July 23, 2010

CCTV Camera Multiplexers

A CCTV camera multiplexer is an electronic unit that is able to combine the video transmission signals from more than one camera into one single channel or transmission. These units are often used where processors, VCRs, Digital Video Recorders or DVRs, and monitors can only handle one input. The multiplexer, also known as a Mux, in essence reduces the multiple camera feeds by creating one output that combines all of the inputs to the multiplexer.
June 1, 2010

CCTV Outdoor Camera

A CCTV or closed circuit television outdoor camera can provide security and surveillance outside of buildings and in open areas. CCTV outdoor cameras can be purchased with several highly specialized features for use in all sorts of applications from businesses to residences; and thanks to current technological advancements, these cameras including their optional features, can be purchased at affordable prices making them a desirable addition to any security system.
May 6, 2010

40 Color Night Vision Security Camera

Thanks to relatively recent technological advances in electronic imaging, night vision security cameras are becoming one of the most popular types of security/surveillance cameras for businesses and residences alike. Before purchasing a night vision security camera it’s important that you are familiar with some of the terminology and functions associated with this specialized type of security system.