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The 2016 Election Results show in favor for Marijuana Law Reform

  • 4 States pass full legalization including recreational marijuana laws
    • California votes Yes on Prop 64
    • Maine Passes a citizen initiative that legalizes adult use of marijuana
    • Massachusetts votes to Pass the initiative for adult cannabis use
    • Nevada votes yes on the regulation and taxation of marijuana act
  • 4 more states pass medical marijuana laws
    • Floridians Pass Amendment 2 Legalizing a New Medical Marijuana Program
    • Arkansas votes Medical Marijuana Amendment 2016
    • Montana passes Initiative 182
    • North Dakota Passes Measure 5

The November 2016 election results showed in favor for marijuana law reform.  On November 8th voters in Massachusetts, Maine, California and Nevada all passed laws legalizing marijuana for recreational use, while Florida, Montana, North Dakota and Arkansas voted in favor of Medical Marijuana initiatives.

Arizona was the only state with recreational use on the ballot that did turn in favor for the law.

The Cannabis supporter celebrate nationwide as the 2016 Election makes history for the movement to end marijuana prohibition in our country. Sensibly regulating cannabis takes marijuana from the black market and puts it into our economy where it can become a financial benefit for the people.

As each state begins processing these new marijuana laws and initiatives there will be many marijuana entrepreneurs looking for information on how to contribute or join the marijuana industry in their state.

At Security Camera King we are security experts in Marijuana security and we will continue to work the cannabis industry in creating Security camera systems for marijuana business owners. At Security Camera King our goal is to meet and/or beat your state’s compliance standards and to help build you a security camera system that are both secure and effective in improving business goals.

We have experience working with producers, processors, and retailers alike and our marijuana security department to date has a 100% success rate, in marijuana security compliance.

We plan to continue to guide and support marijuana entrepreneurs from Massachusetts, Maine, California and Nevada, in their security efforts as we have supported Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska.

The 2016 Election results show in favor for Marijuana law reform, and with new states legalizing marijuana we are honored to partner with and assist businesses in the industry with reliable, affordable security solutions to make the process of building your business a little bit easier for you.