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Recorders are a key part of any location’s security system. It’s customary to store footage from your cameras for about a month in order to review any events or suspicious activity. We offer you Elite recorders that can handle high volumes of video data from numerous cameras. We can help you find appropriate recorder options regardless of the scale of your space.

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Elite Recorder for Medium to Large Facilities The Elite Pentabrid is one of the most advanced hybrid recorders in the industry. This recorder functions using multiple common digital interfacing technologies. This makes it ideal for integrating with existing networks and infrastructures. Elite Recorder Featuring an Easy User Interface Common features of Elite DVRs include a strong processor, a fast and sophisticated embedded operating system, and easy navigation thanks to an intuitive Graphic User Interface. You can trigger events such as recording, email, video push, or your preferred form of notification. Multiple Channel Elite Compatible with Common Digital Interfaces This multi-channel Elite DVR gives you the ability add more channels depending on the type of stream you need. Beyond that, all available channels may be used for a full IP recorder that delivers a large amount of bandwidth. It lets you record high resolution footage, which is crucial when it comes to discerning details that may be useful when reviewing a suspicious incident. Simple Elite Mini DVR for Smaller Facilities This mini Elite DVR offers an incredible number of features for an economical price. These features include a powerful processor and a secure and reliable embedded operating system. Use this device to control functionalities such as motion detection, and implement triggers such as recording, video push, and email all from a convenient location such as your home or office. You can make changes from anywhere with an Internet connection once you connect the system to a network.