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How to Add an ELITE Access Control Fingerprint Reader to an ELITE Access Control Board

How to Add an ELITE Access Control Fingerprint Reader to an ELITE Access Control Board

The following tutorial featured below is to learn how to add an Elite Access Control Fingerprint Reader to an Elite Access Control Board. You can also find a video tutorial displayed at the bottom to follow along with through each step. 

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If you have any questions regarding the steps covered in this tutorial or wish to speak with a member of our technical support staff or sales team, please fill out our contact form here or call 866-573-8878 for direct assistance.

How to Add an ELITE Access Control Fingerprint Reader to an ELITE Access Control Board

To begin adding your Elite Access Control Fingerprint Reader to the Elite Access Control Board, open the Smart PSS menu. Click on Access to continue.

In our example, we have four separate doors. Each of the doors has an Access Control Fingerprint Reader. First, we are going to add a user. To add a user, select the second icon found on the vertical sidebar at the far left of the screen.

Next, select the Manual Add icon (next to the pencil shade in the upper left of the menu bar). You will then need to enter your User ID information. This includes User ID, Name, and Card Number. 

Once you are done, select Fingerprint Info to add the user fingerprint. There are three options in the drop-down menu next to Fingerprint Device. We will focus on ACS Reader for the purpose of this tutorial. 

Select ACS Reader to continue. Now you should see a second drop-down menu option will appear. Click on that and select the arrow next to Elite AC Tester. Here you will be able to see the different Door options you will be able to use to read the fingerprint from. 

  • Note: In your case, if you have another reader that is not a fingerprint reader, make sure you know which door that is connected to.

Now, select the arrow next to Door 2 (or the door you are connected to) and then select Reader2. Reader2 will actually allow you to select the Collect button. 

  • Note: When you are collecting, the fingerprint reader itself will blink, allowing you to add your fingerprint. Once you are done collecting, you will have to confirm twice. First, there will be audible beep along with the reader itself blinking. 

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Once you are ready, select Collect to begin the collecting process. Now, put the user’s fingerprint on the reader. Keep the fingerprint on the reader until you see Fingerprint1 appear on the menu confirming it has been successfully collected. Once it appears, select Finish.

Next, select the middle icon in the far left vertical sidebar menu (directly below the Add User icon). Then click on User Rights.

Now, select the pencil shape icon underneath Operation for the user you are adding. This will open the Select Door Group menu. Now, select the door options in the list that you would like to give this user access to. 

To select the door, click on the checkbox to the left of the Door name. It will be highlighted once it has been selected. When all the door groups have been selected, click on OK to save. You will see the changes be quickly uploaded.

Next, select the Console icon at the top of the far left vertical sidebar menu. Here you will be able to see the changes being made. 

  • Note: Once you are in the Console, have the new user use an access control card itself. It should show you that the card does not yet have access to the door. You can confirm this by looking at the Event Info log located toward the bottom of the screen. In our example, the unregistered card reader “00ED80E2 Card unregistered or lost”. 

Next, have the user put his or her fingerprint on the fingerprint control reader. Two new events should appear on the Event log confirming the door is unlocked using the # Fingerprint Unlock.

  • Note: To confirm the user is only capable of gaining access to the specified door, have the user try to unlock a different fingerprint reader. This should once again show the successful or unsuccessful attempt to unlock the door within the Event log.

This completes the tutorial on how to add your Elite Series Fingerprint Reader on an Elite Access Control Board using Smart PSS. Please follow along with the video tutorial provided below if you are having any problems. Of course, if you have any questions regarding this tutorial or need technical assistance with any other of our products, feel free to reach out to the Security Camera King support team for help.

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How to Add an ELITE Access Control Fingerprint Reader to an ELITE Access Control Board

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