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How to Capture License Plates with Security Cameras

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Tuesday, November 12th, 2013
Capturing License Plates With CCTV Surveillance Cameras

Using a surveillance camera to capture video footage of the license plates of vehicles that are entering and leaving an area has proven to be an effective way to have a record of the traffic at the location. Law enforcement agencies across this country are making use of this technique more and more commonly. It has already helped them to gather information that has helped them follow vehicles thought to be driven by individuals that were suspected of crimes, even when the officer is nowhere near the vehicle. The data that these cameras provide can be invaluable if a crime takes place, allowing someone to review footage and know who was in the area with certainty. The data collected about these license plates can be more helpful to law enforcement officials when trying to identify a suspect then the highest quality images of a suspect’s face. The installation of security cameras for this function may seem deceptively simple but if it isn’t done correctly you will not get the video that you need. This article will provide with the information that will you to accurately record video footage of license plates every time.

The first consideration that you should look at for licenses plate capture is the location. Finding the right place to record useful video of these small fast moving targets is a key element in the process. The place where you set up for this should be a place where traffic is already controlled in such a way to be beneficial for this process. Someplace where traffic is already forced to stop, such as a stop sign or the gate of a community, is an ideal spot. The entry way of a gated community is probably the best location because it will also be a place where there are fewer lanes of traffic and you will need a dedicated license plate capture camera for every lane of traffic that you’re monitoring, so fewer lanes will require fewer cameras to get the video footage that you want.

The next thing that you should consider for this process is making sure that you have the proper equipment to record the best possible video of the license plates. There are many different security cameras on the market today that offer high quality video, but few are actually designed to record high quality video of a license plate. The cameras that perform this function correctly have to be able to deal with the glare of light bouncing off the reflective surface of the plate, angles that are often challenging, widely varying illumination levels, being able to record video of a moving target that isn’t blurry and they usually have to cope with moderate to long distances. All of these factors, in addition to other location specific issues that haven’t been mentioned, that the camera must deal with are the reasons that you really need to have a surveillance camera that is specifically designed to capture video of license plate despite the difficulties.

Another part of this process that you must account for, in order to do it correctly, is properly monitoring the area where you will be identifying the license plates as well as providing an exterior view of the vehicle. A camera that can capture video of the car or truck and its activity will provide you with some very useful information particularly when you can identify the vehicle’s license plate at the same time. Making sure that you at least have a reasonable high resolution camera for this overview purpose is a very good idea, but it doesn’t need to provide the same type of high quality of video that the license plate camera should. A moderately high quality camera for the overview role will allow you to have a high level of detail in the video shot to help you get an accurate understanding of what type of vehicle the license plate is attached to and how many passengers are in it. This over view camera can also provide other details about the vehicle such as the relative speed that it’s traveling and whether it’s being driven recklessly or not. It’s also a good idea to get a camera for this purpose that has a varifocal lens so that you can adjust it to the camera view that’s needed from the position that’s available for mounting the camera. This type of lens will let you compensate for a reasonable amount of distance from the targeted area and make sure that it’s focused on the exact point that you want.

So now we have established that an overview camera needs to be mounted in such a way that it can view the traffic choke point where you are going to be capturing video of license plates. The next step is to make sure that you have the surveillance camera that will actually be doing the license plate capturing in the right place. The traffic point that you choose for this installation should allow you to know where the target vehicle will stop. The license plate capture will need to be positioned in such a way that it’s field of vision will be focused and the lens will need to be zoomed in to the point that the license plate will take up about sixty percent of the camera’s view. Make sure that you take into account the varying heights of the different types of vehicles that will be traveling through the area. You will need to have one dedicated license plate capturing camera set up this way for each lane of traffic that you wish to monitor.

Once you have these cameras set up in the manner that’s described in this article, you should be ready for monitoring the traffic in the area in great detail. It’s a good idea to test how the camera views will catch the license plates where the vehicles will be stopped and the make the fine tuning adjustments in order to guarantee that you will be getting the video that you desire.


Personal Security Systems

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Personal security systems are devices that are portable and normally carried by the individual to protect them in the event of an attack from another person or animal. Personal security systems are becoming evermore popular since more individuals take public transportation to commute to work. Some states have regulatory laws that apply to certain types of personal security systems that limit their use or prohibit their use entirely so it is important that you check with your state’s regulations before obtaining any device.

There are several types of personal security systems. Some are designed to work at a distance while others may be designed for use when in close contact with an assailant. Security Camera King has a wide selection of personal security system devices available for sale. We’ll take a look at some of these devices, how they work, and what they are designed to do in the following article.

Let’s begin with pepper/mace sprays. This has become a universal tool for self defense around the world and is used by many law enforcement agencies as well as the U.S. Department of Defense.

The use of pepper spray or mace for defense can deter, stop, or at least slow down a potential attacker or assailant to give the victim time enough to break for a get way. These sprays are also used as a riot/crowd control agent and the are useful as a self-defense tool for preventing attacks by animals such as dogs or even bears.

Pepper spray used as a personal security system makes use of the effective ingredient Oleoresin Capsicum or OC. This chemical is a naturally occurring compound found in peppers. Mace on the other hand is a chemical compound that is created from other chemicals. Both OC and Mace cause eye tearing, difficulty breathing, and in some cases temporary but harmless blindness. They irritate the breathing passageways which can cause involuntary sneezing and coughing, disabling an assailant. Check with your state regulations before purchasing these personal security system items as their use may be restricted or prohibited by state regulations.

Other personal security systems include personal alarms. Security Camera King offers a large variety of personal alarm systems. For example the small, compact 130 decibel alarm with door alarm works by simply pulling a pin to release a 130 dB alarm. This unit comes with a special accessory that allows you to use it on doors and windows too.

Security Camera King also offers a non-electric personal security system audio device manufactured by the Mace company.  Not much bigger than a breath freshener, lipstick or similar item the Screecher aerosol alarm easily fits in a purse or your pocket.  When needed, the screecher produces an amazingly loud, ear piercing alarm that will draw attention to you if needed.

If you are a frequent traveler, Security Camera King has the personal security system travel alarm for you. The Mini Travel Alarm with PIR Sensor is an economical but effective motion alarm that can also be treated as a deterrent. One way to activate the alarm is to pull the cord on top of the unit to yield a 15 second long 100 decibel blast. That’s not all; the unit comes with a motion detector that can detect motion up to 9 feet away.  Any sense of motion and the unit sounds the alarm.

Need a little help against “alien” intrusion in your desk drawer at work for example? Try the UFO. This incredibly versatile alarm has several different personal security system operating modes. It can be used as an intrusion alarm, window, door, or drawer alarm, and even a handbag alarm.  In addition the UFO also includes a built in flashlight.

While Security Camera King has far more personal security systems available for purchase than mentioned here, we’ll close with mentioning one more unique personal security device.

Child Guard Panda is a unique but incredibly useful device for keeping track of your child (or children).  The Child Guard Panda is a type of personal security system that allows you to keep track of your child. The wireless proximity unit is a cartoon shaped animal transmitter that is worn on the child’s wrist. It sends a message to the wireless receiver that you carry. You set the distance parameter and the second this area is breached, the receiver emits a loud beep.


For more personal security systems, check out


Small Business Security Systems

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Security Camera King offers a well rounded selection of digital video small business security systems.  These systems can provide protection, deter illegal activity, and document any vandalism, theft, or other activity in high-quality color full motion video.  The systems are easy to operate, easy to set up, and easy enough to install yourself if you so desire.

Any business needs security protection, regardless of how big or small the business may be.  Of course, if the business is large enough, it may even have its own security department or security team.  Another option would include contracting the security to an independent security and protection agency.  However, small businesses, especially those that are in the beginning stages of their development, can’t afford these options.

Yet security is still a definite necessity to protect the interests of the business, its property, and its employees.  What is the solution?  Small business security systems can fit this need at a small business overhead price while providing big business security advantages.

Security Camera King offers four different small business security systems based on the number of cameras or channels in each system.  We carry 4, 8, 16, and 32 channel digital video systems.  Each system comes with the designated number of vandal-proof day/night infrared vision dome cameras, the necessary power supply for the cameras, cables, connectors, and of course a Digital Video Recorder or DVR.

Our 4, 8, and 16 channel small business security systems are further divided into three major groups each, depending on the type of DVR selected.  We offer the Elite Mini, the Elite, and the Ultimate brand DVRs.  For any one of these channel groups we actually offer 6 different system packages.  For example, for a four channel system we offer two system packages for the Elite Mini, two for the Elite, and Two for the Ultimate.

The differences between small business security systems packages with the same DVR type are cable and power supplies.  For the complete Four Channel Elite Mini HD DVR Security Camera Surveillance Packages we offer one package that includes a four channel space saving power supply with four plug and play cables.  Our second Four Channel Elite Mini HD DVR package includes the same DVR and cameras, but instead offers a four channel power distribution box, one box of bulk RG-59 18/2 Siamese Cable, four power leads, and connectors.

Each of our DVRs comes with an astounding variety of standard features.  The major difference between our Elite Mini and the Elite and Ultimate DVRs, is that the Elite Mini does not have a CD/DVD writer.  However all of our DVRs provide High Definition Outputs, the latest and most efficient CODEC (COmpression/DECompression) utility, H.264, built in Web server, email alerts, and Smartphone accessible technology.

The Internet options are especially helpful in small business security systems because many small business owners like the opportunity to monitor their systems remotely while they are conducting other business related tasks or even while they are on vacation.  You can use the Web browser access from your home computer to view each of your small business security system’s digital cameras and if you are on the road, anywhere in the world that Internet access is available via a Smartphone, you can view and even control your system via your phone using one of our free applications.

Although the Elite Mini does not have a CD/DVD writer, it does allow you to make backup copies using a USB thumb drive.  The Elite and Ultimate DVRs provide a CD/DVD writer for you to use to back-up your recorded footage or copy specific portions of it to distributable media to give to police, insurance companies, etc.

Security Camera King also recognizes that every small business has its own specific security requirements.  That’s why we offer our systems with component changes and upgrades (some may be an additional charge).  This provides you with the opportunity to purchase a complete system, tailored to your specific security needs, at a reasonable discounted packaged system price.

Since you can actually save costs for your small business by installing your own small business security system we also provide support from the beginning to the end of the process.  Our systems are easy to install and come with all the manuals for the components that describe hook-ups, features, set-up procedures, etc. but we realize that may not always be enough.  That’s why we offer free complete support from design of your system through installation, setup, and use.


Deck Security Systems

Monday, September 27th, 2010

If you own a boat or a yacht then a deck security system is a small investment that can yield large returns in the area of security and surveillance. In addition, a deck security system offers you the peace of mind of knowing that your craft or vessel is safe and sound.

There are many types of digital video security systems that are suitable for use on your boat’s deck. If your boat is docked at a slip that provides electrical power, or your yacht has its own on-board generator, then there is an even greater selection of security systems available for use.

Let’s consider these deck security systems as two different categories. One type requires external electrical power supply either in the form of typical house current or as DC (Direct Current) supplied by the boat’s battery and the other contains its own self-sustainable on-board power supply. We’ll discuss the latter type first.

There are many different types of digital video security camera systems that can function by using rechargeable batteries. These systems are usually an “all-in-one” type system where the camera and Digital Video Recorder are all one unit. These deck security systems are usually suited for smaller craft, where one camera can satisfactorily cover the target area for security surveillance. In addition to creating digital video files these cameras often are capable of taking digital still photographs as well.

These systems usually contain an infrared (called a PIR) sensor. The sensor acts as a switch to turn the camera on and off when movement is detected. This motion detection switching conserves the power supply so that only a small amount of electricity is needed to maintain the unit when there is no activity.

In addition, the Digital Video Recorder or DVR is normally some sort of flash drive that saves the digital video or still photographs to removable flash media such as a Smartcard, Flash drive, etc. Since the DVR uses flash media, these units have the advantage of being able to remove the storage media and view any recorded data on another device, such as a personal computer for example. The disadvantage with these units is that the flash drives have relatively small storage capacities (for example 2 to 8 Gigabytes) so recording time is limited compared to a typical DVR unit that may have hundreds of Gigabytes of storage. Nonetheless these units are still powerful security devices that can provide high quality images of any one trespassing or tampering with your boat.

Another type of deck security system that is similar to this system uses the boat’s DC current for power. These systems should also be motion activated to conserve energy usage. These units normally run off of 12 volts of DC current so they may possibly be powered by your boat’s battery or by an extra battery carried on board the boat dedicated specifically to the security system. These deck security systems may employ the Flash drive type DVR or may even contain a mini-hard disk drive DVR to record images.

Finally, for slips that provide external electrical power or for ships that contain their own on-board 110 volt AC (Alternating Current) power, standard digital video security systems can be used as deck security systems. These security surveillance system cameras can be mounted either on the deck of the boat or on supportive surfaces of the dock/gangway.

There are several different types of systems that may be used in these cases depending on the resources available, location of the dock, etc. For example, wireless digital video cameras can be used that transmit their video data to a corresponding receiver inside the home or marina. If the home or marina has broadband internet access, these systems can be easily networked using the internet so that the owner can monitor the boat area anywhere in the world there is internet access. This includes using 3G or 4G cellular smart phones to view the target area.

Depending on the equipment used, these deck security systems may be able to store up to four weeks or more of continuous video monitoring. These systems can also include audio recording, motion detection, and many other features as well.

Regardless of the deck security system you choose, make sure the camera(s) are designed for outdoor use so they are protected from the elements, especially water. Cameras used for this purpose should have an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of at least IP65.


iPhone Security Camera Systems

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

iPhone security camera systems are digital video security camera systems that an be viewed or monitored using an iPhone or other brand smartphone and smartphone technology. These systems offer not only the peace of mind from knowing your property is constantly monitored, but also the versatility of allowing you to view the cameras from anywhere your iphone operates.

In order to understand how this process works, let’s first review a standard, non-iPhone compatible digital video security system. A standard system consists of one to many cameras, a Digital Video Recorder or DVR, and a monitor.

The digital video cameras capture the video image and send it to the DVR for processing. The DVR normally contains circuitry that employs a utility called a COmpression/DECompression or CODEC program. The purpose of the CODEC is to reduce the size of the large digital video file to make it easier to handle while maintaining the quality of the picture. The digital video file can be viewed on a monitor in real time (live) and/or saved on the DVR.

The difference between a standard digital video security system and an iPhone security camera system is that the iPhone security camera system is normally networked over the internet. This can be done in a myriad of ways but the end result is usually the same; the video and/or audio signals are sent over the internet and can be viewed using either proprietary software or a standard web browser on the iPhone.

A typical example would be a home digital video security system that uses IP ready cameras. IP or Internet Protocol ready cameras are cameras that can be connected directly to the internet. They may use a typical CAT-5 Ethernet cable or wireless WiFi technology to connect to the internet via your home router and broadband internet provider.

IP ready cameras contain their own circuitry and programming to support their own web server. Therefore, once the camera is connected to an internet connection, it automatically logs on and begins transmitting over the internet. This process isn’t limited to cameras only, as there are many DVRs that also contain internet server technology that can basically do the same thing and display all the cameras of a system.

Here is a step by step account of how to use an iPhone security camera system with an IP ready digital video camera and an iPhone. It is assumed that both the camera and the phone are on and operating:
1) On the Apple iPhone, open the Safari web browser.
2) Enter the IP address of the camera into the address field of the Safarie web browser. (The camera will contain instructions that will tell you how to determine its IP address.)
3) View the live video feed on your phone.

It’s that simple. In fact, this process is not limited to the Apple iPhone but can be utilized by any 3G smartphone with a web browser. Not only can the cameras be monitored by using a 3G type phone, but they can be monitored using any computer with internet access as well.

In addition, iPhone security camera systems may utilize various types of cameras, providing that the cameras or the DVR is IP ready. Indoor, outdoor, wireless, infrared, Pan-Tilt-Zoom or PTZ, day/night vision, baby monitor, and just about any type of camera can be used. Even older analog Closed Circuit Television or CCTV cameras can be monitored if they are connected to a server that converts their signal to digital and then sends it via the internet.

Further more, not only can iPhone security camera systems cameras be monitored using an iPhone, but if they contain other functions (such as PTZ) they can even be controlled using the iPhone.

If you are looking for an iPhone security camera system that is right for you, contact one of our security experts today. You can contact them by utilizing the “Live Chat” feature at the top of the page or by telephoning us at 1-866-573-8878 Monday thru Friday from 9AM to 6PM EST.