6TB Video Surveillance Series Hard Drive Storage


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This is a 6TB (Terabyte) Hard Disk Drive. It is the highest quality hard drive you can buy for security NVRs and DVRs. In fact, in order to ensure your security recorder is recording above industry standards, a hard drive such as this is necessary. These are not desktop computer hard drives. Computer hard drives cannot take the high temperatures and constant recording that DVRs and NVRs need to record to. These Security Hard Drives are specifically manufactured to handle 24/7 recording for long periods of time.

Data transfers are up to 6GB/s.

If you need to know how much hard drive memory you actually require check out our Online Hard Drive Calculator.

For complete specs, check out the downloads tab

This HDD comes with a 1 Year warranty from Securitycameraking.com & an additional 2 year warranty through the Factory only .For further warranty information, click here.

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