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Video Security Camera Systems

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Nothing can provide better protection than video security camera systems.  Today’s systems can be “tailor built” to suit every individual need and with Internet availability you can have absolute control almost anywhere you go.  Security Camera King features several different video security camera systems in our on-line catalog of security equipment.

In the not to distant past, video security camera systems were tools that only a commercial or industrial business or a very wealthy household could afford.  That is no longer true, thanks to incredibly reduced prices, mostly attributed to the “digital revolution.”  As computer and electronic technology advances, components become smaller, more powerful, and less costly.  This holds true for the digital video security system industry as well.

In fact, not only have video security camera systems become smaller, more powerful, and less costly, but the components themselves are becoming like self contained mini-units which makes installation incredibly easy.  For most systems all that is needed is to mount the cameras and power supply, run the cables, and set up the Digital Video Recorder or DVR.  It has become so easy that you can install most complete systems as a do-it-yourself project in one weekend or less.

A standard video security camera system today consists of digital video cameras and a DVR.  Of course, many users prefer to use a full-time monitor to display the cameras’ images, but it is only truly necessary to set up the system.  After that, the monitor can be removed and the system can continue to operate with the settings you have chosen.

The operation of video security camera systems is pretty straight forward too.  The camera’s main function is to capture video (and audio if so equipped) and send it to the DVR.  The DVR stores the video and makes it available for viewing.  The monitor provides the means of output for the system; it displays the cameras’ captured video.

Are video security systems really that simple?  Well yes and no, but thanks to digital technology, the units can be constructed in such a way that the user doesn’t really need to concern himself or herself with the actual mechanism of function; they just need to make sure everything is placed (mounted) in the proper locations to make the system work.  The following is a closer look at how the video security camera system works.

We’ll begin with the digital video camera.  Inside each digital video camera is a sensor that can change light energy into measurable impulses of electricity.  There are two different sensors that function in two entirely different ways, yet produce the same end result, electronic video data.  The sensors are called a Charged Coupled Device or CCD and a Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor or CMOS.

After the sensor converts the light energy into electrical energy, that energy is sent through a series of on-board Integrated Circuit (IC) chips that interpret the electrical impulses.  These may include Digital Signal Processors or DSPs and analog-to-digital converter processors.  Once the data is prepared and digitized it is ready to leave the camera and travel to the DVR.

The DVR receives the digital video from the camera but it is in “raw” form, meaning it has not received fine tuning adjustments or the proper compilation of the data to create a digital video file.   The DVR has its own DSP and central processor that immediately begin to work on the data sent by the cameras.

The cameras’ data is analyzed and any fine tuning adjustments are made by the DVR.  Next, the DVR employs a COmpression/DECompression (CODEC) utility that has one specific purpose; the CODEC reduces the video image file to a fraction of the original size while maintaining a minimal loss of quality.

There are many different types of CODECs.  As technology improves, a newer CODEC is eventually produced, “out shrinking” digital video files as compared to the previous CODEC.  Security Camera King’s video security camera systems all use the latest and most efficient CODEC called “H.264.”  It provides maximum file reduction while maintaining video quality as much as possible.

After compressing the data the DVR creates a digital video file and saves it on its hard disk drive.  In addition, the DVR makes the file immediately available for viewing on a monitor.

If you are interested in purchasing a video security camera system, check out our on-line catalog or contact us by “Live Chat” or telephone and speak to one of our security experts today.


Hidden Spy Camera

Friday, November 19th, 2010

There are times when it is necessary to monitor and/or record video using a hidden spy camera. Often, these require situation specific digital video cameras and systems. Security Camera King offers a huge selection of hidden spy cameras to meet all of your covert video capturing needs.

Although digital video security camera systems reap an added benefit of deterring criminal activity, there are some applications where it may be necessary to record video with out be obvious. This is usually accomplished by disguising a very small video camera within the body of another object. The other object may or may not always function for the purpose that it appears it was manufactured.

Modern technological developments in lenses, video image sensor chips, and Integrated Circuit (IC) chips have yielded the smallest of cameras. The smaller these digital video cameras are, the easier it is to disguise them as hidden spy cameras. In fact, technology has become so advanced in producing compact cameras that they can be hidden within a wristwatch (check out our product # HC-WATCH Hidden Watch Color Camera with Audio) or even an ink pen (checkout our product # HC-PEN).

Hidden spy cameras may be either wireless or wired. For a vast selection of wireless spy cameras click on “Wireless Hidden Cameras” under the “Security Cameras” heading on the left side of our web page. For a large selection of hidden spy cameras that are wired or a standalone camera unit, click on the “Hidden Security Cameras” heading under the “Security Cameras” heading. However, if you need a camera and built in Digital Video Recorder or DVR, then click on the “Hidden Camera Systems” heading under the “Security Cameras” heading.

Digital video cameras produce electronic data that is used to create a digital video file. Digital video files can be read and understood by Personal Computers (PC) and Macintosh (MACs) alike. Since digital video files are a type of computer file, they can be stored on memory chips designed for computer use. Recent advancements in the construction and development of memory chips have yielded chips with a greater memory capacity and a much smaller design.

Hidden spy cameras take advantage of this technology to produce micro-camera systems with small size memory chips. The final product yields a self contained high-quality digital video camera as well as a DVR. The actual memory chip media for these cameras may be SD cards, Thumb Flash drives, or built-in memory chips that can transfer their data to a computer using a USB cable.

These hidden spy cameras and hidden spy camera systems may or may not contain their own power supply, depending on the camera or system. For example our product # HC-SPRNK-WC Wired Color Sprinkler Hidden Camera requires an external power source. This camera is disguised to look just exactly like an emergency fire sprinkler head. However, like regular digital video cameras, this hidden spy camera requires power from a low-voltage Direct Current (DC) source. This is normally supplied by a power distribution center or a plug-in transformer/adapter. On the other hand, our Hidden Watch Color Camera with Audio previously mentioned, contains its own rechargeable battery and 4 Gigabytes of on board memory as well.

Security Camera King “crowns” our competition with a tremendous offering of hidden security cameras. The following is just a partial list of the hidden spy camera types of we have to offer. These cameras are disguised as:
• Motion detectors;
• Smoke detectors;
• Sprinklers;
• Ink pens;
• Buttons;
• Screws;
• Wrist watches;
• Speakers;
• Exit signs;
• Wall clocks;
• Alarm clocks;
• Cordless house phones;
• Emergency lights;
• HVAC thermostats;
• Vanity mirrors;
• Wind Tunnel fans;
• CD boom boxes;
• Air fresheners; and,
• Utility boxes.

Our supply of hidden spy camera systems most of which can record audio and have built-in DVRs are disguised as:
• Portable wick and lighter fluid type lighters;
• Mini desk clocks;
• Sunglasses;
• Car key remote keychain;
• Spot lights;
• Motion detectors;
• Rearview mirrors;
• Electrical outlets;
• Air fresheners and air purifiers;
• Exit signs;
• Wall clocks;
• CD boom boxes;
• Room fans; and,
• Desktop lamps.

If you have any additional questions or would like to purchase a hidden spy camera, contact one of Security Camera Kings security experts today. You can reach them by clicking on the “Live Chat” button or by calling us at 866-573-8878 Monday through Friday from 9AM to 6PM.