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4 Camera IR Security System

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

A 4 camera IR security system is the perfect solution if you need security or surveillance monitoring in total darkness. Electronic technological improvements have not only resulted in high quality equipment designed for this purpose, but have made infrared (IR) cameras very affordable too.

4 camera IR security system normally consists of four cameras, a processor/capture card/CODEC application, a monitor and a digital video recorder or DVR. The cameras send their video in the form of electronic data to a processor or capture card that interprets the data and creates a digital file that can be read and/or saved for future use. The CODEC application reads the digital video file that is created and applies COmpression/DECompression (hence the name CODEC) to make the file much smaller and therefore easier to handle and store while maintaining high quality characteristics of the images or video. The file is then available for live or real-time viewing on a monitor. At the same time the file is normally saved on a DVR for future use. The DVR is much like the hard drive on a personal computer.

There are several types of cameras available; however IR cameras are specially designed for “seeing” in total darkness. Digital video cameras produce images by using a special electronic light sensor called a Charged Coupled Device (CCD) or a Complimentary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor or CMOS. CCDs are particularly useful for infrared applications because of the sensitivity of the electronic chip.

Modern technological advances in design of CCDs have yielded a sensor that is extremely sensitive to light. This means that most CCDs can produce high quality video in very low light conditions such as the available light on a moonlit night. However, a 4 camera IR security system needs to go one step further; it needs to be able to produce high quality video in total darkness environments. Fortunately, most CCDs are inherently sensitive to IR light radiation. Therefore the CCD makes an excellent choice as an image sensor for IR cameras.

The cameras in a 4 camera IR security system can produce high quality color video when there is some available visible light. Under infrared conditions, the camera produces a monochromatic or black and white video image. These cameras have IR Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs that surround the camera lens. The LEDs emit IR light that is invisible to the human eye but is visible to the CCD. These LEDs act as invisible spot lights or flood lights for the CCD, illuminating the target area images with IR light. Generally, the more IR LEDs surrounding the lens, the greater the range and field of view for the IR video.

There are many useful applications for a 4 camera IR security system. These systems provide excellent night time security coverage for outdoor building and property perimeters. In addition to perimeter coverage, IR cameras can be placed so that they can monitor areas that are normally not well lit in the evenings. They have both commercial and residential applications for this purpose.

Indoors, 4 camera IR security systems can be used to provide security and surveillance monitoring for rooms that are not illuminated. Stores, offices, and businesses can all make use of IR security systems to provide the utmost security without the expense of leaving several building lights on. Residentially, nurseries or baby’s rooms can be monitored in the evening without disturbing the infant with unnecessary light. Rooms inside homes can be monitored for security purposes without the need for lights. Potential intruders can be monitored without their knowledge since the IR illumination used by the camera is invisible to the human eye.

Recent technology also allows 4 camera IR security systems to be networked using Internet Protocol (IP). This means that the system can be connected to the internet so that monitoring and recording can be accomplished anywhere there is internet access. In addition, this also means that via this network 24/7 monitoring can easily be provided by monitoring service companies.

Innovative technology can now provide you with a 4 camera IR security system that can be used for in nearly any environment for any application at affordable prices. The versatility of these systems not only provides for wide applications but for easy accessibility for monitoring from remote locations. What’s more, 4 camera IR security systems require no additional requirements than standard camera security systems.


8 Camera Outdoor DVR System with DVD Burner

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

The 8 camera outdoor DVR system with DVD burner is a popular security system choice for applications requiring durable day and/or night outdoor security and surveillance. There are many things to consider when purchasing an 8 camera outdoor DVR system with DVD burner so let’s examine a few.

First, the 8 camera outdoor DVR system with DVD burner may also be referred to as an 8 channel outdoor DVR system with DVD burner. Usually, security camera systems refer to each camera as a “channel” hence the terms 8 channel system, 8 channel receiver, and so forth.

The cameras must be an outdoor rated type. This means it can withstand the forces of nature including extended inclement weather. Cameras of this type are normally rated as IP66 or IP67. This rating is the Ingress Protection rating based on an international electrical standard that specifies what the camera is protected against. The first digit following the IP, in this case “6,” means the camera is dust tight, that no dust can enter the casing or components of the camera. The second digit refers to the protection against water. A rating of “6” means the camera is protected from ingress of powerful water jets and a rating of “7” means the camera could be submerged in water up to 1 meter in depth.

Generally, outdoor cameras will be either night/day vision cameras or infrared (IR) cameras. Night/day vision cameras have a sensitive CCD sensor that can produce images in very low light conditions. Infrared cameras contain a series of IR emitting LEDs that surround the camera lens to illuminate otherwise dark or no light conditions. IR illumination is invisible to the human eye however the camera’s CCD sensor can detect IR radiation. Therefore, the LEDs work like invisible lighting, flooding the absolutely dark target area with a beam of light undetectable to the human eye.

Also, an 8 camera outdoor DVR system with DVD burner may utilize wireless camera technology. This means that the cameras transmit their image to a receiver using either the 2.8 GHz or 5.8 GHz band without the need for transmission cables. This can be incredibly beneficial in placing cameras in locations that are difficult to reach using cables or in concealed areas. A wireless 8 camera outdoor DVR system will also need an 8 channel receiver.

Regardless of the type of camera, this system will also include a Digital Video Recorder or DVR. The DVR is basically the same device as the hard drive in a personal computer. Once the camera has transmitted the signal to the system, the DVR stores the images or video in a file on the hard drive. Generally, an 8 camera outdoor DVR system with DVD burner will require a high speed DVR along with some sort of compression technology.

Since 8 cameras are producing video at once, the incredibly large file size of the digital video would exhaust the useful space of even the largest capacity DVRs. So, file compression technology, software or hard-wired circuit boards, are used to compress the file size while maintaining the image quality while maximizing hard drive capacity. The DVR saves the image until the disk is filled and when it reaches its capacity, the DVR continues recording over previously saved data.

One of the benefits of an 8 camera outdoor DVR system with DVD is the DVD recorder itself. These systems normally contain on-board or internal DVD writers. These are excellent for backing up image files. When a DVR is getting full, a DVD can be burned for archiving purposes before the DVR begins to re-write itself. Also, another added benefit of a DVD writer is to produce back-ups or copies of certain image “footage” to provide to police departments or when needed as evidence.

Understanding the options available for an 8 camera outdoor DVR system with DVD recorder will help you make an educated, useful purchase that will fulfill your security and surveillance needs.