameras to help protect their belongings. They want to be able to monitor everything that happens when they are away and monitor their employees. These items are essential to those who are on the road travelling for work.

If you are away from the business, you will be able to monitor everything at the touch of a button. All it takes is a moment of your time to monitor your business, children and home while you are away. Accessing footage from an Internet device has never been as easy as it is today. Due to all of these security cameras, people are able to have the peace of mind they need in knowing that their belongings are being monitored around the clock in their absence.

As you prepare to purchase your security camera, you will want to make sure that it can handle your request with ease. You don’t have to opt for one of the most lavish models on the market, but you do want something that can do the job correctly. There are countless camera options online, so take the time to browse through all of the different features and see what they have for you. Since new models are always entering into the marketplace, you will be able to find an accurate description on what it is that the system has to offer you. Make sure that you choose something that you feel comfortable installing or have a professional ready to tackle the project for you. Ensure the camera has ample video quality to handle what it is that you desire.

Security systems play a vital role in the prevention of crime around you. Since the number of people who are unemployed continues to rise, more and more crime is taking place on a regular basis. Installing a security camera around your property will help to provide you with the level of protection you desire. Not only will your family be protected, but also so will all of your assets. Security systems serve the role of deterring any criminal activity from transpiring.

For some homeowners, they fail to understand the importance of protecting everything that they have worked so hard for over the years. They assume that nothing will ever happen to them, but there is no way to guarantee that. Even though you want to trust that everything is going to be okay, the best thing you can do is to take the proper measures to ensure you are not leaving anything to chance. If you leave yourself open to an attack, you never know how much or when criminal activity will occur. Thousands of homeowners are taken advantage of on a regular basis. Don’t let yourself be one of those individuals who have everything they worked hard for taken from them.

Ensure you are safe and secure inside of your home with a traditional security system in place. Statistics show just how much of a difference it can make in the safety of your home with a security system installed. Criminals want to be able to take the goods and run with them. They don’t want to be caught in the act with a security system to identify them. When you have one of these units installed at your home or business, it will make them think twice about stealing from you in the first place. They tend to move on to targets that are not protected to get their loot and leave the home or business without being detected in the first place.

If everyone took the time to get a security system installed around their home or business, criminals would not be left with anywhere to rob. They would be forced to hit the workplace and earn a living like everyone else in the country. If they did decide to steal from someone, the whole crime would be caught on tape. These individuals would be left facing the consequences of their actions for years to come. The more they try to partake in activities that are inappropriate, the more they are going to have to face the consequences of their actions. In the end, they are going to be stuck sitting behind bars for an extremely long time. Prevent the potential of your home or business becoming a victim and do everything you need to in order to ensure your belongings and loved ones are free from harm and destruction. In the end, you will be able to have the peace of mind you desire for your home and business. Nothing can replace the relief and satisfaction in knowing that you and all of your belongings are protected around the clock.


Hurricane Proof Durable Outdoor Security Systems

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Friday, April 19th, 2013

Hurricane Proof Durable Outdoor Security SystemsThe purchase and installation of security surveillance equipment for homes and businesses can represent a significant investment, and the prospect of seeing often-costly equipment damaged or destroyed by inclement weather can be heart-wrenching. Home and business owners reasonably expect a return on such investments, at the very least in the form of their continued functioning over the course of many years. Typically, security and surveillance devices, and other home and business security equipment is somewhat durable, but many consumers have questions and concerns relative to the climates and environments in which they live and do business. No prospective purchaser wishes to learn, after the fact, that cameras and recording devices are too sensitive to rain, wind, heat or cold to last very long, and would be wise to do their due diligence prior to making investments in the security of their homes or businesses.

The state of Florida is a great example when it comes to the long life and durability of security equipment. Florida experiences sweltering temperatures, sometimes even in the depths of winter, with afternoon temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit common during the spring, summer and fall months. Temperatures in the nineties during winter months are not altogether uncommon, and many prospective purchasers of new security systems for homes and businesses may wish to be assured that these drastic temperatures will not adversely effect the functioning or longevity of their equipment. Thankfully, security and surveillance manufacturers know that variables such as temperature must be accounted for, and take steps to insure that their products will provide long-lasting service to consumers in varying climates and conditions.

Another concern for residents and business owners in the South, and particularly in the state of Florida, is hurricanes. While many long-term residents of the sunshine state treat hurricanes as an excuse to enjoy days off from work and school, throwing hurricane parties and gathering with friends and family to observe the dramatic climatic effects, hurricanes can and do cause damages to property counted in the billions of dollars. The often-unpredictable storm surges, high winds, gusting rains and even such horrors as tornadoes and cyclones destroy properties in broad swaths across the sunshine state, leaving many families homeless, ruining businesses and making insurance an incredibly costly purchase. Seeing roofs, automobiles, livestock, trees and other personal property damaged and destroyed on annual basis causes many consumers to be wary about the purchase and installation of costly security additions to homes and businesses.

Security and surveillance monitoring equipment is often installed out of doors and as such needs to be sturdy and able to withstand considerable inclement weather conditions. With winds gusting strongly enough to lift and move cars and tractor trailers great distances, sometimes dropping them miles away from their point of origin, outdoor installations need to be designed to withstand considerable winds and considerable impacts with flying debris. Most surveillance cameras are mounted very securely to existing structures, bolted firmly to the sides of building and light or telephone poles, and are designed to stay in place and continue to function at 100% efficiency even during the strongest of gusting winds. It can be astonishing to see large, heavy objects being lifted and moved by hurricane winds, and no Florida resident or business owner installs outdoor fixtures without considering how they might withstand the exciting annual weather that the sunshine states experiences.

Hurricane Proof Durable Outdoor Security SystemsFlying debris presents a considerable threat to persons and property in Florida. Security and surveillance equipment is no exception to this rule. With winds gusting at such speeds as will lift heavy objects and persons up and in to the sky, many prospective consumers scoff at the notion that security cameras mounted out of doors could ever withstand the damages that accrue to other property exposed to the elements. A quick review of the products on offer, however, will reveal that many security and surveillance cameras are housed in sturdy and durable metal protective sheaves, protecting them from most potential impacts and allowing for continued monitoring and recording of the designated area of responsibility. Any and all outdoor fixtures and furnishings in the sunshine state need to be durable and able to withstand sudden and drastic changes to the weather and climate.

Hurricanes often present criminals with some unique opportunities to commit crimes against property and persons. With a great many residents choosing to evacuate their homes and businesses before hurricanes and dangerous storms make land, their are fewer witnesses and human impediments to the commission of thefts and vandalism. Law enforcement often sees their duties increase ten-fold during such emergencies, adding evacuations, securing shelters, directing traffic and patrolling flooded areas to their already considerable responsibilities. Many homes and businesses are targeted by enterprising criminals during mandatory and elective evacuations as they know that few if any witnesses will be about to catch them in the act. Further, knowing that law enforcement officers are stretched thin in their efforts to protect property and the public, criminals act quickly to seize property, damage homes and businesses, and generally take advantage of the situations that hurricanes create.

Hurricane Proof Durable Outdoor Security SystemsDurable outdoor security systems serve as a hedge against opportunistic criminality, particularly during inclement weather conditions and emergencies such as hurricanes making land-fall. When waves begin to crash over seawalls and other barriers, flooding residential streets, and winds begin to blow dangerous debris about the community, many criminals seize their opportunities to loot and steal without consequence. The simple addition of a security or surveillance system monitoring and recording homes and businesses can act as a significant deterrent to opportunistic and professional criminals alike. Capturing and recording data about the commission of crimes can aid in the recovery of stolen property, and can help law enforcement officers to identify, apprehend and prosecute criminals before they have an opportunity to strike again.

Sometimes, simply seeing a security or surveillance system in place serves as a powerful deterrent to the commission of crimes against persons and property. Knowing that their images will be captured, recorded and reviewed later leads many criminals to seek easier pickings elsewhere, targeting homes and businesses without the simple protection provided by inexpensive security and surveillance equipment. Some, however, either fail to notice their deeds being subject to video monitoring, or are desperate enough to go ahead in the commission of their crimes with little consideration of the inevitable consequences. While deterrence is an important benefit of security systems, some criminals are either too stupid or too motivated to care. For these individuals, video evidence of their crimes can and does lead to their easy identification by law enforcement, and many are apprehended quickly and readily by our police in their efforts to serve and protect our communities.

Florida experiences some very heavy rainfall every year and, coupled with hurricane-force winds, can cause some very serious damage to persons and property. While cameras in general may seem to be fragile and easily-damaged, security and surveillance equipment and cameras are designed with durability in mind. The simple advent of wind and rain does little to impede the continued monitoring and surveillance afforded by security cameras, and many include features designed to protect the important camera lens from the wind and rain busy destroying other, less-protected outdoor fixtures. Similarly, while wiring to other appliances and home fixtures may be damaged during high winds and rain, many security and surveillance systems are designed to work wirelessly, recording and transmitting data over dedicated wireless networks to provide for seamless security solutions during the worst of summer storms. Any outdoor fixture being utilized in the state of Florida undergoes significant vetting by smart manufacturers who know that the value of their products and services depends in part upon their ability to continue working come rain or sunshine.

Security is often an after-thought for many home and business owners. Typically, security systems are purchased after a property owner has been the victim of a crime, and has already suffered considerable losses. An ounce of prevention if very often worth a pound of the cure, and surveillance systems are no different. The simple joy of being able to prosecute criminals who have attempted to harm business and home owners, either through the theft of their property or even when it comes to violent crimes committed against persons is priceless. The purchase and installation of simple surveillance and security monitoring systems should be a consideration long before any person is the victim of a crime, and at low costs, such purchases can be worth their wait in gold when it comes to preventing property crimes or apprehending potentially dangerous criminals quickly. Law enforcement professionals appreciate having surveillance video of crimes being committed as it aids significantly in their abilities to identify and apprehend criminals, and to prevent the commission of future crimes in their communities.

For any home or business owner considering a surveillance system, taking the time to insure that such purchases will withstand the wind and rain associated with Florida’s seemingly-annual hurricanes is important. While most systems will account for high winds, high temperatures, flying debris and considerable rainfall, it is worthwhile to investigate options, compare prices and warranties, and to make the right decision to protect persons and property prior to ever being the victim of a crime. Contact us today to install a hurricane proof security system for your home.


The Strangest Security Devices Money Can Buy

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Friday, April 19th, 2013

The Strangest Security Devices Money Can BuySecurity of persons and property has been a concern for the human race since first they enjoyed persons and property worth securing. Throughout millenia an amazing array of measures have been employed for security purposes, ranging from the ubiquitous use of animals to some truly bizarre devices. Human beings will go to great lengths and employ every means at their disposal to provide for the ongoing safety and security of their valuables and loved ones, and some of these methods have proved both effective and strange.

Human beings have always been accompanied by companion animals for a great many reasons. From their usefulness and effectiveness in managing and protecting livestock and property, to working as guides or serving as an early-warning system for communities and properties, animal companions have been a part of human civilization for as long as civilization has existed, and likely accompanied ancestral human beings long before the advent of civilizations and societies. Indeed, at their earliest, humans tolerated the existence of pariah animals on the outskirts of their camps, canines and others which fed upon the scraps and leavings of early humans on the move.

Over time, these pariah animals were recognized for the sensory and other abilities that they possessed which far out-stripped those of the ancestral humans. The earliest evidence of semi-domesticated pariah animals being accepted as a part of ancient human life is to be found in some ancient burial sites, sites in which human remains were buried with foxes. The sly fox, with its quickness, viciousness and heightened senses likely served as rodent control, threat detection and even to safeguard agricultural areas against animal and human intruders alike. Although these ancient foxes likely served their purposes well in early human tribal and extended family groups, limits upon their domestication led to their eventual disuse over time. They were supplanted by the most consistent and faithful of companions, the canine, or dog.

Early companion dogs likely seemed barely domesticated by contemporary standards, and were probably prized for their viciousness, tenacity and incredible senses as guardians of property and livestock. Dogs were even used in armed conflicts between early human groups in disputes over resources, and were amazingly efficient aides in hunting and tracking game and threats to the ancestral humans. For literally hundreds of thousands of years, dogs have served as humanity’s most faithful of companions, providing safety and security to untold billions throughout the course of human history.

Today, canines enjoy a continued role in providing for security, and are not considered terribly unusual around the world. Other guardian animals, though, have been employed in these roles, and many will seem unusual to individuals. Sometimes this is simply due to a geographic or cultural unfamiliarity, and sometimes, the animals used for security purposes are indeed somewhat bizarre.

On farms and agricultural holdings around the world, some unusual animals provide security and safety to livestock and property. Donkeys are prized for their tenacious devotion to herds of other animals with whom they form intense and lasting protection bonds. Sheep, goats, cattle, pigs, poultry and other herd animals enjoy the security provided by the powerful hooves and bites that the humble donkey will deliver to any vicious predator or intruder intent upon harming his or her flock. Similarly, in South America, the llama fulfills a similar role, guarding livestock against vicious predators, most of whom look upon semi-domesticated herd animals as an easy meal. For hundreds of thousands of years, vicious predators intent upon gobbling up helpless livestock have met their end at the feet of that most curious of guardian animals, the killer llama.

The Strangest Security Devices Money Can BuyMoving away from guardian and companion animals, human beings have employed a dizzying array of technologies and devices for security purposes over the course of their long history. The scarecrow has been once such innovation. Early farmers noticed that birds descended upon fields of crops wrecked destruction, and could lead to famine and death with their rapacious appetites for fruits, vegetables and grains essential the survival of subsistence-based agricultural communities. Yet, these avian competitors feared the early human farmers, and tended to raid crops only when the farmers and their companion animals were not present. By building mock-humans, propping them upon on poles and fence posts, early human farmers were able to fool birds in to believing that vigilant humans were on guard, 24 hours a day, thus protecting essential food supplies and helping to insure the survival of settled human groups.

Today, the scarecrow has morphed, and many businesses utilize similar innovations to present the illusion of armed security personnel operating onsite at all hours of the day and night. Many self-storage facilities place cardboard fascimiles of security guards and night watchmen in conspicuous locations, which at a glance can appear quite life-like, and lead potential thieves and criminals to seek out easier pickings elsewhere. Security businesses producing and selling these cardboard scarecrows do a brisk business providing what is essentially a security tool millions of years old.

Technological advances have led to some very strange security measures in the past century, ranging from the increased use of guardian animals to purely technological solutions to securing properties and persons. In recent news, the Ukrainian armed forces was notable for training, and subsequently losing track of, trained guard dolphins. These incredibly intelligent marine mammals have been trained to guard ships and marine assets, and to attack and kill intruders viciously. Without considerable advances in the human understanding of animal behavior and how to modify behavior to suit security needs, such a strange advent as the modern attack dolphin would be relegated to fantasy and make-believe. Today, dolphins patrol naval yards and protect against terrorist attacks night and day.

Strange and unusual guardian animals abound today. In the 1970s, Congolese army officials trained and deployed chimpanzees armed with machetes to attack and kill intruders. There may be no more fearsome security measure than a pack of machete-wielding chimpanzees descending upon intruders in a fit of hooting bloodlust. Much like the trained dolphins described above, though, the collapse of the Congolese state led to these trained animals escaping in to the lush sub-tropical jungles of Central Africa. Today, video has surfaced of the descendants of these trained killers, who have apparently passed on their knowledge of tool-usage to their offspring, along with their machetes. It is incredibly strange to imagine that, somewhere in the sweltering, humid jungles of Central Africa, our closest animal relatives wield razor-sharp tools.

Some guardian animals, while certainly effective, seem a vanity on the part of the very wealthy, in lieu of more established and manageable security measures. Many wealthy individuals utilize large predatory cats to patrol their properties, undoubtedly posing a considerable threat to intruders and persons belonging on the grounds alike. In Africa, violent gangs keep hyenas a guardian animals, whose huge, hulking mass and incredible crushing jaws surely seem bizarre to visitors unfamiliar with such habits.

Motion detectors must have seemed like an unbelievable innovation at their earliest conception, yet today, in many parts of the world, the motion detector is commonplace. Nonetheless, to people unfamiliar with such technology, motion detection technology must seem magical and strange. Likewise, inventions developed to monitor changes in volume levels have proved to be a strange yet effective means of detecting intruders or escapees, promoting a higher degree of security than has ever been possible before.
A similar invention has been the pressure plate. This is typically placed in or under flexible flooring to sound an alarm when weight is placed upon them, alerting security or law enforcement personnel to the intrusion or escape taking place.

The Strangest Security Devices Money Can BuyTraps have found considerable application in the aim of human beings to establish and enhance security over the years, with some very strange results. While plenty of traps are simply a concealed means of keeping intruders in a location and alerting persons to their presence, many traps feature absolutely diabolical consequences for any person unlucky enough to spring them. The Singapore Sling is notorious for launching a board or wooden stick covered in spikes and nails at approximately head-height towards any intruder triggering a simple tripwire and not having the sense to duck immediately. Tripwires trigger a great many such horrific security devices, and perhaps the worst of which detonates explosives designed to cripple, maim or kill their victims. Human inventiveness and innovation seemingly knows no bounds when it comes to dreaming up new and ever-more vicious means of harming one another.

The most despicable of strange security that money can buy has been the use of child soldiers throughout the developing world. Little discussion is warranted here beyond condemnation for exposing children to such brutality and for using them as little more than objects.

Strange security abounds, and the means to which all manner of technology and other life may be employed in providing for security knows no bounds. Common to all human life, throughout the entire history of our species, has been a preoccupation with and innovative intelligence directed towards ever-more effective and often vicious means of promoting and providing for security. Persons, property, agricultural goods and international shipping, there is quite literally no arena of human endeavor which has not been subject to and benefited from our preternatural knack for dreaming up greater and more bizarre means of security. Contact us today to learn more about unique security methods.


How to Use the iPad as a Security System

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Friday, April 12th, 2013

How to Use the iPad as a Security SystemIf you are considering installing a security system in your home, you might be holding back because you think you will have to purchase a lot of new and expensive equipment. Although there are certainly a lot of great security-related equipment options out there that you can take a look at and consider using in your home, you might have some of the equipment that you need in order to set up a good security system right now. For instance, if you have an Apple iPad, you can use it as a major component of your security system. Not only will this help you minimize your out-of-pocket expenses since you won’t have to purchase a digital video recorder or another device that will allow you to stream your surveillance footage, but it can also allow you to enjoy some of the newest and greatest technology on the market today.

Setting up an iPad as a part of your security system is a lot easier than you might think, and you should be able to complete the steps all on your own. However, following these steps will help ensure that you don’t run into any problems while setting up and using your iPad as a major component of your surveillance camera and security system.

Understand the Need for Home Security Systems

Before you can truly reap the benefits of using an iPad and a security system in your home, you have to understand the importance of home security. A lot of people know that they can use their devices in order to set up home security systems, but many of these individuals do not truly realize how important home security is. However, you have to know that keeping your home, as well as the people and things inside of it, safe and secure is one of your top priorities and responsibilities. This can be a major task to tackle on your own, but a security system that is synced with your iPad can help make it much easier.

The truth is that theft, robbery, vandalism and other serious crimes can occur anywhere. Even if you think you live in a nice and safe neighborhood, you should know that there could be criminals on the prowl in your midst. By installing surveillance cameras, you can help deter these individuals from committing crimes. Even if they are brave enough to still commit these crimes, you will have solid evidence that is streamed to your iPad; this can help law enforcement officials take care of the problem right away, and it can also help you and your local justice system seek justice for these crimes.

You can also install motion sensors that work along with your iPad. Along with capturing strong video evidence of what is going on in and around your property, you can also be notified when one of your sensors go off, such as when someone opens a door to your home. This can help you address a potentially bad situation quickly.

Understand Why the iPad is Right for the Job

Most traditional security systems and surveillance camera systems do not utilize iPads, and you might wonder why you would consider using an iPad for your system. Luckily, however, there are plenty of great reasons to consider using your iPad for this purpose.

First of all, using your iPad instead of purchasing a pricey digital video recorder can help you save money. Although you will have to spring for cameras, an app to run on your iPad and other equipment, you are sure to save a good bit of cash by using your existing iPad instead of purchasing additional equipment.

There are also reasons why using an iPad is better than using a regular digital video recorder. With a digital video recorder, you often have to be in the home in order to watch your surveillance footage. If you use your iPad for this purpose, however, you can watch what is going on in and around your property from anywhere. This means that you can check on your home when you are at work, at a friend’s house or even on vacation; as long as you have a wireless Internet connection that you can log onto, you will have no problem checking out the footage from your home. This can provide you with peace of mind, and it can also make it easier for you to stop crimes from happening if you catch them in the process.

You are also sure to enjoy using your iPad as a component of your security system as well. Although you might use your iPad for surfing the Web or getting work done, you can now use it to protect your home as well. This allows you to enjoy some of the top benefits of today’s newest technology.

How to Use the iPad as a Security SystemPurchase Surveillance Cameras

Purchasing Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

One of your top security priorities will probably be to install outdoor surveillance cameras around your home. With outdoor surveillance cameras, you can catch someone before they ever enter your home, and you can also watch out for vandalism and the theft of items that are left outdoors.

When purchasing outdoor surveillance cameras, make sure that you purchase cameras that can withstand the job. This means that you will want to look for cameras that aren’t sensitive to water and the elements. If you can’t find these types of cameras for a reasonable price, you can also take a look at protective casings that are designed to keep cameras safe when they are used outdoors.

Purchasing Indoor Surveillance Cameras

Although you might not opt to install surveillance cameras inside your home, it is certainly something that you should consider. Installing cameras in the common areas of your home, or at least at the entrances to your house, can give you peace of mind. You can even use hidden cameras if you want to: They are perfect for keeping an eye on babysitters and others who might be working in your home.

Finding Cameras That Will Work With Your iPad

Since you will be using your cameras with your iPad, you want to make sure that all of your components are compatible. Therefore, you might want to look for cameras that are specifically designed for use with the iPad. Some cameras that are designed to stream their footage to computers can also work with the iPad, but you might want to ask a security professional before making any major purchases.

How to Use the iPad as a Security SystemPurchasing Motion Detectors

Although surveillance cameras can provide you with a whole new level of security, you might not want to depend on them on their own. When you use your iPad as a means of protecting your home, you can also use motion detectors that will actually notify you when someone opens a door to your home or triggers another motion detector.

When purchasing motion detectors, look for the ones that work with various iPad apps. In fact, you might want to decide on the app that you will be using before you make this purchase because not all motion detectors work well with this technology. You shouldn’t worry, however, because there are plenty of affordable options on the market that are sure to work for this purpose.

You will also want to determine how many motion detectors you want to install. The number will vary based on the size of your home and the areas that you want to protect, but you should definitely at least count on installing enough motion detectors to monitor the entrances to your home and the entrances to any sheds or garages that might have valuable items inside.

Finding an App for Your iPad

In order to use your iPad in order to monitor your surveillance cameras and receive alerts when someone opens one of your doors or sets off another one of your motion detectors, you will need to find a home security app for your device. Fortunately, these apps are typically very affordable and user-friendly.

Since there are multiple home security apps out there for you to look at, you will need to look for the best one of for your needs. If you already have cameras, look for an app that will work with the surveillance cameras that you have already purchased. You will also want to keep your motion detectors in mind.

Also, look for features that you think can be helpful for you, and try the interface out to make sure that it is easy to install and use; otherwise, you could end up with a confusing application that leaves your mind boggled instead of making you aware of what is going on inside and around your home.

Installing Your System

Once you have all of the components that you need in order to set up your system, all you need to do is hook everything up so that it works correctly. Although it isn’t difficult to set up security cameras and to rig up your iPad so that it can stream your video footage, you should take the extra time to make sure that everything works correctly. Then, you won’t have to worry about your system failing you when you need it the most.

Hanging Surveillance Cameras

Where and how you install your surveillance cameras can have a major impact on how well your system works. Make sure that you hang your surveillance cameras near the areas that you truly want to keep under surveillance, such as the doors to your home and near your garage or other area where you might keep your vehicles and valuable tools. Also, make sure that they are installed in such a way that they will be difficult to be tampered with; for instance, you will probably want to hang them up high so that a thief or other criminal can’t easily take it down, destroying the evidence that he or she has ever been there.

Installing Motion Detectors

After installing your surveillance cameras, it will be time to put in your motion detectors. It is also important for you to determine the most important places for these cameras, so make sure you put some thought into an areas where a criminal might be able to access your home.

Setting Up Your iPad for Security-Related Use

Once you have all of your equipment installed, it will be time to get your iPad ready for security-related use. If you haven’t already installed the application that you will be using, you need to get it installed. If you have any problems with it, make sure that you contact the manufacturer so that you can get these problems resolved.

Next, stream your surveillance camera footage onto your iPad. There should be easy steps for you to follow if you read the information that goes along with your app, and it might be even easier if you purchased cameras that were designed for iPad use. Any camera that streams via wireless Internet should work, however. In order for your cameras to work, you will need to be able to access the Internet from your iPad.

After you are able to pull up everything on your iPad, you will need to tweak all of your equipment in order to ensure that it is all working correctly. For instance, you will want to take a look at your surveillance camera footage in order to ensure that you can see what you want to see and that your picture is clear, and you should also try activating your motion sensors to make sure that your iPad alerts you as it is supposed to. With a bit of tweaking, such as moving your cameras around in order to get a better view, you should be able to rely on your iPad’s security system to keep you, your home, your family and your belongings safe and secure. Contact us today to learn more about how you can use your iPad for security purposes.


Away for Spring Break? Download Our Free Mobile Apps for Your Security System

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Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Away for Spring Break? Download Our Free Mobile Apps for Your Security SystemWhen it comes to Spring Break, Americans are often traveling, sometimes it is just over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house and other times it is across the country.  I don’t know about you, but for me when I leave it is nerve racking wondering if my house is protected.  So, I installed a Tech Vision DVR security camera system with several cameras on the outside as well as on the inside of my home.  This gives me peace of mind knowing that I can pick up my phone at any time and look in on my home as well as receiving alerts from my DVR about motion that isn’t supposed to be there.

When it came time to get a security camera system, I did a lot of research trying to find a system that I would be able to not only see my system remotely, but also offer the applications and support necessary to do so at no additional cost.  I came to find that Tech Vision DVRs have the best features and support out of anything on the market.  The initial setup of the system was fairly straight forth, I needed a little technical assistance from Techpro but they came through with flying colors.  One of the most complex things to set up with my system was the port forwarding on my router.  This is done so that you can communicate outside of the network with the DVR unit.  What I had to do was to login to the router at my home and configure a few settings.  In order for my DVR to be able to communicate with another computer, I needed to forward the http port which is generally port 80.  In order for my smartphones, tablets, and remote viewing software to communicate remotely I had to forward port 37777 and port 37778.  If my router would have had the capabilities to, I could have just put the DVRs IP address in the DMZ (demilitarized zone) of the router and completely skipped the port forwarding steps.  This is a much simpler method, but not all routers have the capabilities to do this.

Now that I have configured the DVR and the router, I am ready to set up my computer, phone, and tablet to remotely view my home camera system.  When it comes to my computers, I have a mixture of Mac and Windows based machines.  With the Mac machines I use the free software that comes with my DVR called PSS (Pro Surveillance Software).  This is great because I can put several different units on one piece of software.  The configuration is pretty straight forth, I followed the setup steps on the website that was for my operating system.  Once the program was loaded, I went to the Config Manager, selected the Device Manager section.  A pop up window comes up and I selected the Add button.  Then I put in a Title and Description of the unit.  I had to put in the external IP address of my home, the easiest way to figure out your external IP is to have a computer on the same network and google what is my IP.  I left the port the default 37777, changed the Type to DVR, put in the Username, and password twice. Once you have done this you will hit save.  Then you will go up and select Device List, then select DVR, and double click on the Title that you gave your DVR to login to the unit.  From there you will want to select a screen to put your first camera selection, and continue adding cameras until you have all you want.  It is that easy and the software is completely free.  These are the same steps that you will do on a Windows based machine as well.

Away for Spring Break? Download Our Free Mobile Apps for Your Security SystemWith configuring my iPhone, I had to go into the App Store on my phone and search for the TechproSS application.  There were two different applications that came up, the Lite and Plus, the Lite version is the free version for remote live views of the DVR and the Plus version offers the ability to do playback of footage.  I went with the Lite version, due to it being a free software.  Once it was downloaded, the configuration was very similar to that of the PSS software.  I opened the program up and went to the Device Manager, then selected Add.  In here I named the DVR location something that would trigger where it was.   In the Address I put in the external IP address of the DVR location, leaving the Port the same, putting in my Username and Password.  Then after I saved the configurations, I was able to select the Home button and then select the Real-time Monitor selection.  In here the screen will show up with four different squares with a plus sign in each, you just hit the plus sign in a square and select the camera that you want to show up in that screen.  You will repeat this for the following screens.  What I did was after I selected four cameras, there is a Star at the bottom of the screen, I hit that and gave these four cameras a name in the favorites.  I then selected four more cameras and hit the Star again with a different name.  I did this so that instead of always having to go in and select the cameras individually, all I have to do is to roll the wheel at the bottom of the screen and it will automatically pull up my favorites.  The cool part about this application besides being able to see my cameras from anywhere in the world that I have reception is that I can add multiple DVRs to it and select which cameras from different DVRs and see them all on the same application.  The iPad app is the same name with the same setup configurations as the iPhone app, the main difference is that on the phone you can only see up to four cameras at a time and on the iPad you can see up to sixteen different cameras all simultaneously.

Away for Spring Break? Download Our Free Mobile Apps for Your Security SystemThere are a lot of different DVR manufacturers out there with remote viewing software, but I have found that there are none out there that offer the range and support that Tech Vision DVRs offer.  Every step of the way I was able to either go onto and checkout the videos section under their CCTV Learning center or call into their Tech Support Department to get help through the setup of my DVR.  Sometimes I had to wait a little bit for technical assistance, but it was far better than other companies who outsource their support to people who really have no clue but to ask you the FAQs that they are given.  Since my initial setup at my house I have done all of my families DVR installs and configurations with Tech Vision DVRs and have not had one ounce of problems that couldn’t be resolved with the tech department’s help.  I will continue to use and rave about Tech Vision DVRs with anyone that is looking for a high quality well support machine.  In my personal opinion, there are no better machines on the market at the price points you can get these.  That with all of the free remote viewing and mobile viewing software that these units include, you would be foolish to try and go with another product just to save a buck.