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Video for Doggie Day Care, Animal Rescues and Pet Surveillance

Are you a pet lover? Or a business owner who runs a doggie day care?  Or perhaps you are a shelter looking for your animal’s forever home?  Whether you are a veterinarian or a person who simply loves to care for animals, pet surveillance cameras may be a great solution for you. Surveillance systems can benefit animal lovers in every shape and size. From a working a pet owner to a doggie day care facility, any animal lover would like the opportunity to peek in and make sure their pet is safe and happy and in a healthy environment, wherever they may be.

“It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal.” – Joaquin Phoenix

How do Surveillance Cameras Benefit Animal Shelters and Animal Rescues?

Animal shelters and rescues take more than just homeless dogs and cats. Sometimes they are the caregivers and life savers of abused and injured animals. Sometimes animals that would have never received a second look get a second chance when they come into the care of an animal shelter. The goal for these compassionate people is to rehabilitate and to locate forever homes for their shelter residents. Having a surveillance system not only allows the shelter the added benefit of increased security, but also volunteers, veterinarians and even potential adopters have the ability to check in on the resident animals. Essentially, shelters could use security cameras as a marketing tool for potential adopters. Shelter cameras can stream live video from the camera at the animal’s kennel, or a central play yard location, to the shelter’s website where potential adopters can log in and view the animals. Sometimes seeing the animals at play and in action will make a larger impact than just a simple photograph of the animal. Not only can shelters benefit from cameras to increase the security within the facility but in this case they have the opportunity to utilize the camera as a tool to find potential adopters. In the case where a shelter takes in a sick, injured or recovering animal, security cameras can be set into place for around-the-clock surveillance. When caring for a sick or injured shelter resident, a camera that is accessible any time day or night allows the volunteers, veterinarians and vet techs instant access to that animal. This could potentially increase recovery rates by providing around-the-clock access to a health provider.

Kennel Security Camera Systems and Doggie Day Care Business and Retreats

Surveillance cameras for Kennel and Doggie day care business are almost essential to running a successful business of this nature. Pet owners are investing in your staff as well as your facility to take care of their pet, whether they are at work, on vacation, or out of town on a business trip. Let’s face it. Some owners treat their pets like royalty and when they leave their pet in your care they want to know, “what is my baby up to?”  Setting up a camera surveillance system is the perfect solution to put your customers at ease. Give your customers access to your facility’s cameras where they are able to see your care for themselves. There will be less worrying on their part and more credibility on yours. A surveillance system added to your facility can also be considered an additional service to your business reputation. Access to video surveillance shows that your business has nothing to hide and your customers have nothing to fear. Do not let potential customers bypass your pet care facility just because they desire a way to access their pets. Increase your potential with quality HD security from a surveillance system built by Our industry experts are available to create the perfect system based on your unique business and security goals.

Pet Lovers and Home Surveillance Systems

What does my dog do when I am away? How did he get out of the yard? Most importantly, is my pet okay while I am away? We at know how you can find out what your pet is up to. What better tool to have than a home security system. Home surveillance systems can add more than just value to your home, you will never have to wonder again. With video surveillance you have the ability to keep an eye on whatever and whoever you care about, wherever you may be. A good home surveillance system secures your property, allows you to visibly manage your assets, and also allows you to keep an eye on your your beloved four legged family friend while you’re away a work. Your home surveillance system can include indoor and/or outdoor cameras so whether your furry friend is inside or out, you are able to find out exactly what they were up too. Have you ever come home to a situation like the image below?


Well with your home surveillance system you can find out who, what, when, where and exactly how.  For residential surveillance systems, has a number of pre-packaged security camera systems that will fit perfectly into most homes. When choosing, your system comes complete with applications that allow easy access from a smartphone, tablet or web browser.

Pet owners, pet businesses, veterinarians, animal rescues and animal lovers of all types can benefit by adding surveillance video to their list of security needs. It is a fact that having a camera visible will detour criminal activity. Whether you are a pet owner who just wants to keep an eye on your fur baby, or an animal rescue who is looking for creative tools and resources for animal care, video surveillance systems give you and your business the tools you need to keep an eye on all the important things you care about.

If you think a security and surveillance system can benefit you or your business feel free to contact our team of surveillance experts at or call 866.573.8878

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