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Alarm System vs. Camera System

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Monday, September 15th, 2014

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I often get asked by my clients if they should get a camera system or an alarm system?  The answer to that question can be complex because of the differences.  Are you looking for a system that is monitored?  Are you looking for a system that can actually catch the criminal?  Do you want the police to respond blindly and not in a timely fashion?  Do you want to have video of the criminal to be able to prosecute them?  Either way you go your property will have protection.  I am going to go over the pros and cons of both.

Alarm System

With an alarm system you have several different ways you can go.  If you have a home that has existing wiring of all of the contacts, all you will need to do is find a company that will monitor the system for you.  If this is a new installation most companies have gone to the new wireless systems, which are nice because the technician does not have to be skilled with running wires or proper circuitry.  One major drawback with this type of a system is that the initial price you will be quoted is for a motion detector and a couple of door sensors and once you add all the sensors and detectors you are going to need for proper coverage the price skyrockets.  Then you add the cost of monthly monitoring and it can get very costly.  Now having a home that is pre-wired with the sensors on all the doors as well as the windows or at least smash sensors on the windows is the way to go.

This is because you know every entry point is covered and you are not reliant on batteries or a centralized motion detector to try and pick up when someone entered your home.

Some people are concerned with their alarm system needing a landline phone for the system to connect to for communication.  This is not as big of a deal anymore, due to GSM systems on both hard wired and wireless solutions.  This is nice because in this day and age people have shied away from the home phone, as well it offers another layer of protection by preventing someone from just cutting the phone line.   There are also systems available that use an IP style communication device.  The GSM and IP style devices offer home and business owners an alternative to the standard phone line communication, giving greater security when you need it.  Whether you shell out the big bucks for a wireless system or have a hard wired system in your location, you will have a greater sense of security knowing that your property is being monitored by someone.  One thing to be aware of with any alarm system is local requirements for alarm permits.  I say this out of experience, if your municipality has codes in place that require you to have a permit registered with them, make sure whatever company you go with files the proper paperwork.  I had a break in at a property and the alarm company did not have all the paperwork filed correctly and the police would not respond to the location.  I feel that this is a way that some cities and municipalities to have extra revenue, but nonetheless make sure you check your local requirements so you don’t waste your money on your alarm monitoring service.

Camera System

With a camera system you also have several ways that you can go.  You can choose to stay with analog cameras and a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or you can step up to HD (High Definition) IP cameras (Internet Protocol) and an NVR (Network Video Recorder).  These systems come  in both wired and wireless configurations.  I only suggest a wired system due to it’s hardiness.  If you want a further explanation of why I feel this way you can read my article Wired vs. Wireless Cameras.

If you choose to stay with the analog transmission camera system there are several levels of cameras and recorders to choose from on the market.  I personally go with TechPro Security Products’ Ultimate Mini series DVRs, because they offer a great bang for the buck.  They give you realtime D1 recording on all channels, audio inputs, and the possibility for alarm integration.  If you go with an analog transmission system, do yourself a favor and step up to 700tvl cameras to maximize the images you get out of your recorder.  Be careful, not all 700tvl cameras are created equal, with Techpro cameras you are getting true 700tvl cameras that have high end Sony chips inside.  I have found many of times that there are companies out there that claim to have the same specifications as Techpro cameras, but when I have ordered and disassembled them they are far from the same.

Now if you are looking for the absolute best resolution in your camera system, I would go with a Techpro NVR.  I really like the mini NVRs for most applications, because they give you the same recording specifications as the full size units with a significantly smaller footprint while still offering the possibility of alarm integration.  My personal setup preference with my IP cameras is to utilize 2MP (megapixel) cameras on the outside of my structure with 1.3MP cameras on the inside.  This may sound weird to some, but I have found in the outdoor application you will be able to utilize the additional resolution for digital zoom on the recorded image.  You generally have larger areas to cover in the outdoor realm than you do in the indoor realm.

With a camera system ideally you will want to have cameras that crisscross on the front and rear of the property.  You will also want at least one camera shooting down each side of the property, depending on how long of a shot it will be.  Now remember not all structures are created equally, so if there are areas that jut out on the building you will need more cameras to get the coverage that you need.  For the types of cameras that I suggest you may want to read my article Hidden Security Cameras vs Visible Security Cameras.

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The Joining of Forces

Now any properly trained security professional will tell you that a layered defense is the best defense.  While a single layer can get the job done, having more layers will ensure your safety.  I say this because as I have talked about with the camera systems having alarm integration, this helps to build a layered defense.  Now there are several ways that you can go about integrating an alarm system with a camera system.  I am going to talk about the basics, but remember you can get as complex as you want.

One of the main reasons that I like a hard wired alarm system is the fact that it makes integration into a camera system that much easier.  For example, with every contact from an alarm system there is a signal wire coming from the contact to the alarm panel.  With this you can tie into this cable and bring it into one of the alarm inputs of the camera system, allowing you to tell the camera system how to respond with the information it is given.  What I have done at my own home is correlate each contact for specific sections of my house to the cameras that watch those areas.

When one of these contacts is triggered, my DVR takes that signal, emails me the pictures from the cameras I have designated, and the application TechproSS Plus on my phone pushes me the video instantaneously.  This is extremely nice and efficient because even if the perpetrator happens to get my DVR, I still have photographic and video evidence.


Professional Security System

Monday, November 29th, 2010

How would you like to have your own professional security system? How about your own professional security guard? You probably have considered this in the past for your home or business but thought that the expense could outweigh the service. Well, think again because Security Camera King can make a professional security system a reality and used in tandem with our sister company, Digital Security Guard, you can have your own professional security guard with a realistic and affordable fee.

There are cheap digital video security system “substitutes” available. You’ve seen them in home improvement and department stores, the one camera one receiver/monitor systems they sell as a “security system.” While it is possible that these can fulfill a very specific yet limited need, seldom do they quality as a good security system.

A professional security system provides complete coverage of your home or business using digital video cameras and/or an alarm system. Couple this with a professional remote video monitoring service and you have created a rock solid security guardian.

Although a “professional” security system indicates the need for a professional installation that is not always the case. If you purchase your digital video security system from Security Camera King, we offer tech support to help you design and install your digital video system from start to finish. Our technical security support personnel are trained professionals that will help you get maximum security coverage with the proper amount of equipment needed. With our technical support help, we’ll make sure you get the coverage you seek without unnecessary or redundant video cameras.

We offer complete surveillance systems that include:
• 4, 8, or 16 cameras;
• State of the art Digital Video Recorders (DVRs);
• Connectors;
• Power Supply units; and
• Video transmission cable.

In addition, Security Camera King realizes that the digital video system must be designed to fit the application. Therefore, a rigid digital video system, that is a system offered without the option of upgrades and different features could leave you with incomplete or inadequate coverage. That’s why Security Camera King offers you the option of changing, replacing, or adding components and features to our professional security systems. Some of these are free while others may require an additional charge.

For example, our complete four channel Elite Mini HD DVR Security Camera Surveillance System includes four 420TVL high quality color dome cameras. However, we offer a 420 TVL Bullet, our Covert Smoke Detector, or our Covert Motion Detector as FREE upgrades! We also offer other options as well including an audio upgrade, increased DVR storage, and even DVRs with an increase in the number of input channels.

Security Camera King doesn’t just sell professional security systems. We follow up are equipment sales with remote technical support from design, to installation and setup, and learning how to operate your system. While it may be true that a professional security system installer has the equipment and experience to install your system, our systems are designed to be self-installed, simple to setup and easy to use.

In addition, we offer 24 hour 7 day a week professional digital video security monitoring by our sister company, Digital Security Guard. If you currently have a security guard at your home or business or have had one in the past, you know how much more safe and secure you feel. You also know how much it can put a “dent” in your wallet or pocketbook to employ a fulltime security guard.

You trusted us to buy your equipment from Security Camera King, so why not trust us to provide your professional security system monitoring? From our secure remote monitoring facility we can monitor any number of cameras with our nationally licensed and highly trained guards. They can contact you, law enforcement, fire, and rescue or anyone else you desire while the event is in progress, not after it has already occurred.

Digital Security Guard can do this, do it well, and do it affordably. We offer a flexible, per camera/ per hour pricing structure that makes professional security system monitoring possible for residential as well as commercial applications, including entrance/exit access control.

So if you’re looking for the complete professional security system, come to Security Camera King and look no more. If you’re looking for complete professional security system monitoring, come to Digital Security Guard and let us look for you.