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Have More Peace of Mind with a Surveillance System

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Monday, June 29th, 2015


Do you want to gain more peace of mind while you’re at home or away? Then, now is a great time to start considering a surveillance system!

Naturally, when many people first think about this sort of project, the very thought of having to make holes in your home to run wiring for a security camera system might seem like it’s too much to learn about or maybe it seems too expensive. But, times have changed since security cameras were first available to the public, and with the right information, tools and products it can actually turn out to be a very rewarding project for the safety and security of your family.

To start off, I would recommend that you locate areas up high near your roof where there is an overhang. This will be ideal for your cameras because it will protect them from all of what mother nature dishes out. When you choose this location for your cameras, it will give you a great viewing coverage for your security cameras and also help to eliminate the possibility of anyone trying to vandalize your new surveillance system.

One great reason for the roof being the best possible location for security cameras is there is normally a separation big enough for cables to be run through which means you don’t have to drill any more holes than is really necessary. Another reason is that with the cameras up high, you have a much better view and coverage for each camera.

After you have located an optimal location for your cameras, and after you have them situated, you will want to make sure that each camera gives you the best viewing coverage of the area they are located. There are Closed Circuit Television software available which will really assist when it comes to determining the proper setup and installation of your cameras. There are even free versions available to you that you can do a lot with. If you plan out the installation of your new security camera system it will ultimately save you a lot of time and frustration as well as make the end result be more of what you were wanting and expecting.

There is another thing that is very important to consider when choosing the right equipment for your new security camera system and that is the Cabling. The best idea is to use the industry standard which is RG59 Siamese cable. This cable has been widely used for the installation of CCTV systems. The RG59 cable has one video cable and one power cable (a positive and a negative) which is what gives it the name Siamese.

At this point you will have an idea of where to run your cables from the outside in. More often than not, your home will have some sort of attic or crawl space which is a great location to run your RG59 cables.

Once you have the location figured out you will also need to designate where the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) will be located and this is also where your monitor will go. The DVR is another very important item that you will need to do your research on when it comes to Analog or Digital. This will be determined with the kind of cameras that you plan on using, and also the type of recording and quality that you want achieve with your new system.

Once you have all of this groundwork laid out it is now time to start bringing the cables into this room. If your cables already have BNC connectors attached to them you are ready to connect it directly to your new video recorder. If the cables didn’t come with connections already in place it’s fairly simple to learn how you can connect them on your own.

So now when choosing the power options for your new system you have a few options available to you.  There are options which make the install very clean looking or options that seem to have a little more wires which could provide more options later on if you chose to add on to your system later on. A great method is to get a power supply box and then plug all of the power lines into here which makes it great because now you’d only have one line needing to go to an outlet, which makes for a much cleaner looking installation as well. Do not forget about your monitor which will need power as well. Once you have completed this task the next thing to do would be to power up these components.

Utilizing a power supply box as mentioned above can save you in the long run a lot of time and possible frustration, because all of your power is centralized to only one outlet versus many. And, if there was an issue it is easier and quicker to diagnose and correct the issue.

If you now have your cabling run and the power connected you can power up your monitor and DVR and start playing around with the many functions and options available to you. One of the best options is being able to set your DVR to start recording when it detects motion, which can save you valuable recording space on your hard drive(s). You can also set up your recorder to continuously record during specific times of the day or night, and most DVRs have the ability to send you email or text message alerts when it detects motion. There are Apps available to you that make most all of these options simple and easy for you.

These days most people have smartphones, a computer or a laptop which makes it easy for you to be able to remotely view your new camera system from anywhere in the world that your phone or computer has an internet connection.

This makes for a better vacation away from home with the family or if you have to be away on business, but your family is at home. You now have more peace of mind being able to remotely view your new security camera system from anywhere.

If installing your own security camera surveillance system is not for you, then hire a professional. You can find out more about our professional security camera installations here.


Taking the Confusion out of a Security Camera System

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Wednesday, June 10th, 2015


So, you want a new Security Camera System for your home or business. Or, you just need to update an existing one but you don’t know exactly where to start. Here is a simple and useful checklist/flowchart that will take you step by step to help you determine the best plan of attack to tackle your Security Camera System needs.

Maybe you have an existing analog CCTV system using D1 or 960H cameras with standard coaxial cable.

Do you have an existing security system?


For years, the standard has been RG59 coaxial cable with BNC connectors to hook up your CCTV system. Today, many newer homes and businesses have been or are being wired with CAT5, CAT5E or even CAT6.

Do you have any existing usable cable?


You have options! The next step depends on your budget and what your ultimate goal is. The best case scenario is that you have an existing CAT5/5E/6 infrastructure since that will allow you to use the latest technology and continue to grow. If you’re not pre-wired with network cable and don’t want to break the bank running new CAT5/5E/6 cable all over your property, then hopefully you have RG59/RG6 coaxial cable. If you have no cable and need to start from scratch, I’m going to suggest that you do it right the first time and have CAT6 cable installed since applications running at 1GB/s are already putting strains on the bandwidth capabilities of CAT5E.

With existing or new CAT5/5E/6, your best choice for a recording device will be an NVR (aka Network Video Recorder). You would use an NVR along with IP network cameras. The NVR uses your local network to send and receive data and is ideal for remotely monitoring your surveillance system from your computer, tablet, or smart phone all while recording to a hard drive. Because IP cameras are on the cutting edge of surveillance technology, your security system, anchored by a quality NVR allows you to include new cameras with more advanced features. While most IP cameras and NVRs are compatible, you should always check with your surveillance system supplier to ensure all of your products will work together properly. In case you didn’t already know, when using an NVR and IP cameras, you have the ability to power your cameras through the network cable! This is an excellent benefit that eliminates the need to run an additional 18/2 power cable. We have packages like this 8 channel NVR with built in POE that are ready to plug in and go!


Do you have coaxial cable? Ideally you would have RG6 coax cable since the larger conductor, thicker dielectric insulation and aluminum braid shielding help to more effectively handle Ghz level signals. If you don’t and have an older CCTV system and you have been using RG59 coaxial, you have a couple of options. First, confirm that you have continuity in your coaxial cable runs. Once you’ve done this, you can choose between a few options for DVR’s.


The first option is a standard analog DVR or Digital Video Recorder that records at a 960H resolution (960×480). These are still widely used and are considered a reliable option due in part to the stability of the software (usually Linux) that is embedded in the chip. Capable of achieving resolutions up to 960H, this is an inexpensive upgrade from traditional D1 systems. The images are saved directly to a hard drive that we install before shipping when you purchase a hard drive along with your DVR. We’ll help you choose the number of channels (4-32) of the DVR that you need depending on the size of your property, what kind of coverage you want/need and any future expansion plans! A great place to start is with this complete 8 channel 960H DVR System!


Option number two is one of the newest and most interesting technologies called High Definition Composite Video Interface or HDCVI for short! The HD-CVI DVRs are capable of achieving resolutions up to 1080p and frame rates up to 30fps. This is the best choice if you want higher resolution images without having the expense of running CAT5/5E/6 cable. HDCVI technology helps you to realize multiple signal technology over one cable with video, audio and control signals all through the same coax cable! On top of that, HDCVI allows for longer distance cable runs (1600 feet or more) with no need for repeaters! HDCVI DVR’s MUSTuse HDCVI technology cameras made specifically to be used with them. Take a look at this complete 8 channel 1080p HDCVI package.


Last in your choice for DVRs are the MOTHER OF ALL DVRs…the Hybrid or the Tribrid! The Hybrid gives you the best of both worlds. You can combine 960H analog AND IP Network technologies for the most flexible system available. Along with all of the best features of both technologies, the coolest feature by far is the ability to DOUBLE the amount of cameras you can record (not available on all DVR’s/NVRs). That’s right! With the 16 channel HYBDVR-FE016-DH-160 you can record 16 analog cameras AND 16 IP cameras simultaneously if you choose! While the Tribrid doesn’t give you the ability to double the channels, it steps it up another notch and gives you the option of HDCVI in addition to Analog and IP Network.


You know what type of cable you have and what your choices are for a recording device. Now you need to figure out how many cameras you are going to need. With Google Maps we can see an aerial view of your property and we can help you decide the best placement of cameras to give you the maximum coverage! As far as choosing the type…THAT can be overwhelming! But, when you choose our products, we will help you every step of the way and that includes deciding on camera types and options like bullets, domes, indoor, outdoor, PTZ, auto-tracking, night vision (IR), WDR, varifocal zoom, etc. etc.

Let’s pick some cameras!

You’ll be utilizing CAT5/5E/6 cable so you’ll be using an NVR and you will need to purchase IP Network Cameras. As I said before, the choices can be overwhelming but unlike the soda aisle with ten different types of the same brand, you don’t have to make uninformed choices! Let’s see what type of options you have.

IP Bullet Cameras


  1. With Bullet Cameras you have to choose whether these will be indoor or outdoor. The most important thing to look for is an IP66 rating. A camera that has that rating can be used indoor and outdoor and will be protected against the elements. The price difference is almost negligible so I would recommend getting cameras that can be used indoor or outdoor like our very reasonably priced 1.3MP IPOB-EL1MPIR50.
  2. You should choose whether you want to be able to see at night and at what distance. We have bullet cameras that have IR (Infrared) night vision capabilities so you can better identify intruders at night or in poorly lit areas. We have cameras, like our IPOB-TP2MP250L660-W that can see up to 250’ in the dark!
  3.   Your lens is also another aspect to consider. Do you want a fixed lens or do you want the ability to zoom in on objects? We offer varifocal bullet cameras that can be adjusted directly at the camera and we also offer motorized bullets like our IPOB-EL3IR100ML-D2 that is controlled right through your browser.
  4. There are other considerations like ONVIF compatibility, color, etc. but the above three are the most important.

IP Dome Cameras


  1. Dome Cameras give you options as well but there are a few different things to consider when using Domes. Again, look for that IP66 rating and that will ensure that you can use that camera inside or out! Consider our top-quality but inexpensive IPOD-EL1MPIR50-E as a great starting point.
  2. Do you want to be able to view people more clearly at night? You’ll want a Dome with IR (Infrared) night vision capabilities and the bad guys won’t be able to hide. See what 100’ of IR and 3MP looks like with our IPVD-EL3MPIR100!
  3. You can get fixed or varifocal lenses that will let you adjust the zoom from the camera. If you hate getting up on a ladder you might want to consider a camera like our IPVD-EL3MP100ML2812 that allows you to adjust the zoom from your browser.
  4. All of the things discussed previously like ONVIF compatibility, color, etc. are all still options but with domes you should also consider whether you want a standard turret style that has glass over the lens or a vandal proof Dome rated at IK10 which protects against a 22 pound object dropped from 15¾” in height.

IP PTZ Cameras


  1. With IP PTZ Cameras, you have control! You have control of what you see because this camera has the ability to PAN, TILT and ZOOM in on a subject! Yes, they can be more expensive, but if security is your main concern then you should consider a PTZ and we have them starting at $529 for the IPPTZ-EL2L12X-Mini-i
  2. Just like the Bullet and Dome cameras, you will have the option of IR so you can see images in total darkness!
  3. The zoom function on the PTZ camera allows you to zoom into objects AND move from side to side and up and down! The full feature IPPTZ-EL1MPIR250L20X is a 1.3MP PTZ with 250’ of IR and 20X zoom that won’t break the bank.
  4. You still have options including the option of Auto Tracking that tracks a moving object upon entering the frame. Check this beauty out IPPTZ-EL2IR2L30X-AT!

You have RG59 or RG6 coaxial cable and you have a choice between Analog and CVI. Either way, we have pre-designed systems ready to ship or a helpful staff that will guide you through everything you need to know to help you make an informed decision based on your needs!

Analog Bullet Cameras


  1. The Analog Bullet Cameras are similar in design and construction methods so continue to make sure that they have that IP66 rating. We have bullets ranging in price from $19.34 for a special purchase that we made so stock up on the ELI-AN3-EB54-49R .
  2. The picture quality of these bullets measures in terms of TVL (TV Lines) which is the line density where the camera is no longer able to reproduce individual lines. The higher the number…the better the picture! The highest we currently have available is the OB-CM800IR50-W.
  3. Keep in mind that you will need to have existing power cable running with the coaxial cable or you will need to run an additional 18/2 power cable!

Analog Dome Cameras


  1. Our Analog Dome Cameras have you covered from 600TVL – 1200TVL. Take a look at our 1200TVL Vandal Resistant Dome that is only $44.95!
  2. You can get Domes with up to 100’ of IR and a top quality 1/3” SONY Image Sensor for under $100 with a varifocal zoom lens when you purchase our OD-LX700IR100L2812-W!
  3. Remember everything we’ve previously discussed and if you’re ever been baffled by all of the lingo, check out our online CCTV FORUM for answers 24/7.

Analog PTZ Cameras


  1. If you need to monitor your security system and want some of the most amazing detail that you can get, the PTZ with up to 36x zoom is for you!
  2. We have PTZ Cameras with no IR that you can use for the hard to see areas of your retail store starting at only $499.00!
  3. You will be amazed at the detail and quality of these images like the 23x PTZ-EL700IRL23X-D2. Imagine how helpful crisp, clear images will be if you ever need to turn them over to the police!

That covers standard analog cameras over coaxial cable! Now let’s check out some HDCVI cameras and remember, these MUST be used with HDCVI DVR’s!


  1. The HDCVI Bullet Cameras utilize the HDCVI technology that allows you to get HD quality over coaxial cable. Check out these tiny bullets that have a 720p resolution for only $59.95 CVIOB-EL1MPIR50-E
  2. HDCVI is a specially developed technology that only works with HDCVI compatible DVRs. MAKE SURE you are using HDCVI Cameras with HDCVI DVRs only!  We have a great assortment of bullets going up to 2MP!
  3. Keep in mind that you will need to have existing power cable running with the coaxial cable or you will need to run an additional 18/2 power cable!

CVI Dome Cameras


  1. Imagine 1080p quality images for under $100! That’s what you get with the CVIOD-ELV22MPIR50! You couldn’t have even come close just a couple years ago.
  2. Not only do you have options in terms of image quality, IR distance, etc. but you can get domes in black like the CVIOD-TP2IR100L2812B!
  3. Don’t allow yourself to be confused. Check out our website at Security Camera King and take a look around. It’s easy to navigate, informative and we includes tons of videos! Everybody likes videos!

CVI PTZ Cameras


  1. From 12x to a screaming 20x zoom, we have a PTZ that will do and see what you need! If you think you can’t afford one . . . check again because our CVI PTZs start at just $449 and that’s a bargain for your security!
  2. Imagine a 20x PTZ with 250’ of nighttime IR for under $600 – we’ve got it CVIPTZ-EL1IR250L20X!
  3. Monitor employees, customers and areas of your business where you have limited visibility!

Don’t forget about the incidentals like cables, connectors and power supplies! That’s the easy part! Hopefully you have a better idea of what you need to put together a Home or Business Security System but if you still need help . . . we’re here! Just give us a call at 866-573-8878!


Contingency and Congruency: Planning for your Surveillance System

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Friday, May 8th, 2015


When building a security camera system, it is important to plan out your security layout to include contingency and congruency options. What does this mean really? It means planning for the worst case scenario. Planning for all foreseeable contingencies and running congruent systems to compartmentalize as much potential damage the system could possibly receive in a worst case scenario. When our sales team helps you plot your layout or system, we take many factors into account and in doing so we account for contingency and congruency options in a variety of ways. Our discussion here will focus on awareness of these options and allow for you to consider multiple possible solutions.  This is to make you more conscious and understanding of infrastructure options when it comes to your cameras, digital video recorders, and cabling. Furthermore, these thoughts and strategies can be applied to all your systems, including access control, loss prevention, employee accountability and even some grow strategies.

The first step is planning for contingencies. This allows you to  present the best and strongest defense you can have.  Any good boy scout can tell you “Preparation is key”. Contingency planning is essentially just preparing for the worst case scenario and this can include even the improbable and unlikely. In considering these things, you will find your surveillance system encountering far fewer slow-downs during emergencies. This is extremely important for businesses who depend on their surveillance systems. For example, let us consider for a moment the unlikely scenario of a fire in a secured room containing a safe or a vault. Damaged surveillance cameras could cause a serious hole in your security.  Having this added issue could cut further into your profits than just the initial loss by slowing your routine.  This could be a devastating blow to a business. Meanwhile, having a spare camera, cable, and perhaps other equipment could bring that room back to recovery much faster than ordering replacements would allow.   This would also allow you to neatly avoid rush shipping which can be an expensive emergency cost if your budget isn’t prepared for it. While extremely unlikely or improbable, everything is subject to Murphy’s Law. Even though these events are indeed unlikely and more so improbable, they are still a very real possibility. Having extra cameras on hand or a spare digital video recorder and hard drive, if your budget allows, can benefit you in multiple ways. For example, if an opportunity to expand or grow avails itself, you may have less start-up costs because of your reserve equipment. Contingency planning and purchases can and should include other items such as generators, battery backups, and surge protectors to protect against harmful lightning strikes or power surges and failures. This will allow you to continue working and protect your product when others may lose their ability to produce. The ability to have your system constantly running can keep you above reproach and protect you during moments of vulnerability. It can also allow you more flexibility in your infrastructure as it pertains to organizing and congruency.


Which naturally leads us to congruency planning for your layout or surveillance system. Congruency planning is preparing and planning your system so that it can be interchanged and switched as your operations grows and the shape of your layout changes. It is the art of interchangeable compartmentalization. Congruency planning is best explained as simplifying your systems and hardware to be interchangeable.  The phrase “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is a simple and shrewd business strategy that can be applied to your surveillance system, access control systems, and other security measures. Just as you have multiple computers or point of sales that have the same software and hardware, so can you have multiple digital video recorder systems in case one is vandalized by a manager knowing he is about to be terminated or damaged by an act of God. For example, having multiple small digital video recorders with one or two ports unused allows that if you need to expand or move cameras from one digital video recorder to another you are free to do so without having any loss in coverage.  No fretting, No hassle, quick resolutions to emergency situations.  Whether it be cameras, digital video recorders, hard drives, cabling, it is important to use the same items throughout. This makes any individual part of your system interchangeable with the other. Say you want to enlarge one room and shorten another. Relocating a camera is far easier when it doesn’t matter which camera you move. From running multiple systems to using the same digital video recorders, congruency is an integral part of planning your surveillance system. Congruency is a simple solution for contingency planning and your most effective option.

So what can we do to help? First we take into account your needs when we give you your initial layout and quote. We leave room for you to expand your system as your business grows, from adding cameras to alarm inputs and outputs. Next we provide multiple solutions to your surveillance and security needs. We look at each case and assess whether it is more effective to utilize two 16 channel digital video recorder units, or one 32 channel digital video recorder unit.  We also include simplified solutions by trying to maintain redundancy as much as possible with your camera choices while still recommending the right camera for the right job.  In each case, we carefully plan out your system to offer you the optimal solution for your layout or system.  Beyond that, our tech support is for the lifetime of the product, available to help you adjust your settings and help you set up, as needed. We can also help you with your access control needs and simplify your layouts for these systems as well by maintaining equipment redundancy.  Access control is just another aspect of the field we specialize in, again providing you with unparalleled service and support. We are always here to offer you multiple solutions to your surveillance requests.  Give us a call wed be glad to assist you!


Why Do I Need A Security Camera System?

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Tuesday, April 7th, 2015


When speaking to customers, I often get the question of “why do I need a security camera system in my location”.  My simple answer is that video evidence is the most powerful tool a prosecution attorney can get, as long as the video is of high quality.  Now there are so many different types and qualities of systems on the market.  Remember that you often do get what you pay for.

Now I am not saying that every homeowner needs a “department of defense” quality camera system.  They should have some sort of protection to give them piece of mind when not at their property.  With all of the Techpro Security Products DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) and NVRs ( Network Video Recorders) on the market, you get the ability to remotely monitor your property from anywhere in the world you have internet connection, as long as your property has an Internet connection itself.

Another thing that is awesome about Techpro Security Products security recorders is that with a purchase of a new recorder, Techpro Security will give you a free DDNS account.  A DDNS is a dynamic domain name system, which means that no matter what your IP address is, you will be able to reach your property.  Generally most homes and properties get a Dynamic IP address from their ISP (Internet Service Provider), and now you do not need to spend extra money to have a static IP address.

Now if you are a business owner, you really should look into a higher quality system as it can help to protect your business in more ways than just outside threats.  With any camera system in a business you will naturally help to keep your employees honest.  You will also notice less loss of product as when normal customers know they are being watched, they are more likely to not do the wrong thing.  With a camera system you can generally talk to your insurance company and they should help lower your rates.  This also can help you to settle workman’s comp claims, as you have video evidence of what took place.  Camera systems can also help to stifle frivolous law suits by customers and their “slip and falls”.  Not only can a camera system help to protect you if your location is targeted by thieves, it can help you to keep your costs lower by minimizing your cost of doing business.

I am not saying that cameras are needed on every single corner of every street, but I am saying the more camera systems that are being utilized the less likely people are to do something than if they thought no one was watching.  I understand that the more cameras the government has, the more likely they are to be utilized to police people without really being present.  I know there are shows like People of Interest, where a computer utilizes every camera to locate and track people.  Currently, the government has not let us know this is possible, but I wouldn’t doubt it if they have been working on this technology.  Now the more private systems that are properly locked down, the less need for government systems there are.

When I put my camera system into my house, my neighbors freaked out!  This was a tough sell to most of the neighbors, that is until there were a rash of break-ins in my neighborhood.  No houses in my direct vicinity got touched.  Can I directly take credit for their properties not being touch, No.  But when a fellow neighbor captured the perpetrators vehicle on camera and informed me of what to be on the lookout for, that gave me something to go on.  When I spotted the vehicle coming into the neighborhood, I was able to alert the authorities to what was happening.  While I was informing the police of what I saw, I heard of an alarm call coming in from my neighborhood and I was able to describe what the authorities were looking for.  Ever since then there has been no real crime in my neighborhood, especially by my house.  These events helped to change the minds of my neighbors.

If you want to learn more about our Techpro Security Products security camera systems click here.


Security Camera Monitoring Systems in Business

Monday, December 1st, 2014

The Importance of Security Camera Monitoring Systems in the business environment.

Security Cameras are everywhere. The store, the bank, the gas station, possibly your home, and even ones that you sometimes can’t see. Let’s face it. In this day and age, most businesses whether small or large have cameras. Mainly to thwart off would-be criminals, thieves, and sometimes even catching vandals in the act! More so during economic decline than other times. The truth is, having a camera system in place also covers other issues you have or have not yet considered.

Think about the following example. You own a fairly large production warehouse and you have two hundred employees on the morning and day shift, and one hundred on the night shift and overnight. Recently there has been a few employees who have mysteriously been seen by other employees scheming and trying to switch shifts with others. Now, normally you would have an on-site supervisor or general manager who would catch this type of activity going on, but let’s say for argument’s sake he was not paying attention to that particular section where your employee works that day. You might not think it is a big deal, and it may not be, but as the boss, you have your own vision of how and who you want working certain shifts, especially if you have a production line where your employees have their own specific roles to play on a daily basis. You confront a few of the employees who you “suspect” may be switching shifts and they swear to you up and down that they stick to a strict routine, and never would come off that routine without consulting with a supervisor or you, the boss, personally. Now you’re thinking to yourself as an employer wanting to give that person the benefit of the doubt, but on the other hand you eagerly and anxiously want to know the truth. How can you do this? SIMPLE! With properly positioned and fully functioning security cameras you will be able to pinpoint if a violation is taking place.

This particular scenario may be a little over the top, but these things do happen, and more so when cameras are not in place. Employees are more likely to create situations that may not be your idea of a good decision. More importantly than just a simple violation of a shift switch. Let’s say you are not this huge production tycoon, you own a small food mart with five isles and you have a grand total of 3 employees, one stock boy, one cashier and one maintenance man. Your store front is fairly busy and on an average day your cashier is glued to the register. Your stock boy is loading and unloading merchandise and your maintenance man is swamped with an ongoing plumbing issue. Next thing you know, BOOM! A loud crash is heard from isle two where the milk, orange juice and other drinks are. Every one of your employees hear the crash and run over to investigate what has happened and they find a man in his late forties lying on the floor in a pile of juice groaning in agony and grabbing on to his back and neck. You, being the boss, call 911 immediately not knowing if this man is seriously hurt. The ambulance shows up and carts the man off to the hospital. Now two things just happened in your head. Number one, you are now liable for this man who slipped and fell in your store… MEDICAL BILLS and LAWYERS! Number two, that thought just crossed your mind as it would with everyone who fears that they might get sued, “MAYBE IT WAS All A FAKE?” Now since all three of your employees where busy doing their jobs, none of them have any actual information to give you that would help you prove that it might have been a set up. You are out of luck and there is nothing you can do except, accept whatever the outcome might be. Or you can do one of two things. You can hire a few more employees, one for each isle but no that would probably go over your budget and you would just end up having to lay them off. Or you can go with the more affordable and accurate approach to this certain situation and spend money on a security camera system. It makes so much more sense business wise. You alleviate the problem of an inaccurate account of what your employees DID see surrounding the “event”. Because cameras never lie, and let’s be honest even some of the sharpest people sometimes have a foggy memory. It gives you OVERALL protection; you don’t have to worry if the man was telling the truth or if the whole thing was a big scam. The cameras will always tell the true story. You might be thinking right now, “it could never happen to me” or “unlikely,” but do me a favor and go on one of the popular social media video sites and just type in the search box “Store slip and falls.” That’s right, MILLIONS of scams recorded by people just like you, only they are not “entertaining” the idea of security cameras. They made that decision to protect what they love, mind you, at a very minimal cost compared to what it COULD cost you.

So as a security field expert, take my advice and do yourself, your family and your most precious investment, your business, a favor and realize how important it is to cover yourself for the “just in case” moments in life. You and your employees won’t regret the decision you make to take your business to the next level safely, securely, and successfully. These are just a few examples of how and why Security cameras are essential to the growth and protection of your employees and your business. All in all, having a system of cameras in your place of business is not only affordable, it’s one of the smartest investments. For another article on how a security system can save you from a lawsuit, check out this link.