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Why Security Cameras Are the Best Business Investment You’ll Ever Make

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Monday, January 13th, 2014

business surveillance cameras

Starting a business is extremely difficult. You have an idea of a product, service, or delivering both in a new way. You have worked out how to execute the new business to be profitable. Either you or another 3rd party company has done the research to find your niche in the marketplace. Finding the best location for a business is critical in any business open to the public. It needs to be visible on a major road with easy access to get into and out of. Then getting the location renovated and redecorated to the theme of the new business all costs money and lots of it. Don’t forget about permits and licenses to operate, since the government always gets their cut. Now you have tools and inventory to purchase before opening the doors. Finding the right employees and training them takes more time and money. Up to this point you as the owner have a very large investment in your new baby, so can you really afford to take a lock and key approach to protecting your new business? I think not.

As a society we have many methods to protect our businesses. Law enforcement and threat of imprisonment has been the standard forever. As a prevention method they do not do well. In most instances law enforcement springs into action after something has already happened. That is too late for many people. In some cases if no one is there to see the crime committed it is difficult to even get an arrest. Then in many cases a criminal will get off on a technicality. A common technicality would be the accused having a “witness” seeing them elsewhere at the time of the crime. The prosecution can only attack credibility to try to sway opinion of the judge and jury. In a jury trial that has some affect. If the trial is only by judge facts are typically only considered and will be ruled on accordingly. If there is a lack of evidence getting a conviction will be next to impossible. If a picture is worth a 1000 words, a video is worth peace of mind.

Security cameras offer a level of protection that has not been available to the small business. Cameras have come a long way from ten years ago. It used to be the only way you could really identify a person was if you actually knew and saw that person on a regular basis. Now cameras have such a crisp picture that you can run them through facial recognition software and the police can identify the person. Being able to expand on the amount of TV lines in a camera has improved the resolution of the image. Another technology wide dynamic range (WDR) allows the CCTV camera to adjust to light conditions. Thereby allowing more light to enter the iris and delivering a crisper image. Backlight compensation adjusts to light that is behind an object being recorded so the object is illuminated instead of appearing dark. All recording devices are susceptible to interference or noise on the signal. Digital noise reduction (DNR) technology reduces scattered light and electromagnetic interference on the video feed. DNR filters out the external interference from other sources thereby improving overall picture quality. Vary-focal lenses create the zoom feature on cameras. With Vary-focal a camera can be used at greater distances to monitor an area of interest.

CCTV cameras are very good in doing the same thing as an armed guard. When in plain sight people know they are on camera. These people will think twice before acting unethically forcing them to take their criminal intentions elsewhere. The best part about cameras is they don’t need breaks. They do not go home at the end of the day. 24 hours a day they record what is happening. There is no bias in what is recorded ensuring no prejudice one way or the other. Just as guard on duty lets people know we are watching, you will be caught, and you will be turned into law enforcement. Security camera systems put the fear of being caught back in the front of people’s minds. Audio microphones are now available in addition to the cameras provide you the ability to listen in on anything that is happening inside your business. Just like the cameras they can be used almost anywhere. This takes you from the digital age to the age of knowledge.

These new technologies implemented in CCTV cameras give you the owner the ability to seek damages against unscrupulous customers and employees. The better images deliver undisputed proof of malicious actions. This data can be used with local law enforcement as evidence in court to recover losses. As much you want to believe you hired the right people bad apples always slip through, and will cause damage to your company instead of making it better. Solid video images give you the ability to take action for compensation from theft or intentional damage to your property. The audio feed can help add to the proof of intent to damage the company. Whereas before all you could do is question a person as to where or what happened to an item. Now you can say I have you on camera stealing from me. I have you on camera intentionally causing problems in my company. With video evidence the wrongs can be righted, and more importantly leaving no grey area to be questioned. The investigation is simplified to watching a video recording. In a few minutes a determination can be made and you can be confident you made the right choice.

The steps you take to protect your company are as important as the services and products you provide. There are people that have made it their business to steal from others to make money. It is on you to let your customers and employees know that theft and damage to company property will not be tolerated, and has repercussions. CCTV cameras let those individuals know that you are serious in protecting your investment.


Parking Lot Security Cameras

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Friday, March 30th, 2012

Why Does My Company Need Parking Lot Security Cameras?

Parking Lot Security CamerasParking lots and parking garages are appealing for criminals because they provide a source for a wide variety of criminal activity. Car thieves see hundreds or even thousands of opportunities for potential hits in parking lots and parking garages. Other thieves also see parking lots as a gold mine — countless stereo systems, speakers, GPS systems, laptops, cell phones and other personal property are available for taking. Customers are not the only ones at risk. Your company’s shopping carts, outdoor landscaping and even plants and shubbery are also at risk of being stolen in a parking lot with no security cameras.

Not only is a parking lot a potential feeding ground for thieves, but an unsafe parking lot can also be a dangerous place for your customers and employees. People with bad intentions have a lot of opportunities to hide and prey on unsuspecting victims in parkings lots; countless muggings, kidnappings, murders and rapes have occurred in unsafe parking lots and parking garages.

A perhaps less dangerous, but still pesky and expensive problem that often plagues parking lots and parking garages is vandalism. Teenagers and other mischief seekers may find an un-secure parking lot as a great opportunity to vandalize both vehicles and your company’s property.

Although crime can and does happen anywhere, parking lots are particularly attractive to criminals because of their size and the volume of people and vehicles there. These crimes can be greatly reduced with proper security measures. Parking lot security cameras and surveillance cameras, as well as many other security precautions have proven to help prevent criminal activity in parkings lots and parking garages. Just the sight of security cameras and posted surveillance signs are often enough to stop a tempted criminal dead in his tracks. In the event that a crime does occur, proper parking lot security cameras can aid in the arrest and conviction of the criminal and can serve as a lesson for others who are contemplating committing crimes in your parking lot. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but a full-color video is worth even more than that in police stations and court rooms.

In addition to preventing crime and convicting criminals, parking lot security cameras also add a sense of safety and security that will make your employees and customers feel more at ease. Customers who see ample surveillance cameras and other security equipment in a parking lot immediately feel safer, and feel that their vehicle and belongings are safer. A safe parking lot can make your business more attractive than other area businesses that do not have proper parking lot security cameras and other security devices, therefore increasing business and giving your company a better image.

What Security Measures Should I Take In My Parking Lot?

When installing parking lot security cameras and surveillance cameras, there are a few things to keep in mind. Each company’s parking lot or parking garage is different and has different security needs; although all parking lots should have a certain level of security, some parking lots and parking garages require tighter security than others.

A small parking lot in a safe area may only require a few security cameras and a couple of posted signs. Larger parking lots and parking garages require an extensive system of parking lot security cameras, along with other security measures, to ensure maximum safety and security.

Proper lighting is a must for all parking lots and parking garages. Customers who can see clearly as they walk to or from their vehicle, even in the dead of night, will feel much safer and more secure. Bright lighting makes it much more difficult for potential criminals and mischief seekers to do their deeds without being seen. Ample lighting also helps to deter thieves and vandals. A darkly dressed criminal may feel he can beat the security cameras without being recognized in a dark area, but he will often be far too intimidated and afraid of being seen if there is bright lighting in the parking lot.

In dangerous neighborhoods or high crime areas, having gates around your parking lot and having security guards might be a good precaution to take. Although this is often un-neccessary with proper parking lot security cameras and lighting in a safe neighborhood, if your area is subject to a high crime rate or if your security cameras aren’t doing a sufficient job preventing crime, hiring a few security guards may be a good idea. In most cases, however, hiring security guards can be an expensive and unnecessary precaution if you have adequate lighting and the proper amount of surveillance cameras.

On top of these security precautions, parking lot security cameras are arguably the most important aspect of parking lot security. Make sure that security cameras are installed at any entrances and exits so that you have a clear view of every vehicle that enters your parking lot. Strategically place security cameras so that every inch of your parking lot can be seen on camera. Now is not a time to be cheap — be sure to invest in enough security cameras that your parking lot is fully covered.

After installing your parking lot security cameras, be sure to post multiple signs letting everyone know that they are there. Someone who is too quick to look for hidden cameras will often notice posted signs and will realize that their actions are being taped, causing criminals to rethink their actions. Posted signs also inform your customers and employees of the security cameras in your parking lot, so that they can feel safer and more secure.

Along with using signs to inform your customers and employees of this change, be sure to inform your insurance company about your recent parking lot security camera installation as well. Some insurance companies actually offer reduced rates and discounts for companies that use parking lot security cameras, yet another reason why installing surveillance cameras is a good idea. Also, in the unfortunate event of a liability case against your business, proof of sufficient parking lot security can help you to establish non-negligence.

What Kind Of Security Camera is Best For Parking Lots?

Obviously, there are many security cameras available on the market, and not all of them are ideal for parking lots and parking garages. A security camera that is designed for outdoor use is a must for parking lots, as it must be sturdy enough to make it through rain, wind, snow and other inclement weather. As security cameras themselves are often targeted by thieves and vandals, you should also take precaution to protect your cameras. Installing them on light posts and other tall fixtures is an effective way to protect your security cameras from the wrong hands. Vandal proof security cameras are also available on the market. Vandal proof security cameras are designed so that they are difficult if not close to impossible to break or steal.

Some security cameras have extra features and can zoom in or out, move from side to side and more. Some security cameras use infrared technology or are designed to be day/night cameras, providing a perfect picture even on the darkest of nights. There are even security cameras that are equipped with a motion sensor and can be programmed to zoom in and follow the movements of an individual or vehicle.

If wires are a concern, there are many security cameras that are wireless. Some only use a small power supply line, but others are completely wireless due to the use of rechargeable batteries. No matter what your parking lot needs or what concerns you have, feel rest assured that there are security cameras on the market for you.

In many cases, using a combination of different kinds of parking lot security cameras can prove to be effective. Several regular outdoor-use security cameras, combined with a few night-vision cameras and a few security cameras with motion detection technology can combine to be an effective combination when monitoring parking lots.

How Should I Monitor My Parking Lot Security Cameras?

Your parking lot security cameras will be hooked up to a main security system. In some cases, this system may be your PC, but most security parking lot security camerassystems have their own stand-alone digital video recording unit. A digital video recorder records the footage from your parking lot security cameras as a digital file to be watched at your discretion. These digital video recorders, or DVRs, are useful and convenient because they allow you to pause, rewind and fast forward through the footage, just as you can with your home television DVR. Different DVR systems have different storage capacities and it is ideal to choose one that allows you to save footage for a significant amount of time. Footage that doesn’t seem important right now could turn out to be just the tape that you need in a few months.

It is a good idea to put your monitor in an office or other area that is restricted from the public. Keeping it in an office where you or other employees get a lot of work done is sometimes a good idea, because then you can keep an eye on the running footage and possibly notice if something seems amiss in your parking lot. Periodically watch your security footage, even if nothing has been reported. This can sometimes help you to solve problems before they actually occur; if you notice an individual who is behaving suspiciously, you know to keep your eye out.

Never disconnect or turn off your security cameras; it’s inevitable that the one time that you do will be the time that something goes wrong. Keep your parking lot security cameras in good working condition and you will never regret your decision to have them installed.


How To Select A Security Camera System For Your Business.

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Of all the different applications for security cameras, the most common use is definitely for surveillance of businesses. Your business is the source of your income and security for you and your family. It seems almost outrageous to me that every business does not have security cameras.  If you think about the uses and the business that can benefit from surveillance systems, it almost seems like it would be an infinite list. Every business can benefit. Here are just some of the reasons:

– Prevent employee theft.

– Increase employee productivity.

– Prevent customer slip and fall lawsuits.

– Deter theft.

– Spend less time at the office and remotely monitor your business.

– Check in on your business after hours.

– allow a remote security guard to watch over your business.

and the list can go on, and on, and on.

So what do you need to consider when you want to purchase a surveillance system for your business? First, you need to decide on what you want to accomplish with the system. What is your primary goal? What is the secondary goal? What items do you want to cover?

Next, you will need to research the right DVR and security cameras for your application. Will you need infrared security cameras? Will you be using mainly overviews and use fixed lens cameras, or do you need to capture more detail of specific areas or items and need vari-focal security cameras? If you are monitoring a large open area, do you want to consider a PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera which can be put on a tour of a large area ?

Make sure to consider which cameras need to be outdoor rated and which will be used indoors. Indoor cameras are less expensive because they are usually housed in plastic where outdoor cameras are normally housed in metal and are more expensive. also consider the temperatures the cameras will be in. Security cameras can be available with heaters and blowers.

Finally, it is time to consider the DVR. The security DVR will record the video from the cameras and allow you remote access to the cameras using the internet. Typically, DVRs are available in varying quality levels. Be sure to select a digital video recorder that will meet your needs. Consider the amount of storage you need, the bandwidth you have available at your business and whether you need realtime recording. You will also want to consider what resolution you want to record in. Most DVRs will record in CIF (360×240) resolution, some DVRs will record D1 or 4CIF resolution (704×480) or (720×480). The combination of resolution and frame rate is also an important factor to consider. Realtime recording is considered 30fps on each channel. Do you want realtime recording at CIF resolution or do you want real time recording at 4CIF or D1 resolution? Only a handful of DVRs are capable of recording D1 resolution at 30fps on every channel. This is a premium feature that will usually cause extra.

Be sure that whoever you purchase your security camera system from can provide you with the high level of tech support you need. Surveillance systems can be very technical and will often require experienced technicians to get all the settings right.