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Pros And Cons Of Fake Security Cameras

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Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

Pros And Cons Of Fake Security CamerasWhether you are a homeowner or someone who owns or runs a business, you know how important security is. Crime is constantly on the rise, and even petty theft can break your business. A full-scale robbery can cause you to lose everything. Adding a burglar alarm system to your business is a great step toward preventing these crimes, but adding a surveillance camera system as well can provide even more protection and a higher sense of safety and security.

If you are on a budget, however, you might be thinking about installing a few fake security cameras in or around your home or business. Many people use fake security cameras and have great results from them, but others do not feel comfortable depending on fake security cameras at all. Before purchasing fake security cameras for your home, it is important to think over a few things so that you can make a well-informed decision. This article is dedicated to going over the pros and cons of fake security cameras; you can use this information to determine whether a fake security camera is a good decision for your home or business or if you should instead consider springing for a real surveillance camera system.

What Are Fake Security Cameras?

Fake security cameras are cameras that are designed to look real, even though they aren’t real at all. There are tons of different fake security cameras out there for you to choose from, and they come in all different styles, sizes and colors. Some even have special features, like a fake pan/tilt/zoom feature or a realistic blinking power light, while others are relatively basic. People often choose their fake security cameras based on the type of business that they run, and many choose the style of fake security camera that best matches the real security cameras that they own. There are huge selections of cameras to choose from; you simply have to take your time to determine which ones are best for you, and you also have to decide if fake security cameras are a good solution for your situation.

Fake security cameras are usually available from a variety of retailers. You can typically find fake security cameras that are relatively realistic by shopping at basic retail stores, but you can usually find even better fake security cameras if you shop with an online retailer that specializes in selling security cameras and related accessories. Shopping online will allow you to see the many different types of security cameras that are available, and you will have a much larger selection to choose from when it comes to different styles, sizes and colors.

What Are The Pros of Having Fake Security Cameras?

Having fake security cameras is certainly better than having no security cameras at all. A lot of people cannot tell the difference between fake security cameras and real ones, and the sight alone of a “security camera” is often enough to

Pros And Cons Of Fake Security Cameras

scare a petty thief enough that he will talk himself out of the crime that he was planning on committing.

Many homeowners and business owners feel much safer once they install fake security cameras in their home. The reason that most of these individuals choose to purchase fake security cameras instead of real ones is because they are much more affordable in many cases, and they do not require any maintenance other than an occasional wipe-down for aesthetic purposes and in order to make them seem more realistic.

What Are The Cons of Having Fake Security Cameras?

Although having fake security cameras is certainly a better alternative than not taking any security precautions at all, it is important to remember that they are not real. Always remember that a real security camera is a safer bet than a fake one.

When Are Fake Security Cameras a Good Idea?

If you already have an existing surveillance camera system and would like to boost its effectiveness, you can do so rather cheaply with the use of fake security cameras. Simply make sure that your real security cameras are placed in the most important spots, and add a few fake security cameras in other places. For instance, in a retail store, you might want to place your real security cameras at your entrances and exits, over your cash registers and in areas of the store where you have expensive merchandise; you can then place fake security cameras in your break rooms or in your office for an extra level of protection. Home owners might want to place real security cameras in their driveway, near their front door and close to their garage or carport, but they can then place fake security cameras in their garden or inside of their home. However, it is important to make sure that your fake security cameras blend in well with your existing cameras in order for them to work. Look for dummy security cameras that are similar in color, size and style to your regular security cameras so that potential thieves will not be able to notice the difference.

If you already have a burglar alarm, you might feel comfortable with the idea of only using dummy security cameras. Burglar alarms typically provide a relatively good level of security for most homes and businesses, especially if you live in a safe neighborhood or operate your business in an area that is secure, but you can always benefit from having a real security camera system. Adding in a few dummies to supplement your burglar alarm, however, is always a good idea.

Fake security cameras are also a good idea if you feel relatively secure but want to scare of petty thieves who might attempt to steal something. Placing a fake security camera near jewelry or other valuable items in your home, for instance, might keep a scared teenage babysitter from slipping things into her pocket, or it might keep the same babysitter from inviting her boyfriend over while you are away or spending too much time on the telephone when she should be watching your little one. In situations where you feel secure in general, a fake security camera can simply make you feel a little bit safer.

If you are on a tight budget and simply cannot afford to purchase a real security system right now, you should certainly consider purchasing fake security cameras to give your home some sort of safety and security. You can often purchase basic models of fake security cameras very cheaply, and you can at least feel a little better knowing that many potential thieves, vandals and other people with bad intention might be fooled by your fake security camera, even though you have not spent a lot of money on a real security camera system.

When Are Fake Security Cameras a Bad Idea?

It is important to remember that fake security cameras are not the same as real ones. Not only can smart and experienced thieves sometimes tell the difference between real and fake security cameras, but you also must remember that you will not have any surveillance footage in the event that something happens in your home or business.

If you live or own a business in a dangerous area with a lot of crime, it is usually worth your while to purchase a real security camera system. Real security cameras really are not all that expensive, and they can be invaluable when it comes to your safety and security. Once you have purchased a real security camera system for your home or business, you can consider filling it in with a few dummy cameras for an added measure of security.

Pros And Cons Of Fake Security Cameras For those who have serious and legitimate concerns about their security, fake security cameras are probably not a good idea. These individuals will still not feel safe and secure, and they will be at a higher risk of robbery or other crimes. If you are one of these people, you should look into purchasing a real surveillance system. Real surveillance systems can often be purchased affordably, especially if you have a smaller home or business to monitor, and the price will surely be worth the money that you will save by not being robbed and the higher sense of safety that you and your family or employees will feel.

What Is The Bottom Line When It Comes To The Pros and Cons of Fake Security Cameras?

In the end, it is certainly better to have fake security cameras than not having any cameras at all. However, do not let your fake security cameras lure you into a false sense of security. Although they do work as rather clever decoys in many instances, even the best of fake security cameras cannot always trick an experienced and crafty thief, and these individuals will simply laugh at your fake security camera while still stealing your valuables.

Your best bet in most situations is to purchase a real security system that consists of both a burglar alarm and a surveillance system. If you shop around and do your research, you can often find these systems for discount prices, especially if you shop with retailers that specialize in selling security systems and related items and accessories. However, do not hesitate to purchase a fake security camera if you are unable to purchase a “real” security system right now — you will be glad that you at least took some steps toward safety for your home or business. A fake security camera is certainly more effective than no security camera at all, and you can always replace your fake cameras with real ones later on down the road if you find that you would feel safer with a real surveillance system or if your financial situation changes.

What Should I Look For When Buying Fake Security Cameras?

Although the point of purchasing fake security cameras instead of real ones is to save money, you probably do not want to purchase the cheapest fake security cameras that are out there. If you go for a very cheap model, you will find yourself with a fake security camera that seems more like a toy.

It is better to go with fake security cameras that are in the middle price range. These cameras are often sturdier and longer-lasting, but this is not the only reason that they are worth more money. Better fake security cameras are often much more realistic, and they will be far more likely to fool potential thieves than a fake security camera that looks like a child’s toy.

One thing to look for is a realistic style that works well with your home or business. Some people choose a fake dome that looks like a ceiling-mounted security camera; these types of fake security cameras often work well in stores and business. Fake security cameras that mount on walls are often a good choice, and they can often be used both indoors and out. If you have real security cameras and are simply trying to add onto your system without spending a lot of money, try to find fake security cameras that look very similar to your real cameras. In many cases, most thieves will not be able to tell the difference, and you can save money by purchasing fake security cameras instead of additional real units.

You should also look at the features that are included with your fake security camera. Some fake security cameras include realistic-looking cords and wires, blinking lights that are designed to mimic a power light and fake tilt/pan/zoom capabilities that appear to track and follow someone’s movement. These features can add to the authentic feel of your fake security cameras, but make sure that the features actually look realistic before going for one of these security cameras.

With some careful thought and consideration, you can purchase a fake security camera that looks much like the real thing. Do not allow it to trick you, however, because your home is not truly being fully protected if you do not have a real surveillance system, but a fake security camera is certainly better than no security camera at all.


Covertly Record With A Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

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Monday, September 10th, 2012

Covertly Record With A Smoke Detector Hidden CameraJust as if you would place a clock in all areas of your home, you should place a smoke detector just about everywhere you can think of in the rooms of your home. Since they have such an exceptional vantage point, they are ideal for being the home to one of the infamous hidden security cameras. Due to the amount of space required to fit the camera inside of these units, they are not able to function as a smoke detector as well. You have to remember that their main purpose is to serve as a security camera and not as a smoke detector.

Numerous features are available that can be customized on these hidden security cameras. It comes in both wired and wires options with resolution settings that can easily be adjusted. Beyond just adjusting the resolution, you can also choose between color or black and white cameras for all your needs. Now, you will have the surveillance footage you need for protecting the assets that matter to you the most. Wireless detectors can be set up with your current wireless network, which allows you to stream the video over the Internet. You can always take your computer and transform it into a digital video recorder for saving all of your surveillance footage directly to your computer’s hard drive. Connect numerous wired cameras in smoke detectors through a multi-channel digital video recording system and make your surveillance system into something even more amazing.

Even though a smoke detector might be a great way to monitor your home and everything in it, there are times when you need to take your security system with you on the road. This is where you can implement any of the amazing security cameras that can be hidden in numerous objects around your home. You will have recording capabilities and the one doing the recording will have no idea that they were being watched the whole time. It makes your life that much simpler and the peace of mind you receive from these units is insurmountable. Nothing can compare to having your property protected than what you are going to get with a hidden security camera. Take the time to see what options there are to choose from and before you know it you will be streaming video on the Internet from around the globe. Nothing can stand in the way of protecting your home or business.


Fake Security Cameras

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Deception, as far as security is concerned, plays an important role. Militaries have been deceiving opposing armies for centuries. Pioneers making their way west would routinely place gun barrels out the sides of the Conestoga wagons. This gave the appearance of multiple armed pioneers, when in fact no one was behind the rifle barrels. Bands of marauders, not knowing for sure, would not attack for fear of losing the battle and their lives. Wooden cannons made to appear as if real would be placed on battlefields. The opposing army many times would hesitate, and make a graceful exit from the field of battle. Using fake security cameras employs the same principles of deception that has been used for years.

Creating Doubt

Simply giving a criminal a moment of hesitation can be enough to cause them to move on. The deception must be well staged however. Spotting a camera invokes a visceral reaction in criminals and others up to no good. People that have committed crimes, and ones thinking about it, many times suspect others may be aware of their transgressions. Many call it a guilty conscience. However, it is not guilt from doing wrong. It is fear of being caught. Criminals when they see a camera lens staring at them as they make their way to a window or back door will stop. They immediately wonder if they have been spotted. They also wonder if the camera is high quality enough to identify them in the dark. Most will make a quick exit from the property.

The Ideal Fake Security Camera Is Real Except For

High quality fake cameras are real cameras without the electronic components. The housing is real and the cables are in their proper places. Ideally, you want one that has a red recording light and motion activation. The camera will come equipped with a battery pack that operates the motion sensor and recording light. However, placing a motion activated fake camera in a high traffic area will quickly deplete the battery. For the most part, homes would not have this type of activity. Businesses employing decoys would need to consider this when placing the cameras.

Make It Look Real and People Will Assume It Is Real

Placement and having the correct camera in the right spot is important. The cameras located outside need to be obviously designated for outdoor use. Criminals paying attention might begin to wonder. Use dome cameras at the front door. Real dome cameras conceal where the lens is pointed. People expect to see this type of camera at entrances. They also provide 360 degrees of coverage, and are tamper proof. Cameras placed with no obvious target area will raise questions about their effectiveness. Also, ensure the camera lens is not pointed at the ground, the sides of the structure or pointed straight up.

Play Your Part Well and Others Will Play Theirs

You can call placing fake security cameras a process of elimination. Would be burglars that are serious about maintaining their freedom will make on the spot assessments. Simply by driving by a potential target, a burglar will eliminate that house as a target, if security measures are obvious. The potential payoff is calculated by assessing risk. Like any professional contractor, the cost of the job is estimated by the amount of effort that must be put forward. A plumber, for example, will lose profit if they misjudge the effort and materials needed. A criminal that does this loses their freedom. Your part as a homeowner is to ensure the cameras always have fully charged batteries to operate the motion sensors and lights. Use widow decals and yard signs to warn of video surveillance.

Many Crimes are Crimes of Opportunity

Fake cameras are not just for the exterior of the home or business. You may have simply assumed that an intruder will never see the inside of the home if they leave after spotting cameras around the exterior. As a homeowner, stop and calculate how many people beside family members have been inside your home over the course of days, weeks or even months.

The cable installer is all over the home, they are in the basement, attic and every room inside. They are not professional criminals however. The large screen television or the new laptop may be more appealing than their sense of right or wrong. They overhear a conversation and realize the home will be vacant at a certain time. They plan and they decide to supplement their wages. Then they spot the camera mounted high in the corner with blinking red lights. It is a motion activated one. You as a homeowner have just thwarted a crime.

This is a prime example of why the cameras must be installed as if real. The cable installer, an electrician or any contractor has more mechanical knowledge than the average person does. You may think well they can spot a fake. They can if the fake camera is not installed properly. Quality fake cameras have real cables attached and many even come with AC adapters for use with household current. Mount the cameras in logical places and plug them in if applicable. Make sure the cables are run into the wall if they need to be. Criminals are aware of wireless cameras so the fact that cables are not protruding everywhere does not raise any questions.

However, they may look for a receiver. Make a point to keep the office locked when workers are present, if they need access be there to keep them from looking to closely at things. Have a file cabinet and keep it locked even if it is empty. Locked doors and secured cabinets all maintain the illusion. Individuals see the cameras and then find doors and file drawers locked they soon put the pieces together. This is doing your part as a security conscience homeowner. They have no idea if the receiver is in there. Unless they have access to your computer, they cannot tell if it is the receiver either. This is not to say that professional contractors are dishonest. The truth is many break-ins are done by individuals that have been in the home before, in some cases, more than once.

By no means, is any statement meant to indicate, or give the impression cable installers or any professional contractor is dishonest. The statement is simply to illustrate how many people may have been in a home over a certain period.

You may be thinking that if all of this has to be done why not just go ahead and install real ones. The cost is the reason why. Budgetary constraints are a major factor. The steps you take to maintain the illusion cost you little in dollars. The payoff however, is well worth the effort. The material costs are just a small percentage when compared to having real cameras professionally installed and monitored.

To maintain the deception, it is wise to install the fake security cameras yourself. The local contractor unwittingly may tell their colleagues or partner. Security is about keeping secrets. For example, armored car drivers never use the same route twice in succession. Their manifest will never have an inventory of contents. It is all about maintaining a security profile. The unknown will make intruders move on to the next house.

Criminals Do Not Want To Work Hard So They Spend Time Looking For Easy Targets

Your home says a lot about you, how it is maintained, what the lawn looks like and so forth. Cameras tell intruders you are paying attention. Fake Security CamerasThieves look for people who appear unaware of their surroundings. Toys or tools strewn about the driveway and yard tell people you may not be paying attention. Lack of obvious security is an open invitation. You have heard the term keeping up appearances. It applies to your security profile, as well.

An expensive looking surveillance system loses some of its impact when someone sees a cheaply constructed hollow core front door. The lock is not effective and easily defeated. The home profile as a whole must indicate you are aware of things, and are pro-active when it comes to security.

You have worked hard for your possessions and your family’s safety is the number one priority. It requires some effort to install fake security cameras and you must apply all the window dressing to go along with it. However, by not doing so you have set yourself up for an intrusion. Do not install cameras in trees with no obvious means of power where leaves and branches block the lens. This tells everyone you have thought about security but have only put a half-hearted effort into it. Tinkering around the edges when it comes to security is obvious to criminals. The efforts send a signal you are not serious, and frankly may not have a clue.

Like a Good Lie Good Deception Mixes In the Truth

Professional bodyguards put tremendous effort into deception. They mix the real in with the fake. When driving their client to and from places they use several cars all the same make and model. No one knows which vehicle to target. Anyone with ill intent is confused, overwhelmed and the majority of the time will give up any attempt.

Unlike money, you can have too many cameras, in some instances. Large estates are expected to have cameras in specific locations. Cameras would be mounted at the gatehouse or covering an entrance gate. The cameras would be mounted to screen visitors or capture vehicle license plates. Anyone would expect a large number of cameras to be present. There would be several covering the perimeter, the backyard, pool area and driveway. The cameras even if fake will still give the correct impression. However, having a large number of expensive looking cameras located around a modest dwelling can send the wrong signal.

It is perfectly acceptable to mix fake security cameras in with real ones that capture and record images. Many homeowners want a real camera to be able to see who may be at the front door. However, they realize most burglars gain access from back doors, upstairs windows and so forth. Decoy cameras can be placed in among real ones to increase your home’s security. Once again, place them in logical locations. One must cover the backyard and any doors or windows where anyone could gain entry. Homes having security gates at the end of their driveway would want one there, as well. These are logical locations and no one would question their position.

Parents regardless of economics want a camera to be able to monitor their child’s care while with a babysitter. They have prioritized, and placed the camera where they foresee the highest risk. In this case, fake cameras can be used in other areas of the home for the babysitter’s benefit. The babysitter has in all likelihood, determined the nanny cam is real. Therefore, others mounted high in the corners of certain rooms will be real to them, as well. This goes back to keeping honest people honest. Let them know you are paying attention and aware.

Prevention is the motivation behind fake security cameras. Let people know up front you are watching. No one wants to take the chance of being recorded committing a criminal act or even a very dumb act. Workers in your home when you are away may decide to help themselves to leftovers in the refrigerator. Seeing cameras mounted will stop this type of activity. Nosy neighbors will not snoop while your back is turned. This brings up another point. Do not tell your friends and neighbors. Once you tell a secret, it of course, is no longer a secret.

Part of good deception is being mysterious about certain things. You must be closed mouthed about your security measures. When people are not sure they hesitate, and many times will not follow through with what they intended. You must maintain appearances to have the proper security profile that will protect your family and possessions.