8MP Elite IP Network 4K IR Vandal Dome Security Camera

8MP Elite IP Network 4K IR Vandal Dome Security Camera


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Not what I expected
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  Review by Adam Imberi (South Dakota USA) on Apr 03, 2016
The reviewer has last purchased this item on Apr 02, 2016
Purchased 5 of them for a job. Got everything programmed before heading out and doing the install. Nice housing, easy to program. Those are the good things.

Bad things. Manipulation of what you are wanting to see is cumbersome compared to the 3 megapixel units (Product# IPOD-EL3IRE28). So had to make some different mounting brackets. Had to rotate the mounting to be able to align them properly. Did all of these things to gain in my opinion nothing. These 8mp cameras are not worth the cost. The image quality, the digital zoom, really don't support the cost increase. Do yourself a favor and pass on these. I gave them a 3 star due to the fact they record fine and work. But not worth the extra cost.

*****Note from Management:
I'm really sorry that you were not happy with these cameras. If all is configured correctly there is no reason why you should not be able to capture nearly 3 times more detail than you would with a 3 megapixel IP camera. Keep in mind that you can only see the benefit of the additional resolution when you digitally zoom into the image. The major benefit of the 8mp resolution is that you can zoom in almost 3 times as much without pixilation that you would get on a 3 Megapixel image.
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