How To Backup Video From An Elite Recorder
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How To Backup Video From An Elite Recorder

In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to backup video data directly from your Elite Recorder. In order to be successful with this, you’ll need a USB flash drive formatted to Fat32 or NTFS. 

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How To Backup Video From An Elite Recorder

First, take your USB flash drive and insert it into any available USB port on your recorder. Once the flash drive is in the recorder a message should populate on the screen. 

Technically, we can start the file backup process right from here but this process is not as intuitive as the search method. Rather, right-click anywhere on the screen to get rid of this message and then right-click again to bring up the drop-down menu. 

From here, select the Main Menu. This will prompt the login. Use your password or your pattern to login. 

Once logged in, we’ll be on the Main Menu. From here, we’re going to click Playback. 

On the far right of the Playback page, you’ll see the calendar. 

Any days that have available footage are indicated by a white dot underneath the day. 

Below that, you’ll see a list of all of the camera channels with checkmarks next to the ones that have footage available also automatically populated in this seat bar. 

Below the seek bar, you can see the footage type options for delete, selecting, and narrowing down your footage type selection. 

To make this a little simpler, let’s go down to one camera. Getting rid of the bottom three, you’ll see the seat bars depopulate. 

Now we’re left with only the bar of one footage. Click anywhere in the seat bar to begin playback and then you can select to scroll-in on your mouse wheel to zoom in the seat bar. 

For more accurate selection, we’ll choose an area where there’s some activity. 

For example, we have some cars passing through here. If you wanted to back this up, you could either click the scissors icon right now if you’re comfortable with this spot or re-click on the seat bar to begin again and then continue to let the clip play out to where you want it to be by clicking the scissors again when done. 

Or you could click the seat bar at your end time and then click the scissors. You’ll notice that the time for start and end are now filled in and you can click the Save icon here to back up this particular snippet in time. 

You’ll see the USB is here and make sure it’s checked off. 

Next, click Backup and make sure the folders that you want are selected properly and hit Start. Once you hit start, you should see a progress bar indicating the completion and a message when it’s completely finished. 

Now that we’ve backed that up to the USB Drive, let’s move it over to our computer and take a look at that footage. 

Remove the flash drive from the recorder and insert it into a USB port on your computer. 

Okay, once we have our USB Drive open here, we’ll simply drag one of the exported files into the smart player. 

When it opens up, we’ll double-click the file to start playback.


There you have it! Thanks for joining us today to learn how to backup video files and play them back on your Elite recorder from the local recorder interface. If you need further support, please contact Security Camera King for additional assistance.

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How To Backup Video From An Elite Recorder

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