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Seattle Cannacon 2017: Security Camera King

This year Security Camera King showcased their equipment at Seattle Cannacon 2017 sharing a table with Apache Six Security Company. Cannacon Seattle located at the Washington State convention center has become the world’s largest cannabis trade shows. According to Cannacon’s website, their mission is to create and strengthen lifelong partnerships within the cannabis industry. What Cannacon has done is create a venue for cannabis entrepreneurs, businesses, investors, and partners to gather together in order to showcase and share industry products, knowledge, services and innovations. Having the opportunity to show case our equipment at cannacon was an exceptional B2B opportunity and we hope by being a part of this opportunity we are able to help educate the cannabis community about the importance of providing quality security solutions.

CannaCon currently has three events planned for 2017 the first of which just passed the weekend of February 16-18 in Seattle. The second Canncon convention will be held in Santa Rosa, cannacon2017-2California from April 20-22, 2017 and the final event will then be taking place in Anchorage, Alaska from September 9th to the 10th.  Events like Cannacon are important and only continue to legitimize and strengthen the cannabis industry and as a vital part of the American economy. Cannacon offers a wonderful and neutral community space for all types B2B interactions, giving the industry knowledge and a since of community to help continue growth and development within the Marijuana Industry.


Apache 6 a premier security provider in the Pacific Northwest and we here at Security Camera King have the common goal to educate, service and provide quality security measures to the cannabis community, that goes beyond the bare basic essentials because cannabis security goes beyond state regulations. Marijuana businesses are dealing with a delicate and desirable product, and as there are many branches and processes within this industry, these businesses usually have one major thing in common and that is cash flow. “In 2016, $1.2 billion in cash will be transacted by the cannabis industry in Colorado,” Source: Executive Vice President Mark Goldfogel told the L.A. Times. In this Industry, these businesses are easily targeted for their money and for their products. That makes security not only essential but also vital in protecting the people, the product and the businesses within the cannabis community. Our goal as security providers is to provide products and services that work for you and it is one of the many reasons why we created a separate department dedicated to the needs of our cannabis clientele. As cannabis security experts we not only have to know our security and equipment, we also have to be educated on state regulations and we have to be educated about what is happening in the cannabis community. Customer relationship building is a very important step in creating the best security processes for Marijuana business, weather that business is Medical or Recreational and Security Camera King has been helping the industry since the very beginning.


If you missed us at Cannacon we invite you to learn more about Security Camera King and Cannabis security by visiting our Cannabis security portal. Or simply call us at 1-800-901-2091 and ask to speak to our cannabis department. Our Cannabis security experts have the knowledge to work on a variety of systems. So weather your business is Medical or recreational or if you are a dispensary, grow lab or processer, our team will work to get the best system to meet your security goals. With any luck, we will be fortunate enough to showcase again at Cannacon.