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Stun Master Stun Gun 100,000 volts Curved

Product# SM-100C
Stun Master Stun Gun 100,000 volts Curved
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Price $22.00
Product# BALUN-P
Price $2.49
Usually Ships Same Day
Dried Soup Diversion Safe
Price $15.00
Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Days
2 Megapixel IP Weatherproof Network Bullet IR Security Camera
Price $369.00
Usually Ships Same Day

Customer Reviews

  Review by N.L. on Feb 12, 2011
As a personal body guard with a concealed weapons permit, I have found many situations where I can't carry a firearm. For extra protection I carry the Stun Master Stun Gun. I have used it a few times and each time it has proven effective disabling the individual long enough to prevent an attack. I liked the curved shape of the Stun Gun because it seems to have a more natural feel when holding and using it. I highly recommend Stun Master, it's the best brand in stun guns.
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