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8 Channel 4K NVR with 8 POE

8 Channel 4K NVR with 8 POE


Customer Reviews

OK So far
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  Review by Kevin Bregler (New Jersey USA) on Jan 12, 2017
I am on the fence so far. I have had the unit for a week, it has been in at least partial operation for most of that. Basic set up was not a problem. I had an older analog system that the software was set up similar so navigating through the software was not an issue. I am an engineer with a background on networking so understanding that portion was not a problem either. Remote connection works well, but again, I already had DDNS and the App set up from my old analog DVR so there wasn't much to do. Where I am having issues is there are areas I would like to setup such as motion detection and on screen overlays and it will not let me. I contacted tech support and I was told there is an update to the firmware that should fix most of what I want. First, I have had the NVR a week, why was it sent out with old firmware? Second, it is not as easy as just getting the firmware and updating it, they want to remote in to the NVR. It has been 3 days of me going back and forth with about 1 response a day from tech support. It is the upgrade portion and the fact it shipped with outdated firmware that I am giving the unit 3 stars.
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Elite 4K NVR -
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  Review by Joseph P. DiFrancesco Jr. (New Jersey USA) on Jan 04, 2017
I bought the Elite NVR 8 Channel 4K NVR with POE October 2016. My first month the unit kept rebooting every Tuesday 1am even though the setting was disable and it would loose all recording settings. I spend multiple hours every week with customer service online (customer service could never be reached by phone and never returns calls even though that said your in queue for call back) trying to fix. After the 4th week they decided I needed a firmware update which fixed the problem. I recently bought a 4th camera (Elite Verficocal) which I installed. The new camera and one of the ones I previously installed 2 month ago stopped recording on Motion. Again tried calling customer service and was promised a call back that I was next in line but here it is 2 days latter, still waiting. I tried online support which they logged into my system but made thing even worst worse. I tried online support with another tech and he corrected what the last tech screwed up but not my cameras that does not record on motion. Im so fed up and aggravated. I should of researched their customer serviced technical department before I purchased. They are only available week days from 9am to 8pm no weekend which is tough for someone that works. Also they offer a 3 year warrantee but according to their sales department, their technical department decides whats covered and in my case said they will gladly SELL me a new one even though its only 3 month old. All I want is a system that works like its advertised. Very disappointed.
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Great Value but Not Easy
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  Review by Wallace Ridley (Maryland USA) on Sep 13, 2016
I have had this NVR supporting six POE cameras for about nine months. It has provided good quality service but the menus are not intuitive. The entire interface is cumbersome and difficult to learn. The manual that comes with the system is very poor. I have been unable to set up remote viewing so far but I haven't really worked at it either. Setting up remote viewing is not simple. That said, I feel this is a good system and I would consider it excellent for the price. I have just lost video recording on Channel 1 and will be contacting customer support after I finish this review. If you are somewhat technical, this system is a great value. If you aren't technical it is still a great value but you should probably have the system installed and configured by a professional.
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Remote issues but nice unit.
  Review by Eagle Haven Inc. (Pennsylvania USA) on Jun 15, 2016
The reviewer has last purchased this item on Sep 01, 2016
Very flexible options but menus are confusing and not clear. IE Browser control unstable on several machines. QuickDDNS setup is glitchy and keeps reverting back to default instead of keeping custom settings. Hopefully a firmware update will clean up.
Overall a nice unit.
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Jury still out
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  Review by Mike Neely on Apr 01, 2016
Not going to rate this unit yet because when it arrived, I could not get it to hold a connection with my router. I will say that the tech support was responsive and helpful. The technician suspected that the NIC was faulty and asked me to send the unit back which I did. It's been only 4 days since I returned it, but have not heard anything back on resolution.
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