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Why Construction Sites Need Security Cameras

Security cameras for construction sites can provide unparalleled security against crime, theft, vandalism, and increased safety for employees. Construction site video surveillance cameras can not only save a company money but also ensure the success of a project. Adopting these state-of-the-art security cameras is also surprisingly affordable thanks to new innovations and technology.

Construction sites often have expensive equipment, vehicles, and property that might even be stored overnight. Furthermore, it is important for any construction project to ensure workers are performing their duties and remain safe while doing so. A construction site is often an investment of thousands if not millions of dollars; protecting that investment is crucial to a successful result.

Continue reading to learn more about modern security surveillance cameras and how they can benefit construction sites. If you have further questions or want to browse an extensive catalog of the latest commercial-grade security cameras on the market visit Security Camera King today.

What Are Construction Site Security Cameras?

Construction site security cameras are installed and used to monitor active construction sites and record daily activities. These cameras can transmit high-resolution video to an on-site or off-site security monitoring center. This makes implementing these cameras an incredible investment in guaranteeing the daily operations at the site continue running smoothly.

High-tech network IP security cameras, unlike their outdated analog counterparts, are easily installed, maintained, and used by professionals and beginners alike. The presence of these security cameras has proven to not only deter criminals and vandals but also can keep workers accountable by employee monitoring during their daily work duties.

Adopting Construction Site Security Cameras

In previous decades, analog CCTV security cameras were difficult to install because they required a circuit. Adding new cameras to the system was also challenging and required hard wiring each new camera to the existing system. Analog CCTV cameras in previous years were also limited in the quality of the images they were able to produce.

Modern security cameras for construction sites are capable of addressing the various security issues that might be present on the site. Generally, a security assessment of the site should be first conducted to identify where a construction site may be vulnerable. After determining where the security surveillance cameras should be installed and what types will be used they can then be easily installed.

Using a wide range of cutting edge functions and capabilities every security camera is different and can benefit certain environments over other models. Some Starlight surveillance camera models are equipped with night vision capability which can produce clear images even in the darkest environments or at night. Other models are equipped to activate when motion is detected ensuring the right personnel are alerted immediately.

Identifying what a construction site needs in terms of security is important to ensure there is a robust security plan in place. Choosing the right security camera type and model will guarantee that the site is protected from crime and the on-site workers are safe and performing their duties.

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Benefits Of Construction Site Security Cameras

As mentioned above, security cameras for construction sites can provide unparalleled security benefits for any job site. Some benefits may seem obvious but others are entirely unique and provide new opportunities to protect property and workers on the site. Construction sites can benefit from security cameras in the following ways.

Deter Thieves And Vandals

Perhaps one of the most important benefits security cameras can provide construction sites is their ability to prevent crime before it ever occurs. This is because it has been consistently shown that criminals will target the most vulnerable and easiest locations. The same can be said for vandals.

The presence of security cameras for construction sites can act as a powerful deterrent, stopping criminals in their tracks. A recent study at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte surveyed a large group of convicted burglars to better understand their decision process when targeting a property.  

The study found that eighty-three percent of the survey group indicated that they would try and identify if security cameras were present. If security cameras were present, sixty percent indicated they would move on to another target making the mere presence of video surveillance cameras a crime-stopping deterrent.

Constant Surveillance

Modern security cameras offer users the ability to choose how and when the cameras begin recording. IP security cameras can be set to record on-site activity twenty-four hours a day while sending the video feed to a storage device or cloud. They can also be set to save storage space by activating only when movement is detected.

This allows users to customize their security cameras depending on the environment allowing for the maximum amount of coverage necessary.

Obtain Useful Evidence Of Liability Or Crime

Security cameras for construction sites can provide useable footage during a crime or an accident. The footage can then help identify those responsible and can help law enforcement apprehend and prosecute criminals responsible. This helps retrieve any stolen property while deterring other criminals from attempting the same.

Following an on-site accident, the high-resolution footage from these security cameras can be used by an insurance company to verify the circumstances around the accident and then determine liability. Protecting the construction site from fraudulent lawsuits and liabilities is an important aspect to ensuring the success of the construction project.

Adjust Security Cameras As The Project Progresses

A construction site is a constantly changing and evolving environment. Security vulnerabilities also change as the construction site changes which would previously make securing the area challenging. Fortunately, modern security cameras can easily be uninstalled and reinstalled in new locations as the project progresses ensuring complete coverage is always present.

No matter the environment of the construction site security cameras for construction sites can provide comprehensive coverage and a powerful proactive security solution against crime.

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Security Cameras For Construction Sites

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