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Affordable High Definition Surveillance Systems for Banks and Financial Institutions


Banks and financial institutions are high-traffic, high-risk facilities that require safety and security. In these businesses, there is a need to secure employee and customer safety, as well as a need to protect and secure valuable banking assets. In a banking environment, Affordable High Definition Surveillance Systems are critical to secure, monitor, and deter theft. For these reasons it is important for the financial institution to keep their surveillance equipment up to date with high definition video.

Having an HD Security Camera System benefits the financial institution significantly. Bank employees are dealing with everyday interactions with the public and handling valuable assets that the bank is liable to protect. Having access to high definition surveillance video in a high risk situation allows you to capture details and transaction exchanges that a traditional analog system may have previously missed.

With technology and industry advancements in CCTV and video, there has never been a better time to upgrade to a high definition security camera system. Enhance your banks security with HD video and protect yourself against fraud, theft and other liabilities.

Affordable High Definition Surveillance System: HD-CVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface)
HD-CVI Technology has provided CCTV experts with a cost-effective method to upgrade high-security banking and financial institutions to high definition. In cases where the bank already has traditional analog system installed, the cost of new cabling and IP surveillance systems may not be an option. This is where HD-CVI Technology comes into play. With HD-CVI, upgrading from analog is simple, reliable, and provides multiple features that make installation, setup and access convenient.

HDCVI Feature benefits:

  1. Upgrading from analog: Utilizing already existing coaxial or cat5 cable, HDCVI can easily replace traditional analog systems for 1080p HD digital video. (HDCVI cameras are also compatible with standard video power baluns.) This allows for flexible and cost efficient installation.
  2. Reliable long distance transmission: HDCVI is able to transmit data and high quality video without loss up to 1600ft vs. HD-SDI which is only able to transmit data up to 320ft, making HDCVI ideal for coaxial installs.
  3. Two way control: Allows the user to control the camera’s OSD settings such as WDR, DNR and Sense-up from the monitoring location and desktop.
  4. Motorized Zoom: Cameras with motorized zoom allow you to easily adjust and refine an image from the monitoring site.
  5. Monitoring Software: Allows for easy access through desktop or mobile devices that does not require you to be on location to review video. Adjust camera settings, review video playback and capture live video from anywhere.

Up to 2 MegaPixel Resolution:
Generating clear crisp imagery in 1080p is important to deter criminal activity as well as protecting employees, customers, property and assets. Whether you need to identify currency, review the details of a transaction, or identify a person of interest, high definition surveillance plays a critical role in protecting your business.

Easily migrate a traditional analog system to digital with HD-CVI. Utilize our free technical support to customize and optimize a system to fit your facility’s unique security and surveillance goals. Your systems can be designed to enhance your already existing security protocols. Our industry experts and technical support teams are available to serve as your support throughout the entire process. Our team will help design, execute, and install. Additional technical support is also available if a problem should occur in the future, saving you time and money.

Environment Security:
Security is more than just protection against criminal activity and violence. As a business you are also trusted to protect and secure customer assets and investments, as well as secure a safe work environment for your employees. You can trust our quality equipment to secure your banking environments. You can monitor and protect your customers, employees and valuable assets.

When you are in an industry dealing with the public and having to secure valuable assets, it is a good idea to enhance your security systems to ensure reduced risk factors and to provide your business protection from liabilities that could affect the business negatively. Having high-quality, high-definition surveillance systems will allow you to capture the full image while also allowing you to capture the details.

High Definition Systems:
Although HD-CVI Technology is affordable and easy to upgrade, the technology is limited to 2 Megapixels (1080p resolutions). If your institution is looking for higher resolutions (3MP and above) I would suggest looking into IP network surveillance systems. IP network surveillance systems can be more flexible and the technology ranges from 2– 12 mega pixel resolutions. Upgrading from traditional analog surveillance to IP network surveillance comes at a higher cost. The system upgrade require a new cabling infrastructure to be run, along with equipment and installation costs.

What Resolution do I choose?
Resolutions are based on a combination of job requirements and location size and personal preferences. For enclosed locations in lower traffic situations you will be okay with 720p-1080p (1-2 megapixels) resolutions. If you’re a business that has high traffic and has large areas to cover you may want to consider some of the higher resolution options. 6-8 mega pixel resolutions are more effective for large high traffic locations like Sports stadiums, arenas, and hotels and require higher bandwidth options to operate effectively.

If you need help choosing your system’s resolutions you may contact your local dealer or installer to help with system design, or call one our sales representatives who will be able to help in selecting the proper surveillance system for your facility.

VGA: 640 x 480 | D1: 720 x 480 | Full D1 (FD1), 960H: 960 x 480 | 720p: 1280×720 | 1.3 MegaPixel: 1280×1024 | 1080p, 2.1 MegaPixel: 1920×1080 | 3 MegaPixel: 2048×1536 | 5 MegaPixel: 2592×1920 | 6 MegaPixel: 3072×2048 | 8 MegaPixel: 3840×2160



Having high definition video has many benefits and have the ability to reduce liabilities, observe the handling of valuable assets, and protect customers and employees from shady interactions. Access to high definition surveillance video in a high-risk situation allows you to capture details and exchanges that traditional analog systems may miss. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of technology advancements and upgrade to a high definition security system. Enhance your security with HD video and protect yourself against fraud, theft and other liabilities.

To learn more about the benefits of HD-CVI as well as some side by side comparison security camera videos, check out our “What is HD-CVI” Page.

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