How to Playback and Backup Using NVMS 2.0
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How to Playback and Backup Using NVMS 2.0

In today’s tutorial, we will be learning about the NVMS 2.0 playback and backup. To be successful with this tutorial, your recorder must be set up to NVMS v2.0 already. You can find the guide for that process here: How To Add A Sibell Device Via NVMS 2.0

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How to Playback and Backup Using NVMS 2.0


The first thing we’re going to need to do, as usual, is open up the program. Once the program is finished loading, it’s going to land us on the home page.

Take a look at the Record Playback category. You’ll see the options Record Playback and Backup are on separate pages, so we’ll have to go to each one individually.

Let’s start with Playback. From the Playback page, you’ll see a four-square grid of windows. These are the footage windows. Selecting a different square will highlight that one blue. We’ll select the first one as this is where we want our footage to appear. In order to narrow down your search, you can click more here and you’ll see a list of different types of video footage you can select or narrow down to, as well.

As you’re given the ability to put in a start time and end time and a start date and end date, your limit for the search window is 24 hours, though you can search as far back as you have footage. Once you have filled out your parameters, select the camera and once you’ve selected a camera, click Search. The window 1 seat bar then populates with some information. 

We selected a very small period of search time, so it’s hard to see some of that data. In order to get a better view, you can zoom in on the seat bar and this will allow you to see an expanded version of what available data you did search.

You can click the play button and that will start playback at the beginning of that file. You can also press the same spot to pause the footage and if you choose to clear the search results you would press the stop button. 

That’s pretty much it for playback. Why don’t we go ahead and move on and we can show you how to get and backup your footage.


The first thing you’ll need to do is click Home to get back to the main home page. From here, we’ll go to the Backup page.

Once you land on the Backup page, you’ll notice four options at the tabs at the top, but leave the page on Backup as this is the simplest and easiest way to get footage downloaded.

Next, select a camera then select a calendar date to start from. Click Search at the bottom to populate the seat bar with available footage from that day. 

Then, we’re gonna want to check off Main Stream to make sure we get the best quality footage for our download and we’re going to want to hit Backup Path. This will allow us to choose where on our computer the files download to from there. 

When we’re done, we’re gonna click Record Management at the top to go back to the previous page. 

We can then fill in the start time. We can also fill in an end time and this narrows down our footage even further. 

Once these fields are completely filled out, you can click the Backup button that you see on the right and this will populate the field below with information on the download. 

You can see the start time and end time you selected, the duration, as well as the download progress itself. 

Once it’s finished, we’ll play the file back. Once you have the file downloaded, you should be able to drag it into your preferred media player and watch the file playback just fine. 


Thank you for following along with our tutorial on How to Playback and Backup Using NVMS 2.0.  If you need further sales or technical support, please contact Security Camera King for additional assistance.

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How to Playback and Backup Using NVMS 2.0

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