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Choosing Between Analog CCTV Systems and Network Security IP Cameras

There are many articles and papers available online that discuss the benefits of IP Surveillance Systems over analog CCTV systems and vice versa. However, there are requirements for both network IP security cameras and their outdated analog counterparts.

Also, an integrated surveillance camera system that combines both analog and IP technologies, also known as a hybrid system, has its benefits, too. If you’re wondering which is the best choice for your security and surveillance needs, it will be important to understand what sets these different types of surveillance technologies apart.

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Analog CCTV Surveillance Systems – Tried and True

Quite simply, analog CCTV surveillance cameras cost less than IP surveillance cameras. They also tend to handle large environments with environmental concerns, such as interference, better than IP cameras do.

Another thing to consider is that analog cameras are fairly standardized and generally work well with existing security camera systems. In addition, this also means that analog surveillance systems can usually be made up of multiple security camera brands.

However, cabling for analog CCTV can be expensive and presents its own difficulties due to the requirements for analog security cameras to be directly connected to the video recorders. Coaxial cable is more expensive than Ethernet cable, which is often used in an IP surveillance system with Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity. Depending on the size of the analog camera system, its cost can actually exceed that of an IP system.

What’s more many analog security camera systems are quickly becoming outdated as the security and surveillance industries continue to advance at increasingly fast rates. Lastly, one of the main drawbacks for analog CCTV camera systems is their ability to consistently record clear, crisp high-definition surveillance footage.

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IP Security Cameras – Greater Functionality

Network IP surveillance cameras are typically more expensive than analog CCTV security cameras, but there’s no mistaking the higher image quality that an IP camera provides along with a host of other benefits.

Built-in features such as video motion detection, audio tampering alarm and active tampering alarm enable the cameras to analyze and automatically respond to events and send alarm notifications to users anywhere.

Technologies such as Wi-Fi network and PoE (Power over Ethernet) connectivity provide flexibility not possible with traditional analog CCTV cameras. PoE allows for IP cameras to be installed without having to worry about running a separate power line.

Power for the camera is provided by the Ethernet cable. Wireless security cameras are available for areas where running cables is not possible. This also makes network IP security camera systems easier to scale as the security and surveillance needs change for a business or property.

Hybrid Security Camera Systems – The Best of Both Worlds

A video encoder (also known as a video server) makes possible all the benefits that digital technology offers without scrapping your investment in an analog CCTV system. A video encoder digitizes analog video signals and sends digital images directly over an IP network, essentially turning an analog video surveillance system into a network IP video surveillance system.

This also enables users to view live images remotely using a web browser or video management software on any local or remote computer on a network. Hybrid systems are also a great idea to consider when an already existing analog CCTV system is in place in order to prevent a major overhaul of the infrastructure, which can be a costly investment.

Protect Your Analog CCTV Investment

Generally, combining the benefits of analog and network IP security camera systems can be done easily. An analog CCTV system connected to a video server provides a full range of advantages that come from a network IP video surveillance solution.

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