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Spring Airsoft Rifles

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Spring airsoft rifles are a safe yet realistic alternative to the real rifles they are modeled after, however spring airsoft rifles look and feel like the real thing. Spring airsoft rifles shoot 6 mm plastic BBs or paintballs instead of real ammunition or metal BBs making them an excellent alternative to the real rifle for use in simulations or training and for sport and leisure gaming.

Airsoft is a generic term used to describe any weapon that shoots plastic 6 mm round pellets or BBs. This ammunition is larger than conventional steel, copper, or other metal BBs which normally have a caliber of 4.5 mm. Typically, the BBs weigh .20 grams or heavier and are normally sold based on the weight of the pellet. In addition, airsoft weapons may be constructed to use a variety of propellant methods for shooting the plastic pellet including electric gear driven power boxes, gas, and spring action.

Most high quality spring airsoft rifles are exact replicas of their real counterparts. The gun body is even constructed of full jacketed metal and weighs the same as the original. This provides the most realistic training available while maintaining a much safer disposition to the weapon. In addition, realistic rifle accessories such as magnifying and non magnifying scopes and laser sights are also available maintaining the most realistic mock-up possible.

Airsoft guns are normally categorized based on whether they are handguns or rifles. Rifles are further categorized into three basic groups based on how the projectile is propelled, gas, electric, and spring. Although every model has its own unique list of specifications, as a general rule the muzzle velocity of a spring airsoft rifle is between an electric gear box driven model and a gas model.

Typical velocities for automatic electric gear box driven rifles range from approximately 200 to 380 Feet Per Second (FPS), while gas powered rifles average approximately 450 to 500 FPS (again, this is just an average as each model is different). Spring airsoft rifles typically range from about 350 to 450 FPS. Depending on the model, the shooting range of an airsoft spring rifle ranges from 70 – 250 feet, with most shotgun models at the lower end of the range and most sniper type rifles at the top.

Gas powered airsoft rifles may use CO2, Green Gas, or even propane to propel the plastic BBs out of the rifle. Spring airsoft rifles are powered by the potential energy stored in a spring by the user “coking back” the spring for each shot. The spring is attached to an airtight piston that is housed within a cylinder. When the trigger is pressed, the spring instantly transfers all of its potential energy into kinetic energy by releasing the piston which is pushed forward at a high rate of speed inside the cylinder. This causes the air within the cylinder to become high compressed, forcing the plastic BB forward out the barrel.

Some spring airsoft rifle models offer additional spring upgrades for purchase. These spring upgrades offer a higher tension spring which can store and release more energy. This in turn creates a projectile with a faster muzzle velocity (FPS) and a potentially longer distance range.

There are basically three types of spring airsoft rifles. Single shot rifles shoot single shots of BBs and simulate many of their real counterparts. Shotguns look and feel like their real counterparts, however instead of firing a spread of small BBs or “shot” like a real shotgun, they usually are made to fire one plastic BB. Sniper rifles, as their name implies, simulate the look and feel of their real high-powered counterparts.

Spring airsoft rifles offer an economical, safe alternative to real rifles. They allow the user to become comfortable with carrying and using the rifle while offering a safe alternative for target practice, training and simulations. Local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies as well as the U.S. Department of Defense use spring airsoft rifles for training and simulations.

If you are interested in purchasing a spring airsoft rifle or have addition questions concerning airsoft rifles and accessories, contact one of Security Camera King’s security experts today.


Self Defense Weapons

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

In this day and age, self defense weapons may play a vital role in saving yours or some other friend’s or relative’s life. Security Camera King recognizes this fact and carries, in addition to its wide supply of security video system supplies, an ample supply of practical self defense weapons.

Check out our full line of self defense weapons. We carry folding knives, handcuffs, mace pepper sprays, animal repellent, stun guns, tazers, and even instructional fighting DVDs.

The following is a brief description of some of the self defense weapons and devices that we offer. For prices and more specific information on specific devices click on “Personal Protection” on the left hand side of our web page and select the specific item you are interested in.

Folding Knives
Security Camera King carries several different folding knives that can be used as self defense weapons. Fend off would be attackers with the flash of a professional folding knife. These knives are constructed of professional grade 420 stainless steel and are designed for easy opening with just one hand. We have a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and clip types.

Locking Cuffs
Locking cuffs aren’t always considered as a self defense weapon, however restraining an individual can be your first line of self defense. Security Camera King offers a variety of metal locking cuffs, including thumb cuffs, handcuffs, and leg cuffs.

Mace Pepper Sprays
The original chemical composition of mace was a 1% solution of phenacyl chloride, a tear gas chemical, suspended in a solution of 2-butanol, propylene glycol, cyclohexene, and dipropylene glycol methyl ether. Since this formulation is not allowed in many states and several countries, it is marketed on a limited basis by the owner of the registered trademark, Mace Security International. Most sprays designed as self defense weapons today and most marketed by Mace are now pepper sprays.

Pepper sprays so called because of their active ingredient, oleoresin capsicum, (also called “OC,” the ingredient that makes hot peppers hot!) cause uncontrollable coughing, choking, temporary blindness, and a burning sensation. These effects are all temporary and do not cause permanent damage. However, nothing says “BACK OFF” better than a one or two second burst of pepper spray. Even most law enforcement agencies and the military use OC pepper sprays as a self defense weapon. Security Camera King carries a full line of Mace brand:

• 10% pepper sprays;
• Pepper spray cartridges;
• Refill kits; and
• Holsters.

We even offer the Mace brand “Triple Action” spray that contains pepper, tear gas, and ultraviolet dye that can help to identify an assailant.

Animal Repellent
Not only can self defense weapons protect you from people attempting to do you harm, but attacks by animals are prevalent too. Just ask the postman, utility meter reader, or package courier. For times when the animal kingdom has you cornered we suggest our Mace brand canine repellent spray or even our Mace brand or Guard Alaska bear sprays.

We also carry an electronic ultrasonic dog repeller. This electronic device operates on a 9 volt battery to produce a sound that humans can’t hear but dogs can. The repeller also has a bright LED strobe light and together they can prevent a dog from advancing up to 40 feet away.

Stun Guns and Tazers
Stun guns are handheld devices that deliver a high voltage, low amperage charge when they come in contact with your assailant. This much electrical energy at once causes several reactions in muscle and nerve cells, interrupting their normal ability to function, throwing your attacker off balance and momentarily stunned, allowing you the opportunity to escape.

We have many varieties, types and accessories ranging from straight stun guns that deliver a 100,000 volt jolt, to stun guns that look like lipstick cases that deliver a 950,000 volt jolt to a flash light offers up a charge of 3.5 million volts.

Tazers have been called the stun gun that flies. Our Taser brand Tazers shoot two small dart-like electric probes into a potential assailant up to 15 feet away. Once the darts make contact, its time for power; several thousand volts of power.
We offer a full line of tazers and tazer accessories including holsters, batteries, and secondary cartridge clips.

So if it’s self defense weapons that you’re looking for, remember that Security Camera King carries more than just security cameras. Check out our full selection of items today.