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Closed Circuit Tv Camera

The first step in installing closed circuit TV cameras is to conduct a survey of the area to be recorded. Think about what happens in each area. What exactly do you hope to accomplish by capturing the action in the area? Will it be important that you record every inch of a room? Will you need more than one camera to accomplish your goals? Normally, closed circuit television systems come in 1, 2, 8 and 16 camera systems. Which will best accomplish your goals? Do you need cameras outside to accomplish your goals?

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How To Connect A Microphone To Your DVR

Although most people who have a security system are familiar with DVR systems and the different types of security cameras that are available, a lot of people do not think about incorporating microphones into their security systems. Although microphones are not for everyone, they can be a beneficial addition to some security systems, whether in the home or at the family’s business.

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Indoor Security Cameras

Many times, when people think about adding security cameras to their home or business, they mainly consider the outside. Indoor security cameras are just as important as outdoor security cameras, however. In both residential and commercial settings, indoor security cameras can help to prevent crime and help home or business owners to properly monitor their property at all times.

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How To Benefit From An Auto-tracking PTZ

Surveillance cameras have been in use for decades to deter crime and to capture video evidence to be used in the prosecution of crimes. However, criminals are aware of surveillance cameras and continually attempt to circumvent them, by various means. Taking advantage of human behavior is one way criminals avoid being filmed in a criminal act. Security guards and even homeowners cannot be everywhere at once. Therefore, many surveillance systems are unattended, in other words, the cameras videotape without the benefit of human analysis. The crimes and actions of others are being recorded and preserved, but the acts in some cases are only detected after the fact. However, new technology has once again caught up with the demand. New technology shows us how to benefit from an auto-tracking PTZ. PTZ is an acronym used to describe cameras that can pan, tilt and zoom.

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