19 Inch LCD Monitor

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High-Quality 19 inch LCD Flat Panel Monitors specifically chosen for their compatibility with our DVR Systems. These are wide screen monitors and they have a VGA input that is compatible with all our DVRs.


Remote Viewing Apps

The ability to view security camera systems remotely has transformed the video surveillance industry in powerful ways. Prior to this innovation, manned users were needed on location to view live feeds. Now, it’s possible to view live camera feeds digitally through network-connected devices. IP security cameras make this innovation possible. With remote viewing, anyone, from anywhere in the world, can visibly watch live camera feeds.

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for 19 Inch LCD Monitor

  1. Mclanahan, Rebecca

    This had great picture quality. I purchased a second one to replace the one for my PC.

  2. G. Youngs

    The picture is crisp and clear, colors are good. I like this monitor because I bought it as an entry level monitor and when I upgrade I can use this with my computer.

  3. Jennifer Hughes

    This is a nice monitor for completing your Security Camera King security camera package system. The 19 inch size is not too large to be overbearing and it’s not too small to make viewing useless. The picture is clear and the color is very vibrant. 19 inch VGA monitors are not necessarily easy to get these days because every one wants HDMI or larger screens so it’s nice to be still be able to purchase these at competitive prices. Our security team actually uses three of these monitors and we are very satisfied.

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