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CCTV Camera Power Supplies

When you are thinking about purchasing a CCTV camera system, whether it’s HD-CVI, Analog, or IP, you will need to power those cameras. This article will explain briefly the different types of power supplies available and which camera technologies they are good for.

Single Camera Power Supplies

For HD-CVI and Analog, and IP Cameras (when not using POE).
Single Camera Power Supplies are used to power 1 camera with 12v DC power. We have 3 different kinds that supply different amperages, depending on your camera’s amperage needs. Currently we have a 1 Amp, 2 Amp and 5 Amp power supplies.

Single Camera Power Supplies

4 and 8 Camera Output Switching Power Supplies

For HD-CVI and Analog, and IP Cameras (when not using POE).
Multiple camera output switching power supplies are useful when you have up to 8 cameras and do not want to have a bunch of cords from single camera power supplies. There is one plug that plugs into an outlet and on the other end, each port plugs into a single camera. Currently we have a 4 Camera Power Supply and an 8 Camera Power Supply.

4 and 8 Camera Power Supplies

12v DC Power Distribution Box

For HD-CVI and Analog, and IP Cameras (when not using POE).
When you do not want to deal with a bunch of cords and power supplies, the best choice is powering your cameras with a power distribution box. These power distribution boxes are easy to use. It is optimal to install it near where your security recorder and plug into a standard outlet or Back Up Power Supply. If you are using Siamese Cable for your installation, the 18-2 wire of the Siamese will connect directly to the distribution box. Currently, we sell a 4 Channel, an 8 Channel, a 9 Channel, a 16 Channel and 18 Channel Power Distribution Boxes.

Power Distribution Boxes

POE (Power over Ethernet) Switches

For IP Cameras
When you are powering IP cameras, you have your choice of either powering them with the standard 12v DC power supplies above or by supplying power through a POE (Power over Ethernet) Switch. These POE Switches are simple to use. All you need to do is connect the IP camera to the switch using a Cat5 or Cat6 Ethernet Cable. The POE Switch plugs into a standard outlet and then needs to be connected to your network to be seen by your NVR or via the Internet. Currently we have POE Switches with 4, 8, 16, and 24 ports. Some NVRs that we carry have built-in POE ports, so in that case, the NVR would supply the power to the camera and no external POE Switch would be needed.

POE Switches

NVR with built-in POE

Single Port POE Injector (30W)

For IP Cameras
There are some POE cameras, such as some of our IP PTZ Cameras, that will not work with standard POE and require POE+ and so this is when the Single Port POE Injector could be used. It is as easy to use as the POE Switches above. You will connect the camera to the POE Injector with Ethernet Cable and then connect the injector to your network. The injector will plug into a standard outlet.

Single Port POE Injector

24v AC Power Distribution Box

For HD-CVI and Analog, and IP Cameras (when not using POE).
24v AC power is used when you need to supply power for a longer run of cable. Typically 12v DC starts to drop at around 300 feet and 24v AC can supply power up to 600 feet. If your camera accepts dual voltage (12vDC and 24vAC), then the 24v AC Distribution box is a great choice when you need to supply power over 300 feet. However, and this IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, if your camera is 12v DC only, you will need an additional Voltage Converter to downgrade the 24V AC Power to 12V DC at the camera side. If you do not use the converter you will fry your camera. Currently our 24v AC Distribution Boxes come in an 8 Channel and a 16 Channel version.

24v AC Power Distribution Boxes

24v AC to 12v DC Power Converter

24v AC Single Channel Power Supply

For HD-CVI and Analog, and IP Cameras (when not using POE).
When you have a single camera you want to power on a long run up to 600 feet, then the 24v AC Single Channel Power Supply is a great choice. The same info works for this as the 24v AC power Boxes above. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you use the 24v AC to 12v DC Power Converter at the camera side if your camera only accepts 12v DC power. Not using the converter will burn out your camera and render it useless. If your camera accepts 24v AC such as a camera with Dual power, then the converter is not needed.

24v AC Single Channel Power Supply


As you can see, there are many options available to provide power to your HD-CVI, Analog, or IP Security Cameras. At we have the most knowledgeable sales staff and tech support professionals as well as the high quality security camera products and accessories to complete your system. Before you purchase your security camera accessories, it is always helpful to talk with one of our experts to make sure you are getting the right equipment for your power needs. Power is nothing to be careless with and you do not want to fry your cameras or not be able to supply enough power. For a more detailed explanation and specifications on all the above categories, I would suggest checking out our CCTV Camera Power Supplies on our website.

Whatever you decide for power, you will also need to think about how you are going to run your wires and where you are going to install your cameras. It is always better to hire a professional especially when working with power. They will make sure that your circuit breaker can handle the load where you will be installing your power supplies as well as make sure the wires are run and installed correctly. When it comes to installing anything with power, it is always better to be cautious and knowledgeable in your decisions.

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