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A Guide On Product Series and Product Technology

On you may have noticed the following logos in relation to our products. Well, excitingly enough, they are here to help as we grow. Elite and Techpro series products have been a staple to our product line up for quite some time now. As technology advances, the industry changes and customer demand increases we have add to modify our line up and this fall of 2015 we are happy to be introducing our new prime series to our product line up.

elite-cvi prime-TVI TP-CVI
elite-ip-network prime-ip-network TP-TVI
elite-series prime-SERIES TP-IP-Network

These product series labels were created to help you, the user, understand our product lineup and product compatibility features. Each Series is equal in quality, but the difference is in software and compatibility between products.

Shopping guideline

Step 1: Start with Technology

Under each series title you will notice the type of technology associated with it.



This is Important because not every product inside a series will be compatible. For example, an Elite Series Network Video Recorder (NVR) will NOT be compatible with Elite HD-CVI or Analog cameras and HD-TVI Cameras will not be Compatible with HD-CVI DVRs.

Just Because they are the same Series does not always mean they will coincide. Their Technology compatibility must be able to match up as well. Network Video Recorders must be paired with IP Network Cameras and HD-CVI DVRs Must be paired with HD-CVI or Analog Cameras. So along with each Series of device (Recorder or camera) be aware of each technology associated with it.

Technology Compatibility Breakdown:

HD-CVI Tribrid DVRs: Compatible with HD-CVI Cameras and Analog Cameras

HD-TVI Tribrid DVRs: Compatible with TVI Cameras and Analog Cameras

IP Network NVRs: Compatible with IP Network Cameras.

Note: if the NVR is ONVIF compatible the device has the ability to sense and search for any ONVIF IP Network Camera as long as both the devices, recorder and the camera, have ONVIF.

Technology Overview

What is HD-CVI? High Definition Composite Video Interface: This technology was developed by ZheJiang Dauha Technology Co.  Dauha made the technology open access in July of 2014 allowing other manufactures to utilize the technology and improve upon the chipset. The name has to do with its baseband and quadrature amplitude modulation technology which is able to avoid CVBS cross talk, completely separate the brightness and hue signal, and further enhances video quality.

What is HD-TVI? High Definition Transport Interface: It is a DSP-TVI technology developed by Techpoint in 2012. The chipset was sold and is now also open access allowing other manufactures to utilize and develop the technology. HDTVI technology can be implemented in an existing setup over coax  and produces reliable HD video signal transmissions over a single coaxial cable.

Both HD-CVI and HD-TVI are affordable HD over Coaxial cable solutions. The HD-CVI and HD-TVI chip sets have similar features and both can provide analog high definition solutions

Coax. Transmission Distance 1000 – 1500 feet 1000 – 1500 feet
Cat5 Transmission Distance 700 feet 329 feet
720p Supported Features (FPS) 25, 30, 50, 60 25, 30, 50, 60
1080p Supported Features (FPS) 25, 30 25, 30
DVR Features 720p & 1080p Signal Simultaneous Choose 720p signal or 1080p Signal. One or the Other


IP Network Technology Overview: IP Network Surveillance Systems provide the highest resolutions along with the most adaptable infrastructure. Our current product lineup includes cameras and NVRs that have resolutions from 2MP to 12MP (4K). IP Systems offer a few benefits over traditional CCTV, HD-TVI and HD-CVI. IP (Internet protocol) network surveillance systems have improved search and storage features as well as a more flexible infrastructure.

Step 2: Review of the product series


The Elite Series has been our staple series on up to this point. This series is primarily HD-CVI and IP Network Technology. The DVRs, NVRs and IP Network Cameras utilize the SmartPSS Software in this series. Elite Cameras work best with Elite NVRs and DVRs. NVRs that are ONVIF compatible will work with ONVIF Compatible cameras.


The Prime Series is new to the’s product line up. This Series is not an inferior series compared to the Elite Series. The Prime series simply offers features and software that are different from that of Elite series. The Prime series is primarily composed of HD-TVI Technology and IP Network Technology. It also has ONVIF compatible NVRs.

In best practice and for seamless integration we do recommend pairing Prime Cameras with Prime Recorders and Elite Cameras with Elite Recorders. Just remember to compose your set up with the appropriate technology.


The Techpro Series of Cameras have also been a part of for quite some time. The TechPro Series of cameras are openly compatible with the Recorders on the website. Simply utilize the appropriate technology when pairing these cameras with Prime or Elite recorders.

How do I know what camera series is compatible with my Recorder?

Under the Description Tab of each NVR or DVR product page. If you have questions regarding what cameras to choose we will gladly display the type of cameras that are compatible. See example image below.


We also offer a number of multi-technology solutions with Tribrid and hybrid recorders and with you receive flexible and affordable options.

Tribrids allow up to three technologies. As an example, most of the Elite Tribrids allow for all channels analog, all channels HD-CVI with up to two channels IP. Some Tribrids offer all channels for all three technologies. These recorders are designed primarily for Analog users looking for an affordable upgrade from analog. Pick a tribrid recorder and slowly upgrade to HD cameras as your budget allows. Just make sure to check under the description tab for a quick reference you your series and technology compatibility.

Still need Help?

Simply give us a call 866.573.8878 or contact us one of our experts who will be able to answer your surveillance system questions or they will be able to help you design a system custom to your security needs. was developed to help you design, customize and put to together a surveillance systems unique to your own security and surveillance goals.

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