August 6, 2009

540TVL Pan/Tilt Camera Demonstration

This video gives a brief demonstration of our 540TVL P/T Camera. There are some installation scenarios where a fixed camera will just not provide the coverage necessary. A Pan/Tilt camera is a great, inexpensive alternative to a fixed camera. Our PT-LX540 is a high resolution camera that you can control from the DVR or over […]
August 5, 2009

The Difference Between Day & Night Cameras and Infrared

There is often much confusion when it comes to low light security cameras. There are basically two options when it comes to day&night cameras. A true day night camera has the ability to automatically switch from color to black and white when the lighting gets below a certain point. A Day night camera can see […]
August 5, 2009

The ABC’s Of Security Camera Systems

A basic overview of the components included in a security camera system including the DVR, security cameras, cables and power supply.