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Colorado Amendment 64 Security Camera Law

It is now legal to grow and sell recreational marijuana in the state of Colorado. In the past it was only legal to sell medical marijuana, and then Colorado passed the law known as Amendment 64. In order to sell retail recreational marijuana, sellers had to have a previous medical marijuana licence. Now, the doors have been opened for any resident to become a recreational marijuana seller or grower.

Amendment 64, which is an amendment to the Colorado constitution, has some specific rules regarding the use and recording of security cameras. In this article I am going to go over them briefly and explain how are security recorders and cameras can help anyone in Colorado to get their recreational marijuana application approved in reference to the surveillance section of the law. We at have established a good relationship with the I-502 folks in Washington and have helped many get their application approved. Now for the Colorado residents, here is a brief breakdown on some of the parts of your law and how we can help.

One of the major parts of the law, when it comes to surveillance, is that your recording device needs to be able to record for 40 days 24/7. You will need to know how much hard drive space you need and we provide a free Online Hard Drive Calculator for that purpose. In the following image you will see how much Disc Space is required for an an analog system consisting of 32 cameras recording at D1 resolution at 15fps, about 8TB for 40 days of continuous recording.

CCTV Hard Drive Calculator
Disc Space Needed for an Analog System

And the image below shows how much disc space is needed for a High Definition Security System recording at 720p for the same amount of time and cameras.

Hard Drive Calculator 2
Disc Space Needed for a High Definition Security System

We have have both Analog DVRs and High Definition NVRs that will handle both of these scenarios. Depending on how many cameras are in your layout, we have the residents of Colorado covered according to Amendment 64.

Another part of the law states that the video recordings need to be easily accessed and viewed in a format that cannot be tampered with, and that the ability to produce a still photograph from a recording is necessary. All of our recording devices save in a DAV format which are saved in an encrypted format and cannot be tampered with.

DAV Record Download
Examples of DAV Files

Viewing the file is as easy as double-clicking a DAV file to bring up the viewer. To create a still photograph, all you need to do is click snapshot at the desired frame. You can also click snapshot when viewing live through the DVR Web Interface.

Security recording Snapshot
Using Snapshot from a Security Recording

DVR Snapshot
Using Snapshot through the DVR Web Service

Another part of the Colorado Marijuana Law states that the video system needs to be equipped with a “failure notification system” and also ensuring that the recording device is properly maintained. Our security recording devices have those features as you can see in the following pictures. Our DVRs and NVRs can be programmed to send an email alert if anything ever goes wrong with the device.

Disk Error
An Email Alert can be set up in case of a disc error

Disc No Space
An Email Alert can be set up when disc space is used up.
(this will only happen if you do not have your device set to overwrite old data.

Email on DVR
This is where you would set up your email configurations so the
recorder knows where to send the email alerts

Proper maintenance on the DVR is especially important according to the law and our DVRs have an amazing feature that will automatically reboot the DVR at a given time each week to ensure long time usage of the device as shown in the following picture.

Auto reboot
Reboot feature on a DVR provides for worry-free easy maintenance

Another part of the Colorado Amendment 64 calls for the secure placement of the recording device. It is a good idea to have your DVR locked in a DVR lockbox and secured to a wall so that no vandal can cause harm to the device. Pictured below is an example of a DVR Lockbox.

DVR Lockbox-EX
A DVR Lockbox keeps your DVR secure

Amendment 64, the Colorado Marijuana Law also states that a record needs to be kept of all logs of people who have access to the recording system. In the following picture, it shows where that information can be found.

Online User
Knowing who logs into your DVR is very important

The best part of all these functions I have stated above is that all these settings and more can be tweaked from anywhere you have Internet. You do not have to be at the DVR to control it. When you purchase one of our security DVRs and connect it to your network you can view the DVRs Web Service from any computer or smart device. Best of all is that all of our products come with free tech support so we can walk you though any of the settings. Our 32 channel full size DVR is one of the most popular recording devices for passing inspection for your marijuana licence. It can record up to 32 cameras recording at 960H resolution at up to 30fps. What makes the full size unit is so special is the ability to install up to 8 hard drives giving you a a total of 32TB of recording space. You will be ensured of 40 days of recording, 24/7 with flawless detail.

32ch Channel 960H security DVR
32 Channel 960H Full Size DVR

For those that want High Definition recording and be able to record with megapixel quality from 720p to 1080p, the 32 Channel NVR is a supreme choice for HD security recording. This units’s recording is so crips in detail, you will be able to digitally zoom on a recording and see details such as facial features and tattoos. This full size unit can also handle 8 hard drives totaling 32TB. If you recall the hard drive calculation above, the disc space needed for for 32 cameras at 1MP is just under 27TB, so that is why a full size recording device is needed.

32 CH Channel NVR
32 Channel Full Size NVR Security Recorder

I have just touched on a few of the points of the Colorado Marijuana Law and how our security equipment can help get your application inspection passed in reference to the surveillance section. As I said we have helped quite a few marijuana retail sellers and growers in Washington get their inspection passed, and are primed and ready to help out marijuana retail and grower applicants in Colorado.

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