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Smart Camera Features – What is IVS?

An Intelligent Video Surveillance System, or IVS, is a breakthrough technology included with the newest generation of IP Network Security Cameras. These features include Tripwire, Intrusion, Abandoned Object, Missing Object, and Scene Change. In this article I will go into all of these features of IVS as well as video demonstrations on how to enable these features.

IVS – Tripwire Feature

The Tripwire Feature is a great way to capture movement versus having an overall motion detect. With Tripwire, you can draw a line across a door, a window, or anywhere else you would want to be alerted and be sent a snapshot when someone walks through the door or climbs through a window, for example. Think of it in terms of all those spy movies where an alarm would go off because someone “tripped” a laser beam. But, instead of a laser beam (which is very expensive to install) these cameras use virtual tripwires that are drawn in the camera’s web service. In the video below you will see how to enable the tripwire feature and in the image below that you will see the snapshot that was emailed to me when the tripwire was triggered.

Video showing the IVS Tripwire Feature of an IP Camera

Emailed Snapshot Alert due to Walking through a Tripwire

IVS – Intrusion Feature

The Intrusion Feature is another great way to capture movement. Like Tripwire, it also detects when someone or thing crosses its barrier. But, instead of just a line, you can draw any kind of line shape. This is great for places like a parking lot, warehouse or a store, for example, where you would want to detect movement in a certain area. And since you can draw an irregular shape, it works great for those instances. In the following video you will see how to configure the Intrusion setting of the IVS and then again is the snapshot that was emailed to me from that alert.

Video showing the IVS Intrusion Feature of an IP Camera

Emailed Snapshot Alert due to Walking through the Intrusion area

IVS – Abandoned Object Feature

The Abandoned Object Feature is perfect for places such as an airport, train station, bus station, or any other area where suspicious bags or packages left unattended are an issue. This feature allows you to draw an area where you would need to monitor for these “drop offs” and be able to receive an alert when a package is left unattended for even a brief period of time. The video below shows how to set up the Abandoned Object Feature and after that is the snapshot that was emailed to me. As you can see, the system alerted me when the “suspicious” garbage can was left behind. Imagine if this was a package or suitcase that had a bomb inside of it. Without this feature, the security team would not be notified of this potential threat.

Video showing the IVS Abandoned Object Feature of an IP Camera

Emailed Snapshot Alert due to the IP Camera noticing an abandoned object

IVS – Missing Object Feature

The Missing Object Feature works great in situations where you might want to be notified when an object goes missing. This feature is perfect for a warehouse or store where there are important objects you want to keep track of. I can even think of a situation where a prized museum piece needs to have extra security. In the video below, I show how to configure the Missing Object Feature. Notice how the system is alerted when the garbage can is taken away. This could have easily been an expensive TV, painting etc. And, below the video is a snapshot of the alert when the object went missing.

Video showing the IVS Abandoned Feature of an IP Camera

Emailed Snapshot Alert due to the IP Camera noticing an an object gone missing

IVS – Scene Change Feature

Scene Change is one of the most important features of IVS. This feature will alert you when the scene that the camera is viewing changes. For instance, if an intruder comes in and moves the camera (such as I did with this 3MP IP Bullet) then the camera will send an alert that the scene has changed. This will also happen if someone covers up the camera or blacks it out. In the video below you will see how to enable the Scene Change feature. And, below the video is the snapshot of the email alert. Another benefit of the Scene Change Feature is that it can be used in conjunction with any of the above IVS features. Please Note: You can not use any 2 features at the same time, only Scene Change and one other.

Video showing the IVS Scene Change Feature of an IP Camera

Emailed Snapshot Alert due to the IP Camera noticing a Scene Change

Where to find IP Cameras that have the IVS feature?

I’m glad you asked. Here at we have the latest and greatest when it comes to Smart IP Cameras with IVS. My 2 favorite cameras are the 3MP IP Vandal Dome Smart Security Camera (IPVD-EL3MPIR50L2812-US) and the 3MP Bullet Smart Security Cameras (IPOB-EL3MPIR100L2812-US). Both record with amazing detail and contain the Intelligent Video Surveillance System. All of the above videos and email alerts came from the IPOB-EL3MPIR100L2812-US, our 3MP IP Bullet. If you want to learn more about this IP ONVIF security camera with 100 feet of IR, click here.

The IVS suite of features is the wave of the future. Its cutting edge technology will save you from the added costs of installing expensive lasers or the cost of having your surveillance watched by 24/7 security guards. When you can have an alert sent to your email, you will be confident in knowing your warehouse, store or office is safe from intruders. Plus, the fact that airports and train stations can monitor abandoned packages is priceless. And, also, no burglar can get away with moving a camera or blocking its view, because the scene change feature is on alert.

I hope this article lets you know a little bit about IVS and Smart Cameras. If you need any more information, we are happy to assist you.

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