How to Initialize an Elite IP Camera Manually
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How to Initialize an Elite IP Camera Manually

The tutorial below will cover how to initialize an Elite IP Camera manually. This is for when you have an Elite security camera and are trying to use the camera with a third-party recorder that does not have onboard power over ethernet (PoE). Of course, you are also welcome to watch the video tutorial provided below.

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Pre-Setup Checklist

Before we begin, let’s first go over the pre-setup checklist to make sure you are fully prepared. 

    1. Ensure that the Elite IPC is powered on. This can be done by using a wall adapted that follows the correct voltage and amperage specifications of our camera. Alternatively, the more commonly recommended method to provide power to the camera is through power over ethernet (PoE) by plugging it into a PoE switch. If you’re using a PoE switch to power the camera, plug the PoE switch into the local network router using the uplink ports.
    2. You will also need to have a PC available. The PC must be connected to the same router as the camera either by ethernet or by Wifi. 
    3. For software, we are going to need to download and extract the Elite Configuration Tool. This tool can scan the network to find the recorder and help us access it from the PC. This program can be found on the Security Camera King Downloads page.
    4. After the program is extracted, make sure you locate it. A good way to do this is to simply put a shortcut to the configuration tool on your desktop. 

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How to Initialize an Elite IP Camera Manually

First, open up the configuration tool. When the program is running, it will populate a list of any Elite Series devices it discovers on the network. 

The camera you will be setting up should appear in grey text and be marked with the status ‘Uninitialized’. 

To start the process, check the box next to the camera to select it and then click initialize in the bottom left-hand corner. This will bring up a list of any devices that are selected, which should just be the one camera.

When ready, click ‘Initialize’ in the bottom right.

The next page will have you select a new password for the camera. You must enter it once and then again to confirm that password. The password has to be 8 characters long and we highly suggest that you remember this password or write it down somewhere safe as it will definitely be needed to add this camera to a recorder later.

We also recommend that you set up a recovery email address in the event that you ever decide you want to reset the password for this camera in the future. 

When done, click next. Leave these options checked and click OK. The initialization will happen quickly and be completed when indicated by the green check.

Click finish.

That completes the tutorial on how to initialize an Elite IP camera manually. The Elite camera is now set up and ready to be used with any recorder. Keep in mind to remember your password and that you can also use this tool to do things like set the camera to DHCP, change its IP address, and a host of other settings that you can play around with. 

Thank you for following along with this tutorial and we hope that you didn’t have any problems. For more information, visit our website or check out our Video Vault for other helpful tutorials.

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How to Initialize an Elite IP Camera Manually

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