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1080p 2MP Alliance HD CVI/TVI/AHD/CCTV IR 2.8mm

1080p 2MP Alliance HD CVI/TVI/AHD/CCTV IR 2.8mm


Price $31.65

Customer Reviews

Good but not great
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  Review by Matt Bradshaw (Indiana USA) on May 28, 2018
These are good budget 1080 cameras. I was expecting a little more crispness out of these then what I got. Usually I install cameras that allow for manual adjustments so you can perfect the image. But with the budget I was given by my client, I went with these. He is beyond pleased cause he is moving from 10+yr old analog. And they do produce a good 1080 image. I just expected a smidge more clarity out of these.

I still would recommend these to someone because bang for buck they are fantastic.
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