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CCTV Spy Cameras

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Monday, June 18th, 2012

license plate capture cameraOne of the most important things you need to have in place around your home is a security system. They work to help protect valuables around the globe on a regular basis. There is a huge risk when you think about not having all of your valuables under surveillance. Can you imagine how much money you would have to spend out of pocket trying to replace everything? It is imperative that you address the situation beforehand and eliminate having to deal with the unforeseen consequences later on down the road.

Closed circuit television systems are a fabulous way to be able to monitor the safety and security of your property from just about anywhere, without having to worry about any human intervention. They are one of the most powerful forms of technology on the market, not to mention their sophistication is far beyond what a lot of people might expect. Security cameras are used in government and commercial businesses everywhere, such as in an airport, military establishment, shopping malls and business of all sizes. In reality, anyone that has valuables that need protection can find a benefit in utilizing a security system around their property.

Given all of the sophisticated features of the surveillance systems, you will be able to have motion detection enabled to help save on your recording and storage space. Another great feature is the facial and license plate recognition, which will make sure the intruder is caught on tape every time. Motion detectors will catch things as simple as someone throwing an item out of an apartment complex that might cause harm to someone walking along the streets, which in some areas is a huge problem for pedestrians. No one wants to be walking along as some crazy object comes barreling down on them from above. Can you imagine how much damage that could do?

Facial recognition cameras are more commonly used at sporting events, subways and other locations where there is a lot of traffic in and out of the area. Number recognition systems help to recognize the opening of a security gate, which can help alert the officials to anyone who is unwanted and unlicensed and make sure they are apprehended in no time.

In a casino, the closed circuit television systems are used for monitoring all of the activities that are occurring at the gaming tables around the clock. Some of the systems on the market are able to detect even the slightest movement of the hand and point out any croupiers in an instant. How much better could it possibly get than that when it comes to your business?

With all of the advancements in the storage and replay technology, the cost has been substantially reduced to help allow more footage to be recorded for an extended period of time. You can instantly replay everything that has been recorded, such as a sporting event on your home theater system.

Considering all of the advancements in closed circuit television systems over the years, there are more and more compact systems on the market to offer you the recording features you need at a price you can afford. Before you know it you will be able to have a full security system in place and have everything protected for years to come. Security footage can be viewed over the Internet, which allows you to have an alert sent to your phone along with the live footage. You will never be without the ability to access your security footage, as long as there is a computer and the Internet nearby. Take the time and check into all of the amazing options there are for you to choose from when it comes to protecting your home and your business. No one should have to worry about their safety again and now you won’t have to.

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Basics of Facial Capture and Facial Recognition

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

It is likely that if you get a security camera system, that you will want to be able to identify an intruder that has been captured on security camera footage. This process is called facial capture. Some people also call it facial recognition although they are really two different processes. Facial capture means to get enough usable details to be able to identify the person of interest by comparing facial features. It doesn’t mean the security cameras will identify the person, only that enough detail has been captured that he can be identified. Facial recognition actually refers to analytic software that can compare and match captured images of a persons face against another in a database. There are many interesting applications for such a process, but that is an entirely separate article.

Getting proper facial capture is an important process to understand because what good are your security cameras if you cannot identify the person of interest in the video? Proper identification requires at least 25% of the video image to be occupied by the face. This means that you really need to use a dedicated camera for this process. Begin the installation by finding an ideal spot to capture the face. Usually an entrance or exit would be ideal, but maybe there is a room entrance to something valuable. Once you have found the perfect spot to capture the face details, decide on the type of camera you will use for this process. It is best to use a good quality day/night security camera with a vari-focal lens rather than an infrared camera. Infrared cameras will be taking video in black and white in low light and this could make identifying the intruder more difficult. Since you will be using a good low light camera, make sure there is at least a little bit of ambient lighting. A night light, motion light or something of the like will be fine. Mount the camera close enough to the capture point so that at least 25% of the video (preferably much more) is the subjects face. Make sure to accommodate for people of different heights. Next, mount a second camera in a corner, or somewhere else in the room to provide you with a good overview. Now you have one cameras that is used to only capture facial details and a second camera that is providing the general overview of what is going on in the room. Make sure that the channel that the facial capture camera is on is set to record at the highest resolution possible. A D1 resolution image will be 4 times larger than a CIF resolution image and therefore will provide you with 4 times more detail. Use the higher resolution setting even if the frame rate has to be reduced. The overview camera can be set at CIF resolution rather than D1.