4 Channel Prime Tribrid TVI/CCTV/IP 1U Recorder

4 Channel Prime Tribrid TVI/CCTV/IP 1U Recorder


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nice change from the Z brand
  Review by Pat Teaford (Kansas USA) on Jan 07, 2017
The reviewer has last purchased this item on Dec 25, 2016
I had run the Zmodo DVR for a few years and it always had trouble recognizing motion on all the cameras so this DVR is great, I can set the sensitivity down so I only get larger motion or set it up high enough so it will sense if a bird or cat jumps on my back deck.

The model TRIDVR-PRE4ME that I got was good for me because it will recognize the old Zmodo analog cameras now, and I'll be able to move up to the HD cameras later as I go, but the real seller for me was that this DVR has both the old VGA (PC monitor) output and also an HDMI output for my TV, my old TV I used on the Zmodo DVR had the VGA input but my new TV only had the HDMI inputs.
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