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Outdoor Security Camera Systems for Schools

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Monday, November 26th, 2012

Outdoor Security Camera Systems for Schools Many older people remember a time when security cameras weren’t really necessary outside of schools, and even those from younger generations might remember a time when only one or two cameras were scattered around their school campuses. However, in today’s world, it is important to carefully monitor every possible inch of a school campus.

Some people might argue that having outdoor security camera systems for schools is a waste of taxpayers’ money, but there are plenty of benefits to having these systems. They can provide a level of safety and security that cannot be achieved without outdoor security cameras for schools, making both children and their parents feel safer about going to school each day. Outdoor security camera systems for schools can typically be purchased for less than many people think, and the cost of these systems is certainly justified due to the level of protection that they provide.

Although many people think that the whole point of outdoor security camera systems for schools is to watch out for major crimes, such as school shootings, or to prevent robberies and other crimes, there are actually plenty of other reasons to install these systems. In fact, schools can benefit in many different ways from the simple installation of outdoor security camera systems, and all of these aspects help to keep kids safe as well as keeping schools running more smoothly.

Monitor Incoming and Outgoing Traffic

Regardless of the area or the age group of the children at a school, there is typically a lot of incoming and outgoing traffic at a school. It is impossible for educators to constantly keep an eye on everyone who enters and leaves the parking lot, but it is important for these professionals to be aware of those who are on school property. By utilizing outdoor security camera systems, school officials can monitor the parking lot from their desks, and they can keep an eye on who visits the school throughout the day.

There are several ways that educators can benefit from watching who enters and exits the school parking lot during the day. First of all, they can watch for unauthorized people who have no business coming to the school; this will allow them to keep the children and the others who are in the school safe. They can also check to make sure that unauthorized people are not picking children up from school and that no one is leaving school early or coming to school late.

Along with monitoring the parking lot, educators and school officials can also have outdoor security cameras installed near all of the entrances and exits to each building. This can help these professionals to keep a close eye on who comes in and out of the school, and it makes it easier for educators to keep an eye on the behavior of those who enter and exit the school.

Watch for Vandalism

Vandalism is more common at schools than many people think, and it often especially becomes an issue for those who are in middle or high school. Although some people think that vandalism is relatively harmless, it can cost the taxpayers a lot of money and can make a school look bad. Therefore, it is important for educators and law enforcement officers to watch out for vandalism in every way possible.

Outdoor security camera systems can help to prevent vandalism. Students who know that there are cameras on campus are less likely to take the risk of getting in trouble, and these cameras can keep these students and other individuals from being tempted to vandalize the school. In the event that someone does decide to damage school property, outdoor security camera systems can help law enforcement officers to crack down on those who commit these crimes.

Have Evidence if Needed
Outdoor Security Camera Systems for Schools
Although it is frightening to think about the fact that even an elementary school can quickly become a crime scene, it is important to realize that crime happens on school campuses every day. Many parents and students alike are frightened by all of the school shootings and other violent things that have occurred on school campuses in recent years, but it is somewhat encouraging to know that surveillance systems can deter this type of behavior. In the unfortunate event that something does happen on a school campus, it is easier to catch and convict the criminal with the aid of video surveillance footage.

Many parents also worry about the safety of their children in other ways. For instance, some parents worry that their children could be kidnapped or otherwise harmed, and instances where noncustodial parents pick up their children from school happen all the time. Although these situations are certainly unfortunate and should be carefully monitored for by educators, they can’t always be prevented. A school that has outdoor security camera systems, however, can help the local authorities to find, charge and convict the individuals who commit crimes on their campuses much easier if they have surveillance footage as evidence.

Crimes against the children in schools aren’t the only crimes that can be solved with the help of surveillance footage, however. From serious crimes to less serious ones, it is always best to have some sort of video surveillance on hand in case something happens.

Get Help With Watching the Kids

Keeping an eye on hundreds or even thousands of children can be a tricky job, and any parent or individual who has babysat or been around children before can attest to that. Although teachers and school administrators often try their hardest to watch all of the kids who are under their care, they sometimes need help so that they can keep an eye on everyone like they should.

Fortunately, outdoor security camera systems can help these educators to keep the children who are under their care safe and sound. Not only can those inside the building help to monitor the behavior that is going on outside if there are cameras, but teachers can go over surveillance footage and watch for behavior. By doing so, they will know which kids to watch out for and which behavior they should pay attention to in the future.

Cut Down on Bullying

Bullying has been a prevalent problem in schools for as long as schools have been open, and it certainly isn’t getting any better today. Most educators work hard in order to keep bullying to a minimum, but there is only so much that overworked and underpaid teachers can do when they have so many students to watch. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible to watch out for bullying, however, and outdoor security camera systems for schools can help educators to put bullying to a stop.

First of all, many students will be less compelled to bully others if they know that they are being watched on camera. Many schools impose serious punishments when students get caught bullying others, and these students will often avoid the behavior if they know that they will get caught. Therefore, outdoor security camera systems for schools can help to prevent bullying from occurring in the first place, which can make schools safer and less frightening for children.

Educators cannot expect the existence of cameras alone to prevent bullying completely, however, but those who work together and use outdoor security cameras a way of catching kids who are bullying others and cracking down on this behavior can often see great results. Outdoor security cameras that are placed in otherwise hidden areas of the school can help teachers and school administrators to catch students who are bullying children in these areas, and they will have the video proof that they need in order to address the situation with the child and his or her parents. Over time, vigilantly monitoring and cracking down on this behavior can help educators to eliminate it from their schools.

Monitor for Misbehavior

There are mischievous children at every age group, and it seems that the need to rebel and misbehave only gets stronger for students in middle and high school age groups. Although it is impossible for educators and school administrators to eliminate this misbehavior entirely, utilizing outdoor security camera systems can help to cut down on the problems that can be caused by these children.

For instance, children who attempt to leave the school instead of going to class should be disciplined when necessary. It can be hard for teachers to keep a constant eye on this behavior, but an outdoor security camera system can help. Not only does this help educators and administrators to keep students under control and to enforce rules, but it also helps to protect the students from being harmed in the process of leaving the school.

Children who attempt to smoke, drink or use drugs on campus should also be watched carefully. Many parents and educators would be surprised to find out how often this happens at schools at various grade levels, but outdoor security camera systems can help parents to monitor for this behavior and handle it in the appropriate manner.

By using an outdoor security camera system, educators can work together to crack down on misbehavior and to enforce rules around the school, and they can also notify parents of any behavior that they might need to know about, allowing them to keep children healthy and safe.

Outdoor Security Camera Systems for Schools Other Safety Precautions

Although installing outdoor security camera systems can make schools much safer places, educators and school officials should also take additional steps in order to keep schools as safe as possible. By combining various forms of security, school officials can ensure the maximum possible safety for students, teachers, parents and others who visit the school on a regular basis, and they can also cut costs by keeping school property from being vandalized or stolen.

One smart idea is to have school resource officers on campus. The presence of a law enforcement official is often all it takes to deter mischievous students and adult criminals with bad intentions from committing crimes, and people generally feel safer when they know that a law enforcement official is on campus. For smaller schools, just one school resource officer is typically sufficient, particularly when other security and safety measures are used, but larger schools may require multiple school resource officers in order for everyone to feel safe.

Burglar alarms should also be installed in schools to prevent people from entering the school after hours. Just as having a burglar alarm in place can be highly helpful for homeowners and business owners, installing one of these systems and having it monitored by a good security company can help to cut down on theft, vandalism and other crimes after hours. In the event that someone does break into the school, local officials will be contacted, and the chance of the criminals being caught is far greater than if there was no burglar alarm in place.

School officials should also make sure to keep the school well-lit. Dark areas are tempting to criminals and might seem like a good place for bullies to pick on other students, so administrators and educators at every school should consider installing plenty of lighting in order to cut down on these dark areas. Lights are typically inexpensive to install, and energy costs can be reduced with energy efficient light bulbs, so proper lighting can be an affordable and highly effective way of cutting down on crime.

Lastly, everyone who visits a school on a regular basis should be encouraged to report any behavior that they notice that seems suspicious. Students should be encouraged to tell teachers, administrators or counselors about problems around the school, and parents should also be encouraged to contact the school if something makes them feel uncomfortable. Educators should never hesitate to contact the local authorities if something seems dangerous or suspicious. By working together, these individuals can help to make these schools safer places for everyone who visits them. Contact us today today for more information on security cameras for schools.


Church Security Systems and Surveillance

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Have you considered protecting your places of worship with church security systems? Although a church building is sacred ground, unfortunately it is also a fairly popular target of burglaries and vandalism. However, with a church security system you can deter criminal acts and document them with video recordings if need be.

Whether the location is an urban or rural area, churches are a target for criminal acts, most likely because they may be empty for a scheduled extended period of time. Nothing fits a burglar’s or vandal’s time schedule better than an unguarded building with no people in it at a specified time. As a result, churches often are “targeted” by criminal intruders.

Digital video church security systems can help deter crime and provide police, insurance companies, and courts with evidence of the crime. Digital video security systems have become very popular in the last several years due to their affordable price and wide range of optional features.

Often, just the presence of digital video cameras is enough to deter a potential vandal or burglar. Add a 24/7 professional monitoring service, and your digital video church security system now acts as a burglar alarm as well. In fact, there are many ways to utilize digital video systems as burglar alarms.

A basic digital video church security system consists of one to several cameras, a Digital Video Recorder or DVR and a monitor. The digital video cameras capture images and sends them as digital video data to the DVR. The DVR, which also contains a digital video computer processor, compiles the data into a digital video file. The file can then be viewed on the monitor in real-time (live) and/or stored on the DVR for future use.

There are many types of digital video cameras that can be purchased with optional features to specifically meet your church security system needs. Since a church is often left unoccupied for several hours at a time, perhaps one of the best options would be a camera with a motion detector.

The motion detector is a Passive InfraRed (PIR) sensor that detects motion by changes in infrared radiation in the cameras field of view. The PIR sensor is built into the body of the camera and is attached to a relay that turns the camera’s video recording on. After the motion ceases or after a specified period of time with no motion detection, the video recording stops.

A church security system that utilizes cameras with motion detectors has many advantages. One advantage of this system, is that the motion detector camera conserves DVR storage by only recording when motion is detected. This means that, depending on the capacity of the DVR and the system, the hard disk drive can store several days to weeks of video.

Video files are stored on a DVR in sequence so that when the DVR storage disk becomes full, the drive begins rewriting new files over the oldest files. This gives the user a chance to copy important video using optional CDs or DVDs or even Flash drives. The portable media can be played on just about any type of personal computer and can be provided to police, courts, and insurance companies.

Another advantage of motion detector cameras used in church security systems is conservation of power. Digital video cameras require a power supply usually in the form of low-voltage DC (Direct Current) electricity. The power can be supplied in the form of a wire run from a power distribution center, a plug-in transformer, or rechargeable batteries. In the latter case, the motion detector camera greatly extends battery life between charges since the PIR uses only a nominal amount of constant power saving more power for video capture by the camera.

Another optional feature that may be useful for church security systems is day/night vision infrared cameras. Infrared cameras can record video in total darkness using near infrared spectrum light. Infrared light is invisible to the human eye, yet the camera can sense it. Since many areas of a church are often dark, these cameras are great for video security surveillance.

As you can see digital video systems can make great church security systems. If you have additional questions or are considering the purchase of a system, contact one of Security Camera King’s security experts today on-line by clicking the Live Chat button or call us at 1-866-573-8878 Monday through Friday from 9AM to 6pm est.


Church Security Systems

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Unfortunately, in this day and age even church security systems are becoming a necessity. Many churches only have people inside or on the premises at certain times and/or on certain days. This predictable schedule of appearance can make churches and related buildings excellent targets for vandalism and theft. However, a digital video church security system can reduce the threat of theft and vandalism tremendously and provide documentation of the event should it occur.

Standalone digital video systems are a great investment as a church security system. Not only can they record acts of vandalism and theft, but simply having digital video church security systems deters most potential wrong doers. In addition, these systems are incredibly versatile which means they can be used in just about any situation or application and they are affordably priced so they can accommodate just about any church budget.

Church security systems require very little maintenance or human intervention when operating. That means on the days that there are no church related activities, the system continues to provide monitoring and security services without the need of an individual to be present to operate.

Church security systems can be used anywhere on church property. Cameras can be placed anywhere inside the church from the vestibule to the altar or apse. Their relatively small size does not usually disturb the aesthetics of the interior design of the church. Cameras can be placed in reception rooms, Sunday school classrooms, storage facilities, and on the property’s perimeter to provide comprehensive coverage.

Basic digital video camera church security systems have from one to several digital video cameras, a processor/Digital Video Recorder or DVR and a monitor. The cameras capture the video image and send it via a coaxial cable to the processor/DVR unit. This unit uses the information to create a digital video file which can be stored on the DVR for later viewing or archiving, or can be viewed live.

Digital video files can be incredibly large in size. A digital video is actually several digital photographs taken in rapid succession, usually about 30 per second. A digital photograph file can be rather large in size, so one can imagine the potential size of a digital video file. The processor uses a software or hardware utility to shrink the size of the digital video file without destroying the quality of the file. This makes the file easier to handle and provides for longer storage times on the DVR.

The digital video cameras used for church security systems have a variety of optional features that allows the cameras to be used just about anywhere. For example cameras can be indoor or outdoor models. Outdoor models are just like indoor models except they contain a protective case or covering that protects them from being penetrated by various types of matter. These cameras are often rated according to an International Electrical code standard called an Ingress Protection rating. When purchasing outdoor cameras for a church security system look for cameras rated IP66 or IP67 as these provide protection not only from dust but from water as well.

Church security system cameras can be wireless too. A wireless camera only requires a small wire for its power supply. Normally, a coaxial cable is run from each camera to the processor/DVR unit; however wireless cameras eliminate this cabling.

A wireless camera has a built in transmitter and antenna that sends its video information in the form of radio waves to a receiver. The receiver is normally located in the same location as the processor/DVR and/or monitor. The receiver converts the radio signal back into an electronic signal and sends it to the processor/DVR for viewing or recording. Wireless cameras are incredibly quick and easy to install and provide for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance since there is no cable running from the camera to the DVR.

Other optional features may include:
• Ability to record audio
• Day/night vision cameras that require very little light to produce an image
• Night vision infrared cameras that can produce a high quality video image in total darkness
• Pan-Tilt-Zoom functions
• Network cameras that use the internet as the network and can implement a personal computer to carry out the functions of the processor/DVR and monitor

As you can see, church security systems are incredibly flexible in application and can provide a high level of “deterrent factor” for theft and vandalism. In addition, these systems are reasonably priced to fit just about any church budget.