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Covert Cameras and how they can benefit your Security


We at Security Camera King are passionate about our jobs, we advocate, educate and design security to the best of our abilities to not only please you our customer but to increase the overall safety of your business and overall public safety. This includes security design and covert cameras.

When considering a system how do you know what to choose? When searching for the perfect system you have a lot of options to consider and you may have a lot of questions on your mind.

What CCTV technology should I use?
Analog? HDCVI? TVI? IP Network? IP Network 4K Security? What type of system technology will benefit you?

What type of facility to you want to secure?
Are you securing a home? A complex? Construction site? A small business? A large business? A cannabis business? A corporation?  A retail store? Or restaurant? Do you want to monitor multiple locations? Or do you need to monitor a single location?

What are your goals?
Sure you want a security system to help monitor or prevent theft and crime but a well-designed security system can do much more than that. Set up security cameras to monitor traffic patterns and monitor inventory placement. Setup motion detecting to catch activity at each entrance or exit? Is your security system design required to be set up to abide by state laws and guidelines? Basically, how does your security system enhance your quality of life and business?

These are all great questions and all are viable when designing a concrete surveillance system. The answers to these questions can determine the amount of cameras you will need and the hard drive space you will need in your recording device or DVR.

Any one of our security experts will be able to create a system designed perfectly to fit your business needs and safety goals, if you need security guidance in creating your system, Security Camera King’s agents are just a phone call away.

But what does a well designed security system have to do with Covert Security Cameras?
Covert Security cameras will not make up for a well-designed security system. What covert cameras can do is provide the added benefit of being a discrete and virtually undetectable recording device that can be used to increase your security, adding to your security system. Covert security cameras essentially can be used as an additional back up security system. A backup covert security system, that can be used to protect you, your family or your business in cases where your traditional system is rendered incapacitated.

Example: Santa Ana Dispensary

In Santa Ana police were caught on covert video footage insulting a disabled staff member and possibly easting a pot edible after conducting a raid on an unpermitted medical marijuana dispensary. See video below.

This cannabis business was prepared. They not only had their required security system set up in place but they also had an additional assortment of covert security cameras installed throughout the facility. In this particular example, covert security camera footage caught Santa Ana cops displaying incriminating behavior during this raid, after police had destroyed their traditional CCTV security system. This footage was posted online after the incident and became viral, to which, prompted an internal affairs investigation of the Santa Ana Police Officers. Read the full story here.

This story is a good example of how covert cameras benefitted this small business, but in a rare case where the activity caught on video was footage of police officers. In a typical investigation you would be turning over the video footage to police so that they were able to help and aid you in the investigation of whatever crime was committed against you.

Covert cameras and covert surveillance systems can aid in security in a number of different situations beyond this example.

In cases of suspicious activity:

Property and inventory are mysteriously disappearing, you suspect someone is making this happen but you do not know who and all you know is that you want to find out without making it obvious that you’re aware of this suspicious activity.  In this case you choose to install the CVICV-TP2-SMOKE, a 2MP high definition covert camera disguised as a smoke detector and the CVICV-TP2-PIR, a 2MP high definition covert motion detector camera.  You place the cameras in the areas where the activity is occurring. These cameras are discrete and unnoticeable as cameras. Once installed, you now have the peace of mind knowing that if anything were to happen or any items were to “disappear” again, you will now have footage and proof of the incident.

Covert cameras are great for business owners who are suspicious of certain employee behavior or for home owners who often have items from their home disappear.

Covert cameras are also commonly used in the following ways.

  • To set up a Nanny or Baby sitter Cameras
  • Catch Theft By friends, roommates or family members
  • View acts or vandalism
  • Catch that critter who destroys your grass
  • Catch Employee Theft and theft in the workplace
  • Find out about Suspected Drug use
  • Catch Theft By Contractors

Covert camera selections: At Security Camera King you are not limited. We have a variety of covert options, some cameras are wearable, some cameras are wireless, some are all in one systems and some cameras can be added to your current system. If you need more information on our hidden camera selection see the categories below.

Weather your traditional system has been vandalized or you’re in need to observe some suspicious behavior, a covert camera system has multiple advantages. Use covert cameras as a back up in cases where your system is vandalized or add covert cameras to your system to monitor areas of high risk.

Don’t be caught off guard, your security is our business. A good security system design is best practice for your surveillance needs but adding a covert security camera system for back up adds additional security for your security system.