June 1, 2010

DVR Camera Security System

A DVR camera security system or digital video recorder camera security system is a practical answer for providing recorded digital video monitoring for business and residential applications alike. These systems are economical and versatile and can include a great deal of advanced features for special applications as well.
May 18, 2010

4 Camera IR Security System

A 4 camera IR security system is the perfect solution if you need security or surveillance monitoring in total darkness. Electronic technological improvements have not only resulted in high quality equipment designed for this purpose, but have made infrared (IR) cameras very affordable too.
April 3, 2010

What is a CCD?

CCD is an acronym for Charged Coupled Device and is one of the key components in most security cameras used to produce an image. Some cameras also use a complimentary oxide semiconductor or CMOS to produce an image. However, the majority of security cameras today use a CCD. So, let’s take a closer look at […]
August 11, 2009


At the heart of every digital camera in the world there is an image sensor. The image sensor converts light into a digital signal. There are two basic types of image sensors in use today. There are CCD (Charged Coupled Devices) and CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) sensors. Each type of image sensor has its […]