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Parking Lot Security Cameras

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Friday, March 30th, 2012

Why Does My Company Need Parking Lot Security Cameras?

Parking Lot Security CamerasParking lots and parking garages are appealing for criminals because they provide a source for a wide variety of criminal activity. Car thieves see hundreds or even thousands of opportunities for potential hits in parking lots and parking garages. Other thieves also see parking lots as a gold mine — countless stereo systems, speakers, GPS systems, laptops, cell phones and other personal property are available for taking. Customers are not the only ones at risk. Your company’s shopping carts, outdoor landscaping and even plants and shubbery are also at risk of being stolen in a parking lot with no security cameras.

Not only is a parking lot a potential feeding ground for thieves, but an unsafe parking lot can also be a dangerous place for your customers and employees. People with bad intentions have a lot of opportunities to hide and prey on unsuspecting victims in parkings lots; countless muggings, kidnappings, murders and rapes have occurred in unsafe parking lots and parking garages.

A perhaps less dangerous, but still pesky and expensive problem that often plagues parking lots and parking garages is vandalism. Teenagers and other mischief seekers may find an un-secure parking lot as a great opportunity to vandalize both vehicles and your company’s property.

Although crime can and does happen anywhere, parking lots are particularly attractive to criminals because of their size and the volume of people and vehicles there. These crimes can be greatly reduced with proper security measures. Parking lot security cameras and surveillance cameras, as well as many other security precautions have proven to help prevent criminal activity in parkings lots and parking garages. Just the sight of security cameras and posted surveillance signs are often enough to stop a tempted criminal dead in his tracks. In the event that a crime does occur, proper parking lot security cameras can aid in the arrest and conviction of the criminal and can serve as a lesson for others who are contemplating committing crimes in your parking lot. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but a full-color video is worth even more than that in police stations and court rooms.

In addition to preventing crime and convicting criminals, parking lot security cameras also add a sense of safety and security that will make your employees and customers feel more at ease. Customers who see ample surveillance cameras and other security equipment in a parking lot immediately feel safer, and feel that their vehicle and belongings are safer. A safe parking lot can make your business more attractive than other area businesses that do not have proper parking lot security cameras and other security devices, therefore increasing business and giving your company a better image.

What Security Measures Should I Take In My Parking Lot?

When installing parking lot security cameras and surveillance cameras, there are a few things to keep in mind. Each company’s parking lot or parking garage is different and has different security needs; although all parking lots should have a certain level of security, some parking lots and parking garages require tighter security than others.

A small parking lot in a safe area may only require a few security cameras and a couple of posted signs. Larger parking lots and parking garages require an extensive system of parking lot security cameras, along with other security measures, to ensure maximum safety and security.

Proper lighting is a must for all parking lots and parking garages. Customers who can see clearly as they walk to or from their vehicle, even in the dead of night, will feel much safer and more secure. Bright lighting makes it much more difficult for potential criminals and mischief seekers to do their deeds without being seen. Ample lighting also helps to deter thieves and vandals. A darkly dressed criminal may feel he can beat the security cameras without being recognized in a dark area, but he will often be far too intimidated and afraid of being seen if there is bright lighting in the parking lot.

In dangerous neighborhoods or high crime areas, having gates around your parking lot and having security guards might be a good precaution to take. Although this is often un-neccessary with proper parking lot security cameras and lighting in a safe neighborhood, if your area is subject to a high crime rate or if your security cameras aren’t doing a sufficient job preventing crime, hiring a few security guards may be a good idea. In most cases, however, hiring security guards can be an expensive and unnecessary precaution if you have adequate lighting and the proper amount of surveillance cameras.

On top of these security precautions, parking lot security cameras are arguably the most important aspect of parking lot security. Make sure that security cameras are installed at any entrances and exits so that you have a clear view of every vehicle that enters your parking lot. Strategically place security cameras so that every inch of your parking lot can be seen on camera. Now is not a time to be cheap — be sure to invest in enough security cameras that your parking lot is fully covered.

After installing your parking lot security cameras, be sure to post multiple signs letting everyone know that they are there. Someone who is too quick to look for hidden cameras will often notice posted signs and will realize that their actions are being taped, causing criminals to rethink their actions. Posted signs also inform your customers and employees of the security cameras in your parking lot, so that they can feel safer and more secure.

Along with using signs to inform your customers and employees of this change, be sure to inform your insurance company about your recent parking lot security camera installation as well. Some insurance companies actually offer reduced rates and discounts for companies that use parking lot security cameras, yet another reason why installing surveillance cameras is a good idea. Also, in the unfortunate event of a liability case against your business, proof of sufficient parking lot security can help you to establish non-negligence.

What Kind Of Security Camera is Best For Parking Lots?

Obviously, there are many security cameras available on the market, and not all of them are ideal for parking lots and parking garages. A security camera that is designed for outdoor use is a must for parking lots, as it must be sturdy enough to make it through rain, wind, snow and other inclement weather. As security cameras themselves are often targeted by thieves and vandals, you should also take precaution to protect your cameras. Installing them on light posts and other tall fixtures is an effective way to protect your security cameras from the wrong hands. Vandal proof security cameras are also available on the market. Vandal proof security cameras are designed so that they are difficult if not close to impossible to break or steal.

Some security cameras have extra features and can zoom in or out, move from side to side and more. Some security cameras use infrared technology or are designed to be day/night cameras, providing a perfect picture even on the darkest of nights. There are even security cameras that are equipped with a motion sensor and can be programmed to zoom in and follow the movements of an individual or vehicle.

If wires are a concern, there are many security cameras that are wireless. Some only use a small power supply line, but others are completely wireless due to the use of rechargeable batteries. No matter what your parking lot needs or what concerns you have, feel rest assured that there are security cameras on the market for you.

In many cases, using a combination of different kinds of parking lot security cameras can prove to be effective. Several regular outdoor-use security cameras, combined with a few night-vision cameras and a few security cameras with motion detection technology can combine to be an effective combination when monitoring parking lots.

How Should I Monitor My Parking Lot Security Cameras?

Your parking lot security cameras will be hooked up to a main security system. In some cases, this system may be your PC, but most security parking lot security camerassystems have their own stand-alone digital video recording unit. A digital video recorder records the footage from your parking lot security cameras as a digital file to be watched at your discretion. These digital video recorders, or DVRs, are useful and convenient because they allow you to pause, rewind and fast forward through the footage, just as you can with your home television DVR. Different DVR systems have different storage capacities and it is ideal to choose one that allows you to save footage for a significant amount of time. Footage that doesn’t seem important right now could turn out to be just the tape that you need in a few months.

It is a good idea to put your monitor in an office or other area that is restricted from the public. Keeping it in an office where you or other employees get a lot of work done is sometimes a good idea, because then you can keep an eye on the running footage and possibly notice if something seems amiss in your parking lot. Periodically watch your security footage, even if nothing has been reported. This can sometimes help you to solve problems before they actually occur; if you notice an individual who is behaving suspiciously, you know to keep your eye out.

Never disconnect or turn off your security cameras; it’s inevitable that the one time that you do will be the time that something goes wrong. Keep your parking lot security cameras in good working condition and you will never regret your decision to have them installed.


High Quality Hidden Camera

Friday, February 18th, 2011

There are situations when designing your digital video security and surveillance system that you should consider using a high quality hidden camera. These cameras come in a variety of types, shapes, and sizes and connect to your system just like any other digital video security camera.

Today’s technology has allowed the digital video camera to be incredibly small and still produce a full-size high quality video image. Because of this, a high quality hidden camera can be disguised or concealed in just about any object. This is important when effective covert security and surveillance monitoring is required because the key to success is not being detected.

It seems as though there are almost as many high quality hidden camera models available as there are non-hidden models. As usage becomes more popular and demand increases, so does the variety of objects arrive on the market with these cameras embedded in them.

Most high quality hidden cameras use a 3.7 mm diameter lens and a 1/4″ or 1/3″ sensor. The sensor is what the lens focuses the light image on. It is also what is used to convert the light image into a potential electronic digital video image. There are two different sensors and every camera uses one; the Charged Coupled Device or CCD and the Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor or CMOS.

The rest of the internal working parts of a high quality hidden camera are just electronics. “Just electronics” doesn’t mean to lessen the sophistication and power of the technology, rather electronic technology as exponentially increased in the past several years. “Just electronics” means to imply that although there is a lot of circuitry, it can be accomplished by using very small Integrate Chip (IC) chips in a small amount of space.

Security Camera King offers a vast supply of high quality hidden cameras, hidden camera systems, and wireless high quality hidden cameras. The following is just a partial list of the items we offer:
420 TVL Motion Detector Camera. This is a high quality camera hidden inside a motion detector casing.
420 TVL Smoke Detector Hidden Camera. It looks just like a smoke detector; it functions as a high quality hidden camera.
Wired Color Sprinkler Hidden Camera. This camera looks like a commercial ceiling sprinkler that puts out fires.
Hidden Pen Color Camera with Audio. Now this is compact digital video technology and then pen actually functions as a pen.
Black and White Button Camera. This is an excellent example of the micro-small compact technology available today.
Black and White Screw Camera. Talk about small! This camera looks like the head of an ordinary Phillips type screw.
Hidden Watch Color Camera with Audio. Even James Bond didn’t have one of these!
Black and White or Color Wall Clock Cameras. Perfect for covert monitoring in the home or office.
Black and White Cordless House Phone. This unit has the camera hidden in the base. It also has a special high-power transmitter that can send the wireless video signal almost 2500 feet to the corresponding receiver.
Black and White CD/Boombox Camera. A fully functional music device with a camera inside.
Color Alarm Clock Camera. Think someone’s in your bedroom that shouldn’t be? This is a fully functional alarm clock.
Black and White Thermostat Camera. This unit does not function as a thermostat; it just looks exactly like one. It comes with an 8-hour rechargeable battery.
Color Emergency Light Camera. You’ve seen them before; the dual back-up power lights except these contain a high quality hidden camera.
Wireless Dog Baby Monitor Camera. Excellent for monitoring baby or toddler without the presence of a “scary” looking camera.
Wireless “EXIT” Sign Black and White Camera. Right this way folks, and please smile on your way out.
Color Wireless Motion Detector Camera.
Wireless Black and White Vanity Mirror. This camera activates when the mirror is touched; now that’s innovation.
Wireless Desktop Speakers. Full functioning speakers, but with a hidden camera inside. Great for use with computers.

This is just a partial listing of Security Camera King’s high quality hidden cameras. To see a complete line up of our products or to seek information on a specific model visit our “Hidden Security Cameras,” “Wireless Hidden Cameras,” and “Hidden Camera Systems” sections under “Security Cameras” on the navigation bar on the left side of our Web page.


Hidden Color Camera

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Most covert security and surveillance monitoring systems use a hidden color camera. There are definitely useful times when covert digital video recording is necessary and thanks to 21st century technology, the equipment for this purpose is not only available, but reasonably priced as well.

What makes a hidden color camera possible? The extremely small but highly accurate and efficient parts including, not only the mechanical (lenses for example) but the electronic (sensors, digital-to-analog converter for example) components of the camera as well, have yielded a miniature but powerful product that is easily hidden or disguised.

Hidden color cameras can be a component as part of a larger digital video security and surveillance system or they can be a miniature system all contained in one object. A digital video security system may consist of several different devices, but generally a basic system has three components that include the camera or cameras, a Digital Videos Recorder or DVR unit that also contains the Digital Signal Processor or DSP, and one or more monitors.

The digital video hidden color camera captures video images that it passes on to the DVR unit. The DVR unit’s DSP compiles the digital data sent to it by the camera can creates a digital video file that can be viewed on a monitor or saved on the DVRs hard disk drive for later viewing or archiving.

If the hidden color camera is an all-in-one unit, it usually consists of the camera and some sort of DVR. Thanks to Integrated Circuit (IC) chip technology, the necessary electronic circuitry and be constructed small enough to create a stand-alone hidden color camera that can be placed inside a typical ball-point pen casing.

Standalone all-in-one miniature hidden color camera units do not contain all of the components or sophisticated circuitry of their typical full size standalone cousins. Therefore, there are certain limitations for these smaller units. For example, the DVR used in a ballpoint pen version of a hidden color camera will obviously not have the storage capacity of a full size DVR unit with a hard disk drive.

Often, objects as small as a pen have their own limited built in electronic memory chip. Since their normally is a limitation on space, the memory chip is often limited to a relatively small capacity. Another option if the hidden color camera device is large enough is to use various types of portable memory media such as SD cards or other types of flash memory media.

In addition, these all-in-one hidden color cameras usually have a reduced resolution to conserve on file size as well. Their power source may be as small as a watch battery or they may be connected to an external power source via a pair of small wires. Nonetheless, these miniature cameras still capture good quality video and our excellent choices for covert security and surveillance purposes.

Security Camera King offers a wide variety of miniature standalone hidden color cameras for purchase. If you are interested check our “Hidden Camera Systems” and “Hidden Security Cameras” section by clicking the on “Security Cameras” then “Hidden Camera Systems” and also “Hidden Security Cameras” on the our navigation bar on the left. Just some of the systems we offer in addition to the “Hidden Pen Color Camera With Audio” include the “Portable Lighter Hidden Camera With Built-IN DVR & Audio,” the “Sunglasses Hidden Camera with Built-in DVR & Audio,” and the “Portable Car Key Hidden Camera with Built-In DVR & Audio.”

As mentioned earlier, hidden color cameras can also be one of the components of a larger, full-size digital video security and surveillance system. These devices are just cameras; that is, they do not usually include a DVR or any other components of a digital video system. They normally connect to the system either by a video transmission cable or wirelessly.

Wireless hidden color cameras have the extra advantage of being placed just about anywhere. These cameras are also small enough that in addition to being disguised as other objects, they can be mounted alone in areas or positions that keep all but the lens of the camera hidden.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these hidden color cameras, in addition to the two on-line catalog pages mentioned above under the “Security Cameras” heading, also check out our “Wireless Hidden Cameras“.


Surveillance Spy Cameras

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

If you need to keep an eye on someone without them getting an eye on you try using surveillance spy cameras. Actually, these cameras not only allow you to keep an eye on someone but also something like a pet, a house, a boat or some other type of property.

What exactly is a surveillance spy camera? Typically, a surveillance spy camera is a special type of digital video security and surveillance camera.

A digital video security camera usually has one of three different shapes. Box cameras look like rectangular box shapes and are typically mounted on walls, posts, and other areas. Bullet cameras resemble box cameras but have rounded ends, hence the name “bullet.” Dome cameras are normally flush mounted on a ceiling or wall and have a small protective bubble or dome that covers the camera. The presence of these cameras is somewhat obvious and their usually is no attempt to hide or disguise them.

Surveillance spy cameras on the other hand are digital video cameras that are much smaller, so small in fact that they are often hidden or disguised as other objects. They may contain their own Digital Video Recorder or DVR and power supply and be an entire standalone system, or they may require an external power supply and be incorporated into an entire digital video security system that has both hidden and visible cameras, a standalone DVR with a Digital Signal Processor or DSP, and a monitor.

How can surveillance spy cameras be so small? Let’s look at how a full-size digital video security camera works then will look take a look at a surveillance spy camera. Digital video cameras have three main components within the camera; the lens, a sensor chip, and the electronic circuitry used to operate the sensor chip and convert its information into digital data (a series of 1s and 0s).

The lens is a highly machined mechanically functioning glass (or plastic) that focuses the cameras field of view onto the sensor chip. Generally, the higher quality and type of lens, the higher quality of the video produced. Lenses determine how far, how wide, and how detailed the target area will appear.

There are two types of sensor chips, a Charged Coupled Device or CCD and a Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor or CMOS. These two chips work a little differently but accomplish the same objective, transferring light energy into electrical energy. These chips are usually square or at least rectangular in shape and usually range from 1/4 inch to 1 inch in size.

Electronic circuitry is used to interpret the chip, read its information, and convert it from an analog signal into digital data. The electronic circuitry may also provide other functions such as audio recording and movement of different camera parts.

Surveillance spy cameras contain the same components but the components are designed to be very, very small while still performing the needed task. For example, most of these cameras are extremely small. Their lens is not a full size variable lens but is a very small wide angle lens instead. This eliminates the need for a large lens attachment.

Secondly, surveillance spy cameras usually use one of two sizes for their CCDs or CMOSs, 1/4 inch or 1/3 inch. The incredibly small sizes of these sensor chips allows them to be used (hidden or disguised) in very small objects such as ink pens (see Security Camera King’s product # HC-PEN for example) or wristwatches (see our product # HC-Watch).

Finally, with the latest improvements in Integrated Circuit (IC) chip technology, incredibly complex circuits can be made in circuit chips that are only 1/4 inch in size also. For example, the electronic circuitry needed to activate and read the sensor, convert the information into digital data, and transmit it wirelessly to a corresponding receiver can be fit with a IC chip less than an inch in size.

In addition, surveillance spy cameras can also have their own miniature DVR in the form of a small memory chip. As computer memory technology advances, these chips become smaller yet hold more data. The data on the memory chip can be downloaded to a personal computer using a USB cord.

Security Camera King has a very wide assortment of surveillance spy cameras available for purchase. These cameras come in all sizes and types (view the products individually on-line by clicking on the left hand side of the page “Security Cameras” then “Hidden Security Cameras” or “Wireless Hidden Cameras” or “Hidden Camera Systems.”


Hidden Spy Camera

Friday, November 19th, 2010

There are times when it is necessary to monitor and/or record video using a hidden spy camera. Often, these require situation specific digital video cameras and systems. Security Camera King offers a huge selection of hidden spy cameras to meet all of your covert video capturing needs.

Although digital video security camera systems reap an added benefit of deterring criminal activity, there are some applications where it may be necessary to record video with out be obvious. This is usually accomplished by disguising a very small video camera within the body of another object. The other object may or may not always function for the purpose that it appears it was manufactured.

Modern technological developments in lenses, video image sensor chips, and Integrated Circuit (IC) chips have yielded the smallest of cameras. The smaller these digital video cameras are, the easier it is to disguise them as hidden spy cameras. In fact, technology has become so advanced in producing compact cameras that they can be hidden within a wristwatch (check out our product # HC-WATCH Hidden Watch Color Camera with Audio) or even an ink pen (checkout our product # HC-PEN).

Hidden spy cameras may be either wireless or wired. For a vast selection of wireless spy cameras click on “Wireless Hidden Cameras” under the “Security Cameras” heading on the left side of our web page. For a large selection of hidden spy cameras that are wired or a standalone camera unit, click on the “Hidden Security Cameras” heading under the “Security Cameras” heading. However, if you need a camera and built in Digital Video Recorder or DVR, then click on the “Hidden Camera Systems” heading under the “Security Cameras” heading.

Digital video cameras produce electronic data that is used to create a digital video file. Digital video files can be read and understood by Personal Computers (PC) and Macintosh (MACs) alike. Since digital video files are a type of computer file, they can be stored on memory chips designed for computer use. Recent advancements in the construction and development of memory chips have yielded chips with a greater memory capacity and a much smaller design.

Hidden spy cameras take advantage of this technology to produce micro-camera systems with small size memory chips. The final product yields a self contained high-quality digital video camera as well as a DVR. The actual memory chip media for these cameras may be SD cards, Thumb Flash drives, or built-in memory chips that can transfer their data to a computer using a USB cable.

These hidden spy cameras and hidden spy camera systems may or may not contain their own power supply, depending on the camera or system. For example our product # HC-SPRNK-WC Wired Color Sprinkler Hidden Camera requires an external power source. This camera is disguised to look just exactly like an emergency fire sprinkler head. However, like regular digital video cameras, this hidden spy camera requires power from a low-voltage Direct Current (DC) source. This is normally supplied by a power distribution center or a plug-in transformer/adapter. On the other hand, our Hidden Watch Color Camera with Audio previously mentioned, contains its own rechargeable battery and 4 Gigabytes of on board memory as well.

Security Camera King “crowns” our competition with a tremendous offering of hidden security cameras. The following is just a partial list of the hidden spy camera types of we have to offer. These cameras are disguised as:
• Motion detectors;
• Smoke detectors;
• Sprinklers;
• Ink pens;
• Buttons;
• Screws;
• Wrist watches;
• Speakers;
• Exit signs;
• Wall clocks;
• Alarm clocks;
• Cordless house phones;
• Emergency lights;
• HVAC thermostats;
• Vanity mirrors;
• Wind Tunnel fans;
• CD boom boxes;
• Air fresheners; and,
• Utility boxes.

Our supply of hidden spy camera systems most of which can record audio and have built-in DVRs are disguised as:
• Portable wick and lighter fluid type lighters;
• Mini desk clocks;
• Sunglasses;
• Car key remote keychain;
• Spot lights;
• Motion detectors;
• Rearview mirrors;
• Electrical outlets;
• Air fresheners and air purifiers;
• Exit signs;
• Wall clocks;
• CD boom boxes;
• Room fans; and,
• Desktop lamps.

If you have any additional questions or would like to purchase a hidden spy camera, contact one of Security Camera Kings security experts today. You can reach them by clicking on the “Live Chat” button or by calling us at 866-573-8878 Monday through Friday from 9AM to 6PM.