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How To Benefit From An Auto-tracking PTZ

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Monday, June 4th, 2012

How To Benefit From An Auto-tracking PTZSurveillance cameras have been in use for decades to deter crime and to capture video evidence to be used in the prosecution of crimes. However, criminals are aware of surveillance cameras and continually attempt to circumvent them, by various means. Taking advantage of human behavior is one way criminals avoid being filmed in a criminal act. Security guards and even homeowners cannot be everywhere at once. Therefore, many surveillance systems are unattended, in other words, the cameras videotape without the benefit of human analysis. The crimes and actions of others are being recorded and preserved, but the acts in some cases are only detected after the fact. However, new technology has once again caught up with the demand. New technology shows us how to benefit from an auto-tracking PTZ. PTZ is an acronym used to describe cameras that can pan, tilt and zoom.

Auto tracking is simply a camera’s ability to detect and focus on a particular object. Typically, the camera will have firmware installed that can be programmed to eliminate unnecessary recordings. You as an operator can program the camera to focus on and track objects of a particular size and shape such as humans, cars or even animals. Subsequently, you can eliminate any object based on size or shape. This is ideal when you want surveillance of foot traffic in or out of a building that is situated along a street because, you can program the camera not to record vehicles driving by.

How to Benefit From an Auto-Tracking PTZ

Less real time, monitoring is required when utilizing an auto-tracking camera. You can be assured the camera is capturing everything in its view that is considered relevant to the surveillance operation. Endless hours of editing have been eliminated, thus reducing labor costs. The cameras can be manually operated, as well, if the situation becomes fluid and additional coverage is required. Human operators can take over if the focus of the surveillance changes abruptly. Once the situation is under control, the camera will automatically go back to its programmed surveillance parameters.

Auto-tracking cameras eliminate the need for multiple cameras. Typically, when positioning cameras, security specialists take into account the range and angle of each camera. The specialists realize that while one camera is panning in one direction a dead spot can be created if another camera is not positioned to cover that area. To cover a large area would require multiple cameras. One auto-tracking camera can take the place of multiple cameras, while still providing the same coverage.

Traditional PTZ cameras, while highly effective, do have several weak points. Criminals, in some cases, can trick a motion-activated camera by tossing a ball or waving a branch to move the camera to a different field of view. Although flush mounted PTZ cameras are hard to avoid it can be accomplished with some effort. Auto tracking cameras can be programmed to ignore, small objects placed in their view. In other words, the camera cannot be tricked in moving its lens view to follow a ball or branch. It will however, begin tracking a human sized object, and will automatically focus its lens for the sharpest view, when properly programmed. Once a target has been acquired and the object meets the programmed parameters the camera will record and follow that object. Once a target is locked on, the camera can be programmed to send an alert to the operator, as well. Multiple auto tracking cameras with an alert capability can be monitored very effectively by one operator.

Traditional PTZ cameras many times have an alert system that notifies the operator when movement is detected. Subsequently, this leads to false triggers because, the camera cannot be programmed to ignore certain objects, such as swaying branches or blown debris. An operator once alerted must then monitor the cameras for the intrusion. This forces the operator to search for the cause of the alarm, taking up valuable time. Auto tracking cameras with programmable firmware only alert the operator when an object meets the pre-established requirements.

Where to locate An Auto-Tracking PTZ

In addition to its other features, many auto-tracking cameras can be programmed to ignore certain areas in its field of view. This ensures that the surveillance operation does not inadvertently record certain activities. For example, homeowners and businesses alike need to be aware that recording certain people or actions may be in violation of privacy laws. The cameras can be pre-set to avoid certain areas such as a neighbor’s home or property. Homeowners can position cameras to track an individual or vehicle as it enters their property. The auto focus can also capture license plate numbers if the cameras are used to monitor access in and out of a gated community. Businesses can use the cameras to monitor choke points in and out of their facility as well as loading docks, and parking lots. Access to most industrial complexes is in two stages. The first stage is where employees enter in their vehicles to park, and then they may be required to enter a screening area on foot. Cameras can be positioned to detect anyone enter the parking lot on foot while ignoring the vehicle traffic.

Complexes with a higher degree of security may have what is called a sally port. A sally port allows access from one side while securing total access by another barrier typically a fence. Once entered from one-side vehicles and individuals can be screened for any anomalies, before complete access is granted. Programmable cameras can be positioned to screen for such things as more than one person or vehicle entering at the same time. Certain model cameras also allow the operator to program distance, speed of an object, shape, level of zoom and size of the object. These features allow an operator to identify anything out of the ordinary, very quickly, without having to monitor multiple cameras. Humans carrying backpacks and even objects in their hands can trigger an alarm.

Secure areas in some cases do not allow objects to be carried in or out of the facility. In the past, each individual entering or leaving would need to be inspected by a security guard. Once the human size and shape is programmed, a briefcase or duffle bag or any object that interrupts that shape will trigger an alarm. This greatly increases efficiency and enhances the facility’s security. One security guard can now monitor multiple points where in the past each area required its own.

Auto-tracking cameras can estimate the size and distance of any object, which can greatly benefit homeowners. Owners can program their cameras to ignore small objects such as pets and alert the owners to the movement of their children. Perimeter cameras can ignore animals that enter the camera’s view and only focus on individuals and even vehicles. Ranchers can keep track of livestock without getting false triggers caused by smaller animals, as well. Several camera models are standalone systems that can be left in place for extended periods. The camera systems can communicate using cellular service to send emails and status updates. The cameras can be programmed to cover 360 degrees or only cover pre-established viewing angles.

Law enforcement has used surveillance cameras since the early 1970’s. The cameras main purpose when first introduced was to deter crime in public areas. The cameras also recorded criminals in the act, which aided in their identification and subsequent prosecution. With today’s technology, law enforcement can now conduct surveillance operations on a wider scale, while reducing the number of personnel needed. Certain so-called smart cameras can also identify individuals based on the color of their clothes, body size and many systems can be used in conjunction with facial recognition software, as well. Several models of auto-tracking cameras can be programmed to identify individuals in a crowd, and once identified, the camera will focus on and track the subject. These types of cameras can identify individuals even if they have attempted to disguise themselves. Studies have concluded that a person’s gait or style of walking is unique to them. This allows the cameras to identify individuals even when facial recognition is not feasible or possible.

How to Benefit From an Auto-Tracking PTZ If You Are a School or Day Care Center

Cameras that can be programmed to identify and focus on objects based on size and shape, are ideal for any institution that cares for children. Camera systems can be positioned to identify adult sized humans when they enter the premises. In this type of environment, it is recommended that you employ multiple cameras. One camera would be used to identify larger persons as they move about and another to keep track of the children. The cameras can also be used to monitor play areas, in particular outdoors. The perimeter of any playground is particularly important and there should be cameras positioned and programmed to alert the staff of anyone in the area. Auto-tracking cameras can be programmed to provide the size of an individual and the distance away, to help law enforcement, in any future investigation.

Schools can employ auto-tracking cameras to alert the staff about anyone entering the grounds and to help determine their size and if they may have a backpack on or are carrying an object in their hands. The camera’s parameters must be carefully programmed to prevent false alarms however. The cameras can also be set to ignore certain areas to maintain privacy. Keep in mind that blocking certain views may leave the institution vulnerable if becomes common knowledge. Once again, the perimeter is important when positioning security cameras. The cameras can be placed inside the building and even in individual rooms. The cameras can be used to alert staff about children wandering the hallways or of persons in areas that would normally be unoccupied.

Auto-tracking cameras will enhance any security protocol. The cameras can be used at night, as well as, in rooms without any light source at all. The systems can be wireless, or hardwired, and the number of cameras is determined by the equipment and security needs. Auto-tracking cameras can be used to enhance a current camera system without upgrading monitors or digital video.

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Office Security Cameras

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Office Security CamerasDo you need an office security camera? These cameras can greatly enhance the security of any office. Do you fear who may be entering the office complex without your permission? Do you need to restrict the access of certain rooms within the building? Do you need to know when deliveries are made to the business even when you are not there? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may have questions about what type of security camera is the right one for your office.
Office Box Security Cameras

The most popular office security camera is the box security cameras. These box security cameras are inexpensive to purchase, inexpensive to install and relatively easy to operate. The office owner will need to determine the correct lens for each camera. For example, these cameras can be installed with infrared lenses to take photos in low light conditions. These cameras are limited in that they will only take photos in one direction. It may take several cameras to cover an entire building or even just one room. The box office security camera can be connected to a computer for monitoring. The box security camera is not waterproof, but can be installed inside waterproof housing. It is important to look for a box camera with large frames per second rate. Currently the largest frame per second rate is 30. A great additional factor is to buy a box security camera with a built-in SD card. This will provide backup should your network fail. The office owner will also need to consider the available bandwidth required by more than one box camera. Look for a box security camera with 5 megapixels to deliver the most clarity. The higher the megapixels the lower the frame per second rate will be. Box security cameras are among the largest cameras on the market today. Their size may deter some thieves.

Office Dome Security Cameras

Another popular option for office security cameras are dome cameras. These dome cameras are available for purchase in various colors to match the décor of the office. Office owners who need cameras outside can purchase waterproof models. Office dome cameras are available with interchangeable lenses so that they can be used in different circumstances. Like the box camera, when purchasing an office security dome camera consider buying a camera with a SD card. This will provide additional evidence should the authorities request it. Also look for a high frame per second rate and a camera with at least 5 megapixels. Make sure that you have the funds available for the higher amount of bandwidth required by multiple cameras. Since these cameras are circles, it is impossible for those in an area protected by a dome camera to tell exactly where the photos are being taken. The most popular of these dome cameras feature a frame per second rate near 30. Dome cameras often look better than box cameras in high end offices.

Office Bullet Cameras

Some offices prefer the bullet cameras. These cameras are available in large or small sizes. Since these cameras are waterproof, they make an outstanding option if installed to protect the outside of an office building. Like dome cameras, these cameras feature interchangeable lenses. Make sure to purchase the right lens to use in the particular circumstances. For example, if you have a room that is kept dark most of the time, the right lens would be an infrared lens since it can operate with limited light. On the other hand, if you will be installing the office bullet camera in bright sunshine, you may want to consider a lens with a special coating that helps to take great photos in these conditions. Understanding the differences in lenses will assure your maximum satisfaction.

Office Spy Cameras

Some offices prefer to use spy cameras. These spy cameras can be placed throughout the office and are disguised to look like normal office items. One popular option for many offices is clock spy cameras. Make sure that these cameras operate silently. Spy camera pens are a great option for employees that carry supplies outside the office are spy pens. It is vital to buy a spy camera that will work with the available light. Many thieves are very aware of the sound these cameras make so make sure that you buy a camera that operates silently.

Office PTZ Cameras

The last option is the most popular with most office owners. The pan, tilt and zoom spy camera provides many alternatives to the office Office Security Camerasowner looking for the most for their money. These cameras can be operated remotely to take the best photos. For example, the camera can be placed outside a door and operated remotely to pan an entire hallway. These cameras can also be tilted to see items at different heights. They can be tilted up to clearly see a person’s face. They can also be tilted down to see a package that has been left in front of a door. These cameras can also be used to zoom into a situation to see the details more clearly. However, office owners need to realize that the pan, tilt and zoom camera requires 24 hour a day, seven days a week to be the most effective. These cameras require the most elaborate wiring of any security camera. They also require the most power.

Major Factors to be Considered


When looking to purchase an office security camera, there are several factors that apply to all security cameras. Remember that each camera will require software to operate. The software needs to be integrated with other software already in use in the office. Some cameras operate on Mac systems, while others do not. Be careful and buy a camera that will operate on the current system.


Security cameras require electricity to operate. Think about how you will integrate the security system into the existing power grid. It may be necessary to hire an electrician to revamp the electrical system with new plugs. Make sure to meet city and state codes when making these changes.


Cameras are available in different colors. Buy a color that will match the décor of your office. Also the power cords and cables come in different colors. Again, purchase a system that will integrate with your existing décor. Some office owners prefer to make the cameras stand out as a deterrent to crime. This is a personal decision that must be weighed carefully.


Security cameras are only as good as the people monitoring them. Make sure that you assign specific people the responsibility to monitor the cameras. Develop a contract that spells out exactly what you expect of your monitoring people to avoid any misunderstandings. Some offices prefer to hire a professional company to monitor the cameras.


Security cameras will only catch the crime if the action is caught on the lens. Therefore, it is important to consider what type of camera and lens is right in each circumstance. Most security cameras will only cover 25 percent of a room. Those that cover a whole room often have very distorted photos with minimal detail. Different cameras require different lenses. Make sure to buy a lens that is ideal for the circumstances you intend to install the office security camera in.

Frame Rate

Security cameras come with different frame rates. Buying the largest frame rate available enables a great fluid picture that is easy to watch. Buy a camera that allows the user to install an SD card. It is a great backup should the electricity fail. Consider the available frame rate for the entire system. It may be necessary to install new computers to monitor your office security cameras successfully.


The larger the megapixels available are on the office security camera, the larger the photo can be enlarged. This will allow more details to be seen. Lower megapixels cameras often have trouble, known as noise, when the photo is enlarged. The ability to enlarge the photo will assist the authorities and you in seeing details that might otherwise be missed.

Television Line

Analog office security cameras will have a television line number. This number needs to be near 700. The larger the number the crisper the photo will be. Crisp photos enable the viewer to see the details clearly. A lower number may make it impossible to tell who is standing at the door or details about the package that has just been left.

The security of an office often depends on the use of great security cameras. They are an important part of any office security system. First, choose the right type of security camera for your office by choosing the right television line, megapixels and frame rate. The safety of all people who work in the office may depend on your security system. The property may depend on the quality of your security cameras. Make an informed decision now before it is too late. You may never have another chance.


Color Security Camera

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Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

color security cameraThere are a lot of different possibilities for security cameras on the market today for you to choose from for all of your home surveillance needs. The board cameras are relatively small and compact. They feature a lens that is directly mounted onto the circuit board. These types of cameras tend to be used the majority of the time in a discrete application.

Bullet cameras are going to differ in their appearance from the other common security cameras. They have also been referred to as lipstick cameras because they are small and cylindrical, as well as bring encased in metal housing. The dome cameras are typically half spherical cameras that can be used in a discreet location like the board cameras.

Fixed cameras are also referred to as box cameras and normally only consist of the body of the camera, a lens, power supply cord and a bracket that you normally have to purchase separate from the system. When most people think of a camera they tend to think of this type of camera.

The majority of these cameras are going to come in either an indoor or an outdoor model. There are even ones that come equipped with night vision technology which is going to combine the camera with the infra red LED for the optimum night time viewing capabilities. Since there are so many choices available, it is hard to know which one is going to be the best for all of your needs.

Color security cameras are becoming more and more popular as the need for home security rises. There are a lot of people who are debating on purchasing a color camera for their home security, but at the same time they also wonder if a black and white camera would be able to do the job.

Even though black and white security cameras are cheaper than their counterparts, you should consider a few different things when deciding how effective they are going to be for you compared to the color cameras. Color security cameras have been integrated with a CCTV system that will work together n conjunction with the Charged Coupled Device technology. This technology means that the cameras are going to convert the pictures that have been captured through the camera lens into electronic data.

The technology is not as expensive as you may think it is and it provides some of the best in quality images that are not as susceptible to noise as their counterparts. The majority of cameras, which are used for surveillance purposes, have a viewing size of between ¼ inch and one inch. However, the average size varies between ¼ inch and 1/3 inch and the market for CCTV is overflowing with this type of camera.

If you are looking to have a more advanced quality image when there may not be as ample lighting conditions, you may want to choose a larger format for optimum performance. Listed below you will find the pros and cons of the color security cameras versus the black and white cameras.

Color Security Cameras versus Black and White Security Cameras

It used to be that color security cameras were only used for corporations since they are a lot more complicated and expensive than their counterparts, the black and white cameras. There were few businesses that could afford this particular type of technology.

color security camera Due to the increased cost factor of the color security cameras, they were almost non-existent in the average consumer’s home. However, in today’s society the prices have been dramatically reduced and the market is able to offer a lot more options in color cameras that homeowners everywhere are able to afford.

The majority of security camera experts are going to tell you that a color security camera is going to be a lot more effective because it will be able to identify colors. For example, if you have an intruder that you are looking for, knowing the coloring of their shirt could be the determining factor to catching them down the road.

However, the black and white cameras are a lot more suited for locations that do not have a lot of light. If you are using the camera on the inside of your home, a color security camera is going to prove to be your best choice.

When looking through the different options, you may find that the color cameras are going to be able to switch between color and black and white as the lighting situation calls for it.

Technical Aspects of the Color Security Cameras

It doesn’t matter if you are considering a high tech wireless color camera or their counterpart hardwired models because there are a few things that you need to be on the lookout for.

Signal to Noise Ratio
The signal to noise ratio is actually the balance between the actual information in the picture and the static, or image noise. If you have a ratio of 40db, which shows that the signal is going to be 100 times stronger than the surrounding noise. This is going to produce an image quality that is acceptable and considered average. However, a 60 db ratio will exhibit an excellent image quality, whereas, a 30 db ratio is considered poor and is not recommended for use.

It is not just the camera itself that can insert noise; low lighting conditions and poor wiring will also introduce static into the security system.

Resolution is one of the most vital aspects of a security camera system. The greater level of resolution that is produced by the surveillance camera, the sharper the picture is going to be.

When looking for your new security camera, you should try to look for one that has horizontal television lines with average numbers or approximately 350 to 400 television lines. Some of the higher resolution cameras will have 500 television lines or higher for resolution. If you are looking to upgrade your existing camera model, you can do so by paying a relatively modest fee. Before you look into purchasing a high resolution camera or upgrading your existing one you want to make sure that your video camera is going to be capable of supporting the higher resolution cameras, otherwise you are just going to be wasting your time and money in the long run.color security camera

Sensitivity to Light
Light sensitivity is measured in terms of lux. If you have lower lux sensitivity, you are going to be able to see better in darker lighting conditions. However, you will be able to find plenty of color cameras that are going to have a lux sensitivity of one to 0.5, which means that they are able to perform in poorly lit conditions. If you have the assistance of an infrared lighting system, a camera will be able to work with a lux rating of zero.

Options for Color Security Cameras

You have the option of purchasing a color security camera and recorder all in one convenient package. This complete package is going to give you an easy to use digital video recorder that has a built-in motion detector and a color CMOS camera that can record videos in real time through the use of a removable SD memory card. It is going to feature night vision technology that will automatically switch to black and white recording as the lighting conditions demand it. You can choose to use this security camera at home, work, stores and any other indoor location that is going to require the use of a watchful eye to make sure that everything is taken care of when you are not able to be there.

If you are looking for a security camera that is simple to use and doesn’t cost you a fortune, there are plenty of options to choose from. One of the top color security cameras is the Looker. It is the perfect product that will give you what you need at a price you can afford. It is extremely easy to use and affordable for almost any budget. It offers a digital video recorder that does not involve any expensive equipment or advanced assembly techniques.

You simply place the camera where you want to record and the device begins to do its job automatically for you right off the bat. There is the option of choosing to have the recording done on a continual basis or only when there is motion detected. It comes complete with an AC adapter that allows you to run the device at almost any indoor location. There is also a built-in battery that will cover you for an hour after the power goes out, so you are always protected and prepared with this handy little device.


• Color security cameras are going to be a little more expensive than their black and white counterparts.
• There are cameras that are available that can switch back and forth from color to black and white when the situation warrants it.
• Make sure to choose a signal to noise ratio of at least 40 db to receive an image quality that is acceptable.
• In order to receive a sharper picture quality, you should choose a security camera that has around 350 to 400 television lines.
• If you have a lower lux rating, you are not going to need as much lighting for the camera to be effective.

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Security Camera Lines Of Resolution

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Security Camera Lines of ResolutionOne of the most important specifications to consider when making your decision to purchase a security camera system is the camera resolution. If you don’t have the right camera resolution, you may end up allowing the person who committed the crime to be able to walk away due to the lack of picture quality. On the other hand, if you have exceptional quality in your new security system, you may end up being able to apprehend the criminal and get justice.

The size, fineness, or picture quality and video quality are all determined by the security cameras lines of resolution. Television lines are typically used to reference this figure and provide the type of analog video quality. In terms of digital resolution, they are usually referred to as pixels. If you take a look at both of the aspects, you will see how the lines of resolution are able to be related to picture quality in a security camera.

In order to begin, there are multiple video formats that are used based on the geographical area that you are located. National Television System Committee (NTSC) is used mainly in North America, South America, Taiwan, Japan and many other locations as well. Phase Alternating Line (PAL) can generally be found in Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and almost all of Europe. In Africa and the Russian Federation you will find Sequential Couleur a Memoire (SECAM). The English version of SECAM is Sequential Color with Memory. The main focus of this article is going to revolve around the NTSC format.

There are 480 interlaced horizontal lines that make up the standard National Television System Committee analog video. You have to vertically count the amount of horizontal lines that are displayed, while one is above the other and so forth. The resolution of security cameras are in Television Lines, which specifies the amount of vertical lines that are able to be seen within a given area of a monochrome picture to determine the horizontal resolution. The amount of vertical lines is counted on a horizontal basis, with one being right next to the other. The amount of scan lines is not exactly equal to the Television Lines, but it is affected by the amount of scan lines that are available.

How are Security Camera Videos Displayed?

Security camera videos are generally displayed in a three by four ratio. You can think of this in terms of a rectangle, such as it is three units wide by four units in height. The resolution horizontally is equal to the amount of vertical lines that are measured. You are actually measuring the amount of detail that is visible when you are able to see ¾ of the width of the picture, or 75 percent. The amount of vertical lines that are being used by the Television Lines is three units. For example, if you have a television picture that is three inches wide by four inches high with a Television Lines rating of 480, you are actually going to have 480 vertical lines within that three inch width.

How does the Resolution of Different Security Cameras Vary?

There are a wide range of security cameras that have different specifications based on the various types of manufacturers. It is also based upon the price and the different uses of the security camera. As a general rule, the typical CCTV camera is going to have a resolution of approximately 380 Television Lines for a standard camera. On the other hand, if you have a high-resolution camera then you will find a CCTV with a resolution of around 540 Television Lines.

The actual quality of a security camera can be measured by the Television Lines resolution. This is completely different number than the actual horizontal number of scanning lines for broadcast TV systems.

Analog videos are given different lines of resolution that apply to them. When you look at the different digital video resolutions you will notice the difference. You will find that the digital video is still being displayed in the typical three by four ratios. The total resolution is still measure in pixels, which are small points, dots or squares. Digital cameras are going to have a sensor just like the regular analog cameras. This sensor is called a Charged Coupled Device (CCD), which allows you to capture the picture within a digital format. The resolution for a digital picture is commonly referred to In terms of pixels, such as 352 x 480. Some of the most common resolutions for your digital security camera include: 704 x 480, 352 x 480 and 352 x 240.

You have to remember to keep the resolution of the camera display separate from the amount of pixels within the CCD. There are literally millions of light sensing cells within the CCD sensor. The pixel count is determined by the amount of pixels that are produced by the sensor. As an example, if a camera is capable of producing an image that is 640 x 480, it would contain approximately 307,200 pixels. A lot of people assume that a CCD rating in megapixels is the camera resolution, but this is a false misconception. However, what it does indicate is the amount of potential resolution that the camera has available to produce when combined with other high-quality equipment. Some of the typical types of high-quality equipment are monitors, processors, and others.

When you put everything into perspective, you can see the comparison between analog Television Lines and the digital resolution. The picture quality is going to keep increasing along with the number of lines increasing.

Digital Signals

1. 352 x 240 pixels
2. 704 x 240 pixels
3. 704 x 480 pixels

Analog Signals

1. 330 TVL
2. 380 TVL
3. 480 TVL
4. 570 TVL

Determining the Picture Quality of a Security Camera

One of the most important notes to remember is how to determine the final picture quality. Security cameras, whether analog or digital, are going to have varying picture qualities that are going to play a part in the final picture quality of the digital camera. You can say that your final picture quality is only going to be as good as the absolute lowest component that is used in your whole system. For example, if you were to use a 570 Television Lines resolution on a 330 Television Lines monitor, you are only going to be able to view your camera images in 330 Television Lines resolution. Make sure that you are getting the most that you can out of your security system by choosing components that are compatible.

Your whole system is only as strong, or as weak, as we choose to make it. If you have equipment that is various resolutions, you have to remember that the main things you have to be concerned with are the higher and lower screen resolutions. If you have a monitor that has a resolution of 500 lines, a security camera that is 420 lines of resolution and a recorder that has a resolution of 250 lines, you are going to get a picture that will top out at the 250 lines. While you may be able to look into the monitor and see an exceptional picture, you are only going to get as good of a recording as your equipment allows. When you choose to determine what type of resolution you are going to get, make sure that you try to choose equipment that is going to complement each other. You have to take the time to consider everything that you are going to be using in order to make sure that you choose accordingly.

How Important is the Resolution of a Security Camera?

Resolution is extremely important when you are trying to determine what your recording is going to look like. You are not going to have to worry about what your picture quality is going to look like when you take the time to go through every piece of equipment that you are going to buy. If you make sure that everything is going to go along with each other, you will save yourself a lot of hassles and headaches in the long run. You won’t have to worry about the what-ifs if you take the time to debate everything before you make your purchase. It is better to take a little extra time beforehand and decide which resolution is going to be perfect for your wants and needs. This will help you to eliminate any frustration later on when you are trying to figure out what makes the difference in the resolution.

There is a lot more to screen resolution than just a number, and the more that you can understand everything the better it is going to be in the end. Even though it may be confusing for a lot of people, there are experts who can help to guide you in your purchase. They will help make sure that you are not going to have to deal with a bunch of equipment that is not going to work together in the manner that you had once intended. Go through everything as much as you can and decide just how much detail you are going to need for your home or business. Enjoy everything that your security camera lines of resolution can bring to the table for years to come.


How to Catch Vandalism

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

How to Catch VandalismIs your home a target for vandalism or “harmless” pranks from neighborhood kids and do you feel like you need a “How to Catch Vandalism for Dummies” book? Does your business suffer from the same thing?  Identifying the perpetrator(s) and getting documentation evidence of the actual act of vandalism is easier and much less expensive than you probably think.

One of the best and easiest solutions on how to catch vandalism, including video images of the act itself and the perpetrators that are performing the act, is to use a digital video camera.  Having an outdoor camera to watch your property is like having a full-time security guard on duty. With only a single camera or two, you can tell who’s driving up the driveway or see who’s knocking at the front door. And if you’re away, you’ll be able to know if someone was in your back yard retrieving that soccer ball that was accidentally kicked over the fence, or if someone decided to take a dip in your pool.

Use a “Vandal Resistant” Camera

The most common question we get about cameras is “which one should I use?”  Each situation is different and may require a different camera.  Security Camera King offers 10 different vandal resistant cameras for you to choose to solve your problem of how to catch vandalism.  A common issue when utilizing security surveillance is that the cameras become the target of vandalism themselves. The security cameras are the most visible component of the surveillance system and, if installed correctly, they are in the areas of highest risk. Vandal resistant dome cameras were designed with this in mind. Tough metal housings with remarkably tough Lexan domes will deter all but the most determined criminal.

We suggest either a true day/night camera(s) or an day/night infrared camera(s) so that you can monitor your property 24 hours a day.  In fact Security Camera King’s bundled entire system deals all contain vandal resistant infrared day/night dome cameras.

You will also need to determine if you have any situations that require special features such as a really high Wide Dynamic Range or WDR.  When it comes to how to catch vandalism you will want to take advantage of every aspect that can benefit you.  Take a look at our 10 vandal resistant dome cameras first and see if there isn’t one or more there that would apply to your situation.

Gather your Documentation

Most people are confused when we say gather your documentation because they think we mean written pages.  However, when we say gather your documentation, we mean gather your digital color video files that have recorded the vandals in the act and may even provide identification as to who is committing the crime.

You can use a USB Flash drive or the CD/DVD recorder that comes standard with some of our DVRs to prepare a disk(s) to offer to law enforcement, insurance agencies, and prosecutors.  There’s nothing more convincing than digital video footage to document the destruction.

What Kind of DVR (Digital Video Recorder) do I Need?
Once again, each situation is unique and so the selection of the DVR will also be unique.  You will need to consider how many cameras (channels) will be needed to do the job (in the security video industry, the word “channels” often means cameras).  Whether you want a CD/DVD recorder included to make backups and record footages of the vandalism being committed and want kind of resolution and frame rate you think you will need to record your cameras.

If you’re stumped on this decision or any decision pertaining to setting up a digital video surveillance system, please contact one of our experts for help.  They will be glad to speak to you in order to help you design your system and determine what type of equipment you will need.

All of Security Camera King’s DVRs are the highest quality DVR for that category.  Once you take a close look at what we have to offer we think you’ll be amazed at the quality, performance, and features our DVRs have to offer compared to any other in the industry.

Contact Us!

Whether you need help on how to catch vandalism, or specific help on what type of camera, DVR, or monitor to use, how to design and setup your system, etc. our security experts are there to help you decide.  You can contact them on-line using our “Live Chat” or you can telephone them at 866-573-8878 Monday through Friday from 9AM to 6PM EST.